CR-10 Mini vs Mini 3D printer Comparison

Chuck evaluates two different CR-10 Mini 3D printers for his growing print farm. He received two different CR-10 Mini’s and put them through evaluation and then came to one conclusion: watch and find out.

I received these printers for free as review units and gave you my honest opinion on the quality in my videos. I still use them everyday in my shop. Purchasing through these links does give the channel a small royalty but we do not have any control over the shipping or service from these providers. Please do your homework. Ask around and buy based on your comfort level.

CR-10 Mini:
Mini Acrylic from Banggood: $369.99
MINI from Gearbest: $349.99 w/coupon:

Original Single Z-axis Printer from Gearbest: $369.99 with coupon: CR10ZUI

Anycubic I3 Mega:
US Plug from Gearbest $355.99 w/Coupon Code: THE_I3MEGAUS
EU plug from Gearbest $349.99 w/Coupon Code: THE_I3MEGAEU

Anet E10:
from Gearbest $279.99 Use code ANET10 to save $20

$154 CTC eBay Printer:

FlashForge Dreamer:

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Anuj Kapoor says:

Fhew thank God I bought the original CR-10 instead of the acrylic base one. Great review Chuck.

Uncle Jessy says:

Def keep it for replacement CR-10 parts. Glad you’re also loving the mini. It’s a little Mini beast of a printer

hadtstec says:

Thank you for the review of the Acrylic bed. Your honest opinion is very valued 🙂

David Light says:

THAT is how a review video should be done. None of this paid shill for suppliers and or manufacturers. I love that Chuck even goes the extra to say “hey don’t use my link I don’t care but buy….”
More people WILL buy thru the link because he is not so needy and desperate about making sure the viewer does
Kudos Chuck
We have 6 CR10’s now and will have 24 by January so we agree with you. There are far better printers but if you consider size, cost to acquire, and cost to fiddle with, and repair, they are no doubt the best printers out there
Dr D

builtrodewreckedit says:

Do you think you could fix that acrylic base printer maybe print some legs and maybe bolt it down to something more solid? plywood base it

Eddie Moser says:

great detail on this! thanks for the information.

tjocho says:

Dude, I (we?) love reviews!

NMT says:

Very nice in-depth review of both machines! Really interesting to see how they were so different in quality.

Robby Nowell says:

Good comparison.

KizaRO94 says:

Finally a good review of the CR-10 mini ! Thank you !

Mighty Jabba's Collection says:

This was an interesting comparison. I think the acrylic base version is essentially a discontinued version of the printer. It doesn’t make any sense for Creality to be selling both of these at the same time. It’s also weird for the regular CR-10 and the mini to be almost the same price, but I think they will probably eventually discontinue the “plain” CR-10 in favor of the CR-10S. If they did that, the pricing structure would start to make more sense.

Valandar2 says:

Just on first glance, the full frame LOOKS more sturdy. Factoring in the flat on bed and six wheels (instead of edge on and four wheels), yeah, the full frame is FAR more reasonable.

How I Do It says:

Good review Chuck! If you buy this printer use Chuck’s affiliate link so he gets compensated for the time for this great review he provided us.

philip dias says:

With some modifications, that acrylic base one could be made to work well. Make a new metal base and change the bed setup. The crappy one looks like an anet monstrosity.

reasonablebeing says:

Great review based upon actual usage and no surprise regarding the metal versus acrylic base. I am a fan of Capricorn XS PTFE. The original PTFE tube on my CR-10 melted and clogged the nozzle after several hundred hours worth of printing. I am religious about allowing the hot end to be cooled off with the fan after a print is finished before turning off the machine. I have printed about the same amount of hours post-installation of the Capricorn PTFE with no issues. Sizing a production printer to the application is of value considering items like energy efficiency, space, and production speed. My question would be if the CR-10 vs. the mini have similar top speeds or can the mini print the same object faster or with better quality?

JAT.MN says:

I thought I saw both of those machines with the same name on them.. Thanks for clarifying that.
Curious how the acrylic one managed to jam the.. bowden tube.. thats just odd..

The right machine looks quite solid and the bed kinda looks over built (thats a good thing).. Cant wait to see the CR10-Mini farm 😛

Logan Turner says:

How do these compare to the Anycubic i3 Mega?

The Happy Extruder says:

Great Information Chuck, glad to see the farm getting up and running ! Much Success Sir……Happy Extruding !

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