Hi guys,

in this video, i show how much it costs to print a model in a 3D printer in terms of electricity and also made a comparison between five 3D printers.

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Short to Ground says:

Great comparison and useful information! Now, I’m wondering how is power consumption for ABS @ 100+ºc…

Pablo Appezzato says:

Nice review! like always. Thanks.

Fabio F says:

Someone has info on tarantula psu? (Watt, ampere)?

Sean Wright says:

Very interesting, especially to see how much more efficient the Tornado is than even the smaller Tarantula due to the AC heat bed. Looks like AC is the way to go

WLHamontree says:

It must consume around 1.21 jiggawatts.

Osamah Abu Ali says:


Luigi Tomasello says:

Really the best video I found finally about consuption before purchase a 3d Printer, I thought I will make a file for cost of products. Do you know something about CR-10 consuption? Thank you for your help. I apprieced it 🙂

Jacen 1 says:

It makes sense; no energy conversion is perfectly lossless.  Converting AC to DC to power the heat bed, along with how mature/developed for effecency AC heating systems are compared to DC ones,  would of course introduce ineffenccy.  Therfor, an AC powered heatbed would consume less power and heat more quickly and effecently then a DC powered one.

MarS says:

Thank you very much for this test. 🙂

Belmar Bulahan says:

Hello ruiraptor, can you make a review of creality ender-4?

G lewiss66 says:

Thanks for the great video! I don’t know if this has been already asked but did you use the heat bed MK3 for the small tevo tarentula?
Thanks again.

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