Smartphone Printer Comparison: Polaroid ZIP vs. Fujifilm Instax

Calling all Planner and Teacher Friends!!!!

How many of you love to add pictures to your planners or use them in the classroom? I am excited to share two amazing products that will allow you to do so.

I’ve been wanting a printer to print images from my cell phone for quite some time and over Christmas I received two of them! I am going to walk you through each one and show you how to use them. Hope this is useful and helps you in case you are trying to figure which one to buy.


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Wa haha says:


Alice Young says:

polaroid Zip of Instax Share?

Ron Powell says:

What is the maximum size of photo for both printers?

Carla Ulloa says:

I notice that you shook the Polaroid. It says it in the instructions to not shake it. Overall I enjoyed your video and found it very helpful.

Michelle Ferrer says:

Can you use a polaroid sticker film with the fujifilm mobile printer?

Eileen Steegmans says:

Don’t shake polaroids 😉 It could harm the photo 🙂

Flannery O'Connor says:

I am planning to buy one of these for my wedding reception. Which would be a better choice for my guests to use?

Ethan Ford says:

you could have made an 18 min video all summed up in about 3 min

MissMaxdalena says:

Thank you for this fab comparison. You helped me make up my mind 😀

Generic Gaming says:

Do you guys know if the paper has a sticky back like a sticker (the Fuji film one)

Kynthia Yzy says:

This video is really helpful. Thank you.

Chakwan Jones says:

Great review!! Thank you!

Louis Lu says:

Great review !

Jody Sumbot says:

Thanks you have helped!!! Wasn’t sure what I wanted and you’ve helped me to make up my mind! My class is where I” be using it! Thanks!!!

Roger Dodger says:

very well done and informative video.

Tia Miles says:

Thanks for this video. I never knew these products existed. After watch this informative video, I went to Amazon and purchased the HP Sprocket. Yes, I know it wasn’t in your video but it was your video that sent me to Amazon. It arrived today so I will tested it out tomorrow. Thanks!

JonelleElise says:

I’m buying the Polaroid zip printer soon. I like the sticky paper too! Plus another bonus is that the paper isn’t as expensive as the Fuji photo paper.

Linh Bui says:

A very detailed comparison. Now I know which one i should buy. Thank you so much!

GlitterDIY Diva says:

thank you so much for this awesome video. i wasn’t sure which kind of printer to purchase. I am totally going to get a Polaroid zip.

romeopeach824 says:

Excellent review! I have a Polroid Zip in my shopping cart but have hesitated because I keep hearing how great the Instax is too. Before I pressed PAY I thought I’d look for some comparison reviews. Yours was the first You’ve helped me decide to go with the Zip for all the same reasons you did. And as a fellow planner enthusiast, I completely trust your opinion. Thank you for such a thorough and easy to understand review. Can’t wait to play with my new Zip…it should be here any day!

Ayessa Canarecio says:

How can i know how many papers are left in the polaroid zip?

Cindy Rhodes says:

I didn’t hear you say anything about prices for each..other wise everything was very helpful..Thank you. .I think I’d choose the Polaroid becuz I like everything about it ..tfs..♡

Shawna says:

Super helpful, thank you!!

Contented says:

Extremely informative review of the two, thank you! Kathy

Rachel Jones says:

Great video, really helped me make a decision!

Audir Marinho says:

I loved this video, I have zero doubts now, thank you so much!

MikaylaMom says:

How do you refill the ink cartridge in the Polaroid? I don’t think you showed that.

onetessie says:

Wow instax is much more true to the picture, I keep reading about the reddish tint on the polaroid. But i want to cut my pictures so I will probably go with the Polaroid, too.

Mike Winifred says:

Nice videos. I have a Sp-2 and I get “light-leak” like streaks on the longer edges of the prints (one should see closely to notice the streak) . Interestingly, I did not see those streaks on the Sp-1 print. Do you think is it something I need to send the printer out for repair? Thanks.

Amberly Cuello says:

price please?

1sophiejane says:

this Christmas I got a polaroid zip . it is brilliant.

tinyjade Li says:

but now the Fuji Instax Share SP 2 has be launched. Will it be better than Polaroid Zip photoprinter?

Femke Jordans says:

what kind of borders can you choose around the polaroid, can you choose the same kind of border as is around the fujifilm?

Emily Bredemeier says:

Thanks so much

Cris S says:

Thank you so much! I wanna a portable printer for a personal project and I had so many doubts between Fuji Instax and Polaroid, and you help me to choose the right one. Great job comparing them.

The Imperfect Scrapper says:

Awesome review – very informative!

Krisha Libres says:

Is the battery they provided chargeable?

David Hockney says:

great vid….and you look sweet!

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