DTG vs Dye Sublimation (Business Comparison)

A comparison between two digital printing methods: Direct-to-Garment and Dye Sublimation. This is to help guide you with your choice of printing method for your business model, listing the pros and cons of each method, the material needed, the feasibility of each method.

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ViC Gilmore says:

Brilliant. . . You’ll do for me! This is the INFO I wanted.

Jose Reyes says:

Thanks so much for the all the work you put into this video. Great Job.

FreakaZoide 777 says:

Thanks, defiantly helped me just the information i was looking for.

Akeel Zarkany says:

Thank you so much, it’s really nice and helpful.

anthony dionisio says:

looking to start dye sublimation business and this is a good start for me… can you give me advice where to buy machines and all the materials needed that is cheap and will get good profit on my part? please and regards..

jim pratchen says:

Best presentation I have seen on the subject. Well done.

Patrick Bouchot says:

Great video; very informative; I have a question though I’m launching a very small club wear/sportswear line, making all design and assembling clothes at home myself; Because of a small budget investment and trying to keep desirable low number of items per design, I cannot order customised prints rolls of fabric (100ms minimum). I though about sublimation printing. Would you say the « home » printer machines/inks are the same durability and Colors qualities than the professional machines? As well, I’m working often with sequins « glued » on Lycra, or other very stretch fabrics, also sewn on sequins on stretch. When light or silver sequins are used, may I print on them and will that withstand washing as well than on fabric? I hope you can help; thanks again for the great video

David Benedito says:

Can you print on a towel

Texgraff - Garment Decoration & Textile Printing Solutions says:

We hope you liked this video. Interested in more business comparisons? Watch our DTG vs Screen Printing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oTv3GEwZLE

Michael Ocampo says:

good day ser in madam. im interested of this machine.. but how much

Levie Nkhoma says:

I needed this information like yesterday. I now know what kind of machine I want. Pushing an order tomorrow


Thanks for this video

webtrekker UK says:

Er, …… How about mentioning that a DTG setup is about 10x more expensive than sublimation setup and that DTG machines must be run every day or the heads will clog and repairs are very expensive.

Vuthana Mear says:

Vuthana Mear

RoccosPlace1 says:

You can use Chromablast sublimation ink and paper you can print on cotton and cotton blends and with a white polyvinyl pre-print, you can use sublimation on darks. You really need to stay up to date.

José Ruben Mendoza says:

Dont really know about the DTG pretreating made easy slide because at work we use a spray gun and if you know what you’re doing you get a nice coat pretty fast and get shirts out quick whereas ay school we use a pretreat machine that actually takes longer as we have to lay down the shirt onto a palet and ultimately lose time setting it to where it gets coated where we want it to and opening and closing is rather time consuming, yes I know it only takes a few seconds but when you’re working trying to make every literal second count it does add up. Just food for thought

Zoom says:

Thanks a lot

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