Why This Is the Best 3D Printer – Comparing ALL My Printers!!!

One of my viewers posted a comment to make a comparison video. Thanks Ben Carter for the great idea! In today’s video I will sit down and analyze each printer with pros and cons, and in the end I will tell you which 3D printer I think is the best. Here you have the links to all 3D printers shown in this video:

Anet A8: https://goo.gl/GHseRZ
TEVO Tarantula: https://goo.gl/1DxJQe
eMotionTech Rework: https://goo.gl/OJ37fv
Geeetech I3: https://goo.gl/WWuXNe
Mankati e180: https://goo.gl/GTGq1m
TEVO Black Widow: https://goo.gl/8SY9jy
TEVO Delta: https://goo.gl/Hmk1Tu
Creality CR-10: https://goo.gl/qMTdb2

Use Facebook to search for groups dedicated to your specific printer. For example, here is the group devoted only for the TEVO Black Widow: https://goo.gl/fT7K4E


dougr944 says:

Can you please give away a Bugatti Veyron? TIA

james moreno says:

I have a Geetech i3 and let me tell u the damn thing is garbage. It came as kit and I had it built in a few hours. from day one it has been nothing but problems with this printer. from the belt tensioner on the X not fitting correctly into the slot of the 3d printed part to the baring holder on the Z splitting and cracking (had to use a zip tie to keep it together). I was hoping that on my first print I could make a new one but I never got a single good print from it. the supplied direct feed MK extruder always jammed and clogged in the throat. I replaced it with a clone j style hot end and still couldn’t get a single print. I even upgraded the entire printhead to a geared style and the same problem would occur, the nozzle would clog as if the nozzle was losing power during the print causing it to cool and then kicking back on. I changed thermisters, heater cartridges, throats, nozzles, made my own cooling fins, added fans, removed fans, different manufacture filaments (pla,abs), all metal Z baring holders, all metal extruder holder, thredded rods (the were bent giving real bad Z Wobble), nothing i did could get this printer to give me one single good print. At that point i wasnt about to purchase anther single part (power supply was all that was left). In the end I bit the bullet and bought me a remanufactured Robo3d R1 from eBay for $400 shipped and the damn thing worked flawlessly out the box, I’m printing on it as we speak. One thing I will say about the Geetech i3, it taught me everything I needed to know about 3d printers and how to repair them if something goes wrong. if my Robo3d ever has a problem i have a shit load of extra parts to make it work.

Jason Yannuccelli says:

Man….that was by far the best, most comprehensive review I have ever seen…and….. perfectly catered to my needs.
You covered everything in great detail, kept it entertaining and ….what can I say… Thank you and Well Done mate !

Matthew Hutchinson says:

Can you please do a balco 3D printer review I have one and I want to see what you think. 🙂 P.S I have got great prints out of it but i’am having some trouble with flexible filament, its base model is a pura 3D printer. I am 11

Shocker. says:

and in this video. ill show you how to raise your electric bill by 15,000$ xd

zendell37 says:

Any chance you could run Angus’s torture spinners through each one to show how small they go, per se?

electronicsNmore says:

Wow, you sure do have many 3D printers.

Phett Sack says:

Just curious, what is your daily job that you can finance so many expensive toys. Amazing!

Eranda De Silva says:

What about the anet a6?

TO-SHIRT 3DPrinting And Custom Printing T-shirt says:

love that … thanks a lot !

satgod says:

short or bad connection in the black widow thermistor wire?

Hugh Adams says:

That thumbnail is cringe as Pokémon go

CranberryJam says:

Good review. Love your accent – It makes me chuckle the way you drop the J’s.

TechKip Huntley says:

I have the geeetech and it prints really nicely

Simon Watti says:

Är intresserad av att skaffa mig en, vilken skulle du skaffa dig på en budget ? ha de bäst!

LukkiiAsian says:

Question: I was looking at the CR10 for a first printer because of price and build volume. Would you say the CR10 power supply enclosure is completely safe, kinda safe? Just a concern because I have little cousins visiting often. I realized that because it’s enclosed that it’s probably really safe, but I just want to make sure before I get one. Safety before anything else.

Wintergatan says:

Hey fellow swede! Nice video

Joey Matthews says:

Cr 10 is deaf NOT $200 !

Leo U. says:

Ahh those mainstream moves at the start… … let me die a little bit.
But good printer overview

Matrixtechno says:

I’m wondering, I’ve seen a couple other video that’ve shown a much much higher print quality to the A8, similar to the tarantula. Did you tweaked the printer to it’s max capacity ?

The Cr-10 is actually incredible but in canadian it’s 537$ + 113$ shipping. Making it quite expensive at 650 compared to 278 of the A8 ( 226 + 52 shipping ).

AmCan Tech Videos says:

I have a geetech i3 that works well

Kannie Chen says:


RCLifeOn says:

*Where are you all from? I’m from Sweden, how about you?*

Joe Archuleta says:

cheap printers don’t last

Blurak Lp says:

Can you please make a video about the Ultimaker 3 and the ability of dual extrusion(=2 filaments at the same time)?

Khalil Burno says:

Hello RCLifeOn ,I do have GEEETECK i3 printer ,after i spend some time experimenting ,ITS PRINTING AWESOMELY .

Putte MacGuff says:

Har du någon 2D printer?

Rafael Delfino says:

Banana for scale… 9Gager spoted!!! Lol

ElectricJ125 says:


Bill B says:

I don’t believe I heard or u did not say what The fitment was? ABS or PLA?

David Tower says:

Excellent review. Your review of the Tevo Black Widow was hilarious.


australia, and my favourite is the tevo delta

aman bond says:

no ultimaker ?

dipshiznit420 says:

my geeetech I3 works fine

The Best Stooge says:

I will never ever again touch anything Emotion Tech makes or designs.

Maria Becerra says:

why so many 3d printers

omar bentaleb says:

hi i have a geetech i3 it took me year to make it work i’ve faced all kind of problems with the extruder, drivers, software… but it finally works maybe i can help you with yours

GALAXY555 says:

Nice Keep It up

Your Boy says:

I am from North Carolina Asheville

the apple gamer says:


Jared van Haalen says:

banana for scale…… a-are you a 9gagger?

Thar Pappkopp says:

nice Sheep printers

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