Make:’s Best 3D Printer for 2017: Prusa i3 Mk 2

The results of our 3d Printer shootout for 2017 are in: The Prusa i3 Mk 2 is not only one of the most affordable 3d printers we’ve ever seen, it’s also one of the best.

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Dave Wilson says:

So, on Amazon, it seems all the prusa printers are shipped or fabricated by other companies…For example, HICTOP Filament Monitor Desktop 3D Printer Kits Reprap Prusa I3 MK8. Would this be considered the same thing (though Mk8 instead of Mk2)? Or is it better to try and find a Prusa specific device? Thanks!

Robert McEwen says:

Wait so is this a separate publication or will we be receiving it if we have a subscription?

dana8192 says:

Where can I see the results of the Shootout test prints and the slicer settings that were used to produce them?

ryan lego says:

Just ordered this printer!

azam fuad says:

i mean for thermal camera?

Razor Cat says:

But can it print magnetizable metal?
I want to print my own cricuit boards and fabrication machines.

Robert Norris says:

You are lucky as my printer came with a controler that did not work. i spoke to the 3 times and each time they promised to send a new one but did not. the last time i spoke with them they said there was no record fo it. i have a big paperweight on my desk

Александр ForestLamp says:

super machine

Earl Miller says:

I’m laughing a bit too much at the clone advocates trying to compare the $200-$300 junk imports to this machine. Hows that ABS glue, Painters Tape and manual calibration thing going? The MK2 is superb. Spend more time printing instead of trying to figure out how to get a good print. 🙂

Kévin Bationo says:

Nice vidéo but you can give me the liste of compement to participate to buildind

padlockbeats says:

the linus edition haha

Carl Feniak says:

Check out the C Bot / D-Bot 3D printer, it has become pretty popular with the DIY community. You have to source it yourself (not a kit), but MAKERs should be okay with that.

NETVO TV says:

How does Flux all in one 3d printer compare to this?

Juan David Ruiz Serna says:

good video explaining the advantages os this 3d printer, i need infrmation like this before trying to buy my first 3d printer, because in latin america they have high price range and it is a big big big chunk of your pocket, my questikn is the following, can this printer handle recycled filament? and can it handle recycled PET plastic filament? i ask this because filaments can also mean a lot of money, and if i can find a good way to recyce different types of plastic in to filaments for 3d printng, it will help a lot to develop 3d printing comunity in latin america.

greetings from Colombia

Tracy R. Fegan says:

This site says it’s for 188.97 dollars with coupon code: CHOLLOTABERNATABLETA
This site is pretty cool.

TechInLife says:

and my order for the kit got pushed back 2 months because of this video. lol. just got off the phone with them to check on my order status after I saw the video and got the update. RIP. o well happy printing all!

huhhman says:

This is the MOST expensive prusa printer. It’s a rip off.

NETVO TV says:

When we will have 3D printer that’s so reliable, good quality and accessible by most people and easy to choose like choosing a laptop/smartphone and a common different price point represent different quality 3D printer you will get? And does 3D printer still in rapidly change or already in mature condition? If I’m a self learner and really into invention, build stuff, DIY, is it time for me to buy a 3D printer now or I should wait another bit of time? I really want a 3D printer won’t outdated just within a year like some of previous models, andI wish it come with laser embed and so on.

social3ngin33rin says:

Hard to argue with that price lol

hilema41 says:

tiko 3d, $199 delta printer

Chris C says:

I should have bought 3 of these instead of my Ultimaker 2+. Really.

Mark Williams says:

it’s a reprap mendal worth about 200£ they have to publish everything as it’s open source
look at the cheap display lol only 3 bearing rails and a unflat bed which uses software levelling lol
glass is best lol prusa is a joke selling over priced open sourced stuff haha haha

Keith_Developer says:

This printer can’t be the best overall 3D printer for 2017, there are much better built printers, some at lower pricing. What a joke MAKE magazine., your better than this.

azam fuad says:

whats application which you use?

swp466 says:

Too bad Ultimaker didn’t come out with a new printer… Oh, wait…

Eric Gormly says:

At 2:13 you can see the nozzle forcing the bed down. Is that supposed to happen? Seems like something is a bit off? A few seconds before it doesn’t look like it’s doing that.

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