Top 5 best 3d printers 2017

Comment what you think are the best 3d printers 2016.

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#5 Peachy 3d printer
#4 Tiko 3d printer
#3 Flux
#2 Bigbox
#1 Cel Robox

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Cel Robox:

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Maxwell Clemens says:

These are cheap printers not good ones

Griffin Paquette says:

I like how people just find some popular 3D printers and call them the best when some haven’t even been released (cough cough peachy(

Kes Wolf says:

Why does just about everyone on YouTube use really loud, obnoxious and unnecessary techno music in their video?!

Espen Sales says:

I wish people could make decent advertisements…

Tylenole says:

and shes hot

Invention Therapy says:

I love watching 3D printers do their magic.

Alex Mata says:

How are they the top 3D printers when some haven’t even been release and won’t be until some where around 2017

DejaVu Playz says:

Peachy is setting off all my bullshit alarms

ShalBI says:

The peachy? That thing failed horribly due to the fact that lots of the money was spent on a house.

Stereo Studios says:

Is this a review or a commercial?

_____ _____ says:


orlando8715 says:

wait, could we just 3 d print a 3d printer
(the vast majority of the peices)

Illusion Pictures says:

#5 Peachy 3d printer – 0:00
#4 Tiko 3d printer – 5:00
#3 Flux – 6:54
#2 Bigbox – 9:24
#1 Cel Robox – 12:11

You’re welcome fam 🙂

Top Ten Present says:

Most popular 10 printer of the world | Best Printer

Christian says:

lol, the thumbnail says “top 5 3d printers 2016” but the title is “top 5 3d printers 2017”

Randall Stark says:

Big Box 3D printers looks like a decent machine in pictures until you actually receive it. The instructions are beyond horrific and completely useless. Parts are fragile and break easily, and parts will be missing. The machine is very difficult to calibrate and program. If you are not an expert on this type of technology don’t even consider this machine. It comes as a kit and also prebuilt. The kit is an absolute nightmare to build and again the instructions are beyond useless. If you actually want to make something with a 3D printer a BigBox is not what you want. If you just like to thinker with a bunch of overpriced parts that nobody can ever figure out how to assemble with horrible instructions, then have at it and buy one. Avoid the BigBox 3D printer at all costs. Take it from me…I unfortunately bought one. The bright side is I bought a better one after I gave up on the BigBox which now sits in a cardboard box doing nothing.

orlando8715 says:

wait, could we just 3 d print a 3d printer
(the vast majority of the peices)

mera edx says:

hi you can also watch video of 3d printed shoes.Refer link:
Company’s name is SNT 3D Printers (

Domsn Müller says:

I´m new as far as 3D printers are concerned, but i would like to buy one.
Can someone give me some advice which models are worth to buy (around 300€-550€)?
I would like to buy a kit and build it by my own then.

TheXanUser says:

so sick of all these phantom reviews of non existent products!
thanks youtube for providing us with the new bane of media, the no-info-mercial.

Long John says:

3 of the printers isn’t even in production and at least one likely never will be. How can you be the ‘best’ if you aren’t even shipping out units?

Besides how would you know what the best printer for 2016 is only 3 days into the year …. That’s just illogical and stupid ….

Anson Cording says:

What a stupid post.
This is pretty much spam.

Joseph B says:

The TileScape DUNGEONS Kickstarter has 3 Days left!!!! Get a 3D Printer for Xmas!!!!

Enteraname says:

A commercial for the CEL Robox…. 🙁

One-Armed-T-Rex says:

3D printer with no visible print layers. New Concept! should be #1 in this video!

Unauthorized Expression says:

WOW! Holy FUCK the first one has some SRS drama attached.

chaosnipe says:

Putting the Robox as #1 is the only good thing about this video.

The Primitive says:

Stiffler, is that you?

AxelRandøm says:

Me: really want a flux, i THINK Thats Also a 100$ one
iPhone: “shows price”
Me: “sees that iTS 1999$” FUUUUUUUUUU Welp

ms3bani says:

peachy was supposed to ship in august 2014. it is 2 years overdue and backers are steaming mad!

tiko is also considerably overdue.

cel robox? lol! nope. ultimaker all the way.

Stu says:

I love the idea but can they find something else other than plastic!

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