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Modern printers are incredibly useful, but notorious for having questionable reliability. How do laser & inkjet printers work, and why do they often give us a hard time?

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johneygd says:

The reason why inktjet printers are also unreliable is because of dust wich will settle in the printers heads overtimes, dust can and will rule your printer, that’s also why inkt cartrides are expensive and hard to made and produce because of the dust, that’s why inkt catride company’s are 10.000 times more cleanerthen an average hospital.

stew918 says:

Fuck printers fuck copiers fuck scanners and fuck printers.

Polaris Lakewell says:

Printers never want to connect to a WiFi signal or to the PC

Harge says:

Is it just me or has anyone else printed out a page just to press it to your face

GreyMatterProductions says:

0:40, we have one of those!

Andromeda Collections Media says:

3rd printer getting through its lifespan in my house and no errors with printing so far, too much stuff been printed just because they never failed to the very end of ink/laserash (next printer bought just because refill was more expensive)

Sanguinius says:

nh you are the cool kid in class when you hand in your essay on A1 paper from a plotter
so impractical but so entertaining

Jeremy Contreras says:

this linus is everywhere wtf

Tony Tejada says:

please do 4g and 3g explained

Hezekiah Domowski says:

You should do printer reviews… there are no good videos on the HP m553dn 😛
But seriously, printer shopping is hard. Especially if you want to print text fast, and print photos good, and you aren’t sure if the scanner is worth is, and you have to figure out if the toner or ink will be worth it.

Uthman Baksh says:

Might as well buy a new printer every 3 weeks because that’s how often I gotta buy ink.

Dogeasaurus  Rex says:

Printers are an amazing feat of engineering. They work perfectly fine until you need something last minute, then they inexplicably stop working.

Nie tutaj says:

Good thing my mom gave me an older laser printer when I was younger.

Audun Jemtland says:

When printing, laser or ink…. Does photos become better if you make the printer print slow vs. fast? When it’s taking it’s time, does it yield a better result?

Alan Chun says:

You should do one with HP PageWide printers

EJ Tech says:

So in short, get a laser printer. They just work.

Gopal Mallick says:

which printer is best for photocopy? & very cheap price & printing cost??

Gavin Serdeña says:

I’m making printer at Minecraft(・´з`・)>_<

Gameactive says:

Not even laser printers are all that reliable anymore. An old HP LaserJet 5000 can take a two-page word document with images and text, and it had no problem. But then when I try to send the same document to a relatively new HP Color LaserJet CP2025… it hardly did jack, even after I converted the file to PDF and tried printing from a different computer. It eventually worked about ten minutes after I gave up, but it’s astonishing that a printer that’s at least fifteen years older can handle jobs better than a more recent model from the same manufacturer. And I don’t think that particular 5000 came with out-of-the-box network support, either, which makes this situation all the more laughable.

DisIsMe says:

Linus sound sick

Average Alien says:

I’ve got laser

Tech Mad says:

i hve dot matrix

Raghav Bhardwaj says:

Hey Linus , Do As Fast AS Possible video on voice search , voice recognition , cortana , Siri working

konatadesuka says:

Funny that Linus ignores LED printers and that EPSON/Brother do not use thermal printheads but piezoelectric, as opposed to Canon and HP.
Also, some use permanent printheads, others come with factory installed CISS, others come with CISS but the printhead is replaceable… there’s way too much information about printers not covered here.

dieselsmoke96 says:

can you talk about wax printers?

Stefan says:

video suggestion: SCANNER. what they are, how they work and how to use them?

Matt Merrill says:

Explain why printers are the laziest thing in the world, not working half the time for absolutely no reason.

Maloy7800 says:

Keep working on making sense of your video titles. So far they make none.

Stuart David Boyd says:

Ink jet, using a continuous Ink supply system is the way to go.

You can literally print textbooks in colour whilst barely scratching the surface of total ink capacity.

The Spitfire says:

I can explain what a printer is in 10 seconds: A device sent from hell to drain all your money.


my ink jet printer (canon) doesnt print since the ink wont go up or wont pump up

DJz Max says:

what about printer resolutions what should that be?

Game Over says:

Printers/Inks are one of the most resource waisting things on the planet, Stupid when you run out of ink it’s cheaper to buy a new printer which come with a set of inks then buy replacement cartridges, with the exception of massively overpriced/technical printers

Taylor Sochocki says:

I remember someone giving us a box of that for matrix paper as a kid (mid 2000s) the best use my mom could come up with it was to give to me to draw on. yes i was amused by the fringies on the side.

CodyORB says:

My inkjet printer always says that the ink is expired even though I only refilled it a month ago, but if you just take the cartridges out, and put them back in, and it says they’re good. It’s really annoying that I have to do that every single time I print something, and I’m wondering if it’s a glitch.

LANE says:

I love this guy! Not only is he informative (quickly), he’s entertaining and cute. All the better to learn by. LOL.

Duke Lin says:

What is thermal printer?

Jean-Pierre Bovin says:

When will there be gaming printers? I want one that can handle 60 pages a second.

Spaceman24 says:

Yo Linus what are you doing here???

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