Ink-jet vs Laser Printer

This video briefly explains how inkjet and laser printers work and points out the primary differences and when each is more appropriate. For this demonstration we compare the Ricoh C242DN color laser with the HP Office-jet Pro 8100 inkjet.

Follow this link to compare current models:


Petty Patty says:

:::Mad face!::: I wish I had of known this *years* ago! I would have *been* stopped using *soggy* paper ink jet printers for my printing! I always wondered how come my at home brochure printing never came out as nice and crisp or color pictures never came out with that nice shininess/sheen to them like I’d get from using the either the local library’s big printer or by using Staple’s color printers! Ugh!!! It’s the *laser* that makes the difference!!

Dark Moon says:

thank you naw i know what i will do

naima397 says:

Thank you

Andrew Knight says:

Factual but still clear and easy to understand. Thanks

Audun Jemtland says:

When printing, laser or ink…. Does photos become better if you make the printer print slow vs. fast? When it’s taking it’s time, does it yield a better result?

Fajer njr says:


Afrodeeta says:

Great and to the point! You solved my dilemma…. I’m getting a laser printer!

Lalit Singh Radhey Radhey says:

very nice

Petty Patty says:

Thank you! Thank you! THANK  YOU!! Throwing out that money grubbing, gold digging ink jet and investing in a color laser printer, thanks to you!

Larry Delsonno says:


damavsman says:

awesome very detailed info.. thank you..

bassel Ak says:

thank you!

Kwischan Wion says:

Can a laser printer print on a non stick paper or plastic?

r3dLands says:

omg thank you so much for this vid, i know what to get now, a color laser printer to print my reports and inkjet for photos, envelopes, a3..etc. Just need to print a colored test page everyday to keep the inkjet nozzle from drying out.

Blastar Seymour says:

This video is pretty straight up to the most basic info that anyone would ever need.
I Like it !

dotcomGone says:

Exactly the info I needed thanks!

The Professional Rookie says:

but i still feel that inkjet printers are better for personal or home use


well explained sir …………….. initially i thought you should take retirement but after seeing the whole video i realize ur words worth a dollar thankfully u r doing it for freee 😛

Mitchy Boy says:

great vid thanks a lot

MirkWoot says:

it is a wonder why inkjet has become so common, so many don’t need and so many problems. Ink costing more than machine often ^^, often we joked that we should just buy new machine instead of ink, cause nozzles soon would get clogged anyway.
Need photos?, just get some company to do it, cheaper and better i bet.

TechWizPC says:

Can lasers print on transparency sheet? You know the clear plastic ones? Or will the plastic melt?

Beach Life says:

excellent video and info. thanks!

Mario Bennett says:

Great video great information

roxyfur says:

So are the materials printed from laser waterproof? I want to print line drawings onto watercolor paper then watercolor on them, will this work with a laser printer?

Rajat Jhingan says:

Best video ! Great. Sir, u explained really well. Thanks

Ayaz Anas says:

thank u very much now I will buy laser printer

Rakesh Kundu says:

I like the laser printer.

Ricky Bharwani says:

can I use color laser printer for heat transfers

Jan Pohořelický says:

Great, just Great!!! Thanks a lot.

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