Printers Explained – Laser, Inkjet, Thermal, & Dot Matrix

This is an animated video explaining inkjet vs laser printers and thermal printers and dot matrix printers. It explains how a laser printer works. How an inkjet printer works. How a dot matrix printer works and how a thermal printer works.


Akash Salian says:

Cool! Thanks!

FIFA Mike says:

amazing! thx

André Porto says:

+PowerCert Animated Videos Hey could you make a Proxy video? Your explanations are the best! Thank you


This is the best best best channel ever. Great explanation with great animation.

vishnu pothan says:

Very good explanation…

Mr Networking says:

Man I. Love your videos. Best and simplest to learn, watch and understand.
Would be it possible your start uploading videos every week because I feel like a lot of people including me would learn a lot from you and you would make a difference.

Sorry about my English grammar it might not be perfect. English language is my second language.

programming channel :- says:

nice tutorial thx for ur effort…

Md. Hasanul Hasib Suvo says:

good work man!!keep it on.


Great Videos by you guys. Thnx for a simple explanation and it is very helpful.

Mc wayne St Cloud says:

Nice, can include fuser function and transfer belt for color laser jet

RealToughCandy says:

I love your channel and the general old-school quality of your productions! Dot matrix all day, every day.

Sanjay Dahal says:

Sir Also make tutorial for making animated videos

Ксения Павлова says:

Thank you


Thankyou sir but please upload atleast 2 videos in a week please

Synchronize says:

Very very clear explanation! Thank you so much.

Quade Carter says:

I’m only 26 so I think dot matrix printers were before my time. I was just stopping by because I was curious as to how they work. At work we have a laser printer for the copy room, but we use dot matrix printers for packing lists, shipping labels, and bills of lading. I was curious as to how they worked.

Jonathan Nindi says:

Life savers! You guys rock! Keep up the good work

Yash Raj says:

Where are you man we’re waiting for your videos eagerly !!!

Equisynth Studio says:

The dot matrix printers were mostly used back in late 70’s and during 80’s, in some countries even in early 90’s. The thermal printers are also used for printing tickets in buses or trains here in Europe.

விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக் says:

The ink Refill prices make me NEVER want to buy an inkjet printer.. I’m going to buy the noisy dot matrix printer as all i need is black text on a sheet of paper!!

N Ud says:

Keep on releasing this videos man

Asim Tutorials says:

love your channel. …

Nacer Djabali says:

Thank you ! very instructiv e

bmi ka student says:

thermal printer is common ot us used in atm and grocery store a recipt

Chlorophyta says:

thank you, you just saved my life

Giveus Flix says:

wonderful information, easy to assimilate

Vincent Irudayaraj says:

Very Nice, Easy to understand 🙂

bmi ka student says:

what about the doctor blade and other blades

vishnu pothan says:

Very good explanation…

ሶል ዘብሔረ ጦቢያ says:

Easy to understand know everyone is a technician b/c of you guys Great Job !!

Calen Craig says:

Great video! Thanks!

JimGaming HD says:

The Dot Matrix Printer is still relevant here in my country for print receipt

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