Inkjet vs. Laser Printers – Which one is right for you?

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Nadine explains the major differences between inkjet and laser printers, including all-in-ones.

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jshaw6600 says:

So apparently she has her own YouTube channel (nayders07) with nearly 150k subs. Wow.

Helpful video though. Surprisingly thorough. This was the kind of explanation I needed. Going to staples tomorrow to buy and Epson Workforce 545!!

Tiafain says:

i’m actually thinking about buying a new printer

Apple Reseller says:

yea, someone else did this video like 5 years ago… its the first result on youtube for inkjet vs laser.

Mike S says:

Laser is great if u print very rarely – no heads that clog up if unused like in injet printers

Sars Ragulan says:

I actually learned a load watching this video – from having me in stitches of laughter , to making notes. Nadine ; you are amazing 😛

Vishal Gaind says:

Now I love you too

lilpartyboy says:

she makes me want to go to staples now…

Habiba Kasrawy says:


vclamp says:

Yay Nadine! you are more comfortable now with this informational format.

Inkjet pro: Card stock & small pieces usually run through better.
Inkjet con: When the refill injector explodes in your hand… grrr. Inkjets are noisier than laser.

Laser con: Running adhesive lables that are already warm through it can lead to an unholy jam even if the lables are laser printer rated.
Laser pro: Fast, quiet, and fine line quality.

I quit using color ink. Much easier & cheaper at print shop!

MrExtremeKill says:


ToTheSCOTT says:

<3 Nadine!

patssy7 says:

Really helpful video. Thanks.


Thanks i still don’t know what i want lol

Hey Nadine says:

I hope you all learned something for this episode 🙂 Thanks for watching!! <3

AndSome625028 says:

Another inkjet tip: be sure to check where the printhead is located. Avoid it built-in within the cartridge. When unattended for a couple of weeks, it’s printhead dries out and turns useless. These cartridges also aren’t too cheap.

Brett Davis says:

Hrm, why?

WorthWay says:

Nadine wtf? since when she started with this job? anyways great review although some face expressions and emotions are unnecessary imo

Willma Finger Doo says:

Oh my, your hair xd

DanLokar says:

This was very useful! Thanks Nadine 😀

Mememememe says:

IF you don’t use your inkjet printer a lot, you clog your printheads …. such does not happen on laser!

negochristian1 says:

V good job on the presentation Nadine

maak says:

You might as well buy both, as both will be less expensive than 1 ink cartridge…

coolshariq says:

i think i want to moved to canada now

qwickiller says:

I hope Nadine marry’s me one day 😀

ben hirunpruk says:

thanks ! this helps a lot

tantaluss68 says:

tell me every guy that meets her doesnt fall for her

arpeja says:

What is this….

Passwordcracks says:


maak says:

Some how she reminds me of Campbell from Mad Men

whitney larson says:

Thanks for the information, but can you talk any slower? Ag, watching this video is killing me,

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