Printer Comparison between The CANON PRO-1000, PRO-10 and the PRO-100

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BUT…Here is is the comparison everyone wanted to see. The King of Bench top Printers The CANON IPF PRO-1000 with OEM inks against the Lowly CANON Pixma PRO-100 running on Precisioncolors ink set and Aardenburg ICC Profile for CANON PRO Luster Paper.
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As an extra I threw in the CANON PRO-10 running OEM inks just to sweeten the pot!
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Kelly Greenidge says:

Mr. Jose, question for you. Is this a good deal getting a Pro-100 for $65 on Craigslist?

princeatul says:

Thanks for wonderful content Jose!
What is the new PC inkset for Pro-100 that you mentioned, I didn’t find any information on PC’s website. Can you please elaborate? I just got my Pro-100 and so very curious about new ink-set

GrumpStump says:

Great comparison! Thanks for this. Loving my Pro-100. 70 cent refills and great color can’t be beat. Thanks again!

Craig Guillory says:

Win will you get one

Jesus M Marrero says:

Jose, I just received my 100, Great Printer and working on the profile with the Mac and canon paper. Question should I turn off the 100 or keep it on after use (not to save electricity but save ink) Gracias!!

Thien Ngo says:

Hello Master, what did you mistake for Pro-100 ? what did you corrcetly ? I don’t understand. please explain it . Thank you Master.

Woof Woof says:

How does the Kirkland Costco photo paper compare to Canon photo paper premium lackluster brand? Kirkland photo paper is made in Japan. Have you tested the photo paper for the Canon 1000? Also what monitor calibration you use? I use xrite publisher pro 2.

OrelRussia says:

Jose, did you compare the Aardenburg profile with your own profile made with the ColoMunki Photo? I find the Aardenburg profile too dark and contrasty.

Diarmuid Golden says:

Hi Jose, I would love to get hold of that ICC profile for the Pro 100 for PC inks and Pro Lustre paper.

Doctor Robin says:

Interesting as usual. By the way, your Canon 29 Pro-1 carts arrived safe and sound in northern Australia. Thanks.

Craig Guillory says:

Hi my name is Craig can you do a video on the Epson sc-p5000

sciroccs says:

Great video Jose. Thank you!

Grant LeSueur says:

Nice job as alway Jose, very informative. FYI. There seemed to be some electrical noise on the audio

Thien Ngo says:

Hi Master .Would you please tell me what should i do and what step should i do to print a perfect picture. I have pro-100 printer, but i do not know how to figure it out.

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