CR-10 3D Printer Print Quality Comparison

I’m seeing some amazing results from my CR-10 3D Printer. Lets take a look at a quick comparison between the print from my CR-10 and my BQ Hephestos 2

You can download my Simplify3D CR-10 Profile here (just filter by UncleJessy & Simplify3D)

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Federico Salis says:

But it’s possible mount a BLtouch sensor?

Mark G says:

I’m having zero luck with mt CR-10 S4, I’ll see if I can have better luck with your settings.

scott angus says:

Got a promotion and decided to pick up the CR-10 to celebrate. What’s nice is you tweeted out that it was in sale! Thanks for that!

hanoncs says:

Am I the only one that hates GOTG?

Carl Beck says:

Two weeks ago, I assemble my CR-10. My experience with the Prusa MK2 has shown me that a PEI Bed is in my opinion an ideal Print bed; I purchased a sheet of 12×12 inch PEI and 3M Glue sheets from Amazon. SOOO; in preparation for my first use, I installed a PEI Sheet on the Glass. My first print stuck to the bed just fine and I could pry it off with the scraper that came with the CR-10 and it was great. I have since designed and printed a Paper Tray that used the full width of the bed and it turned out great. I highly recommend the installation of the PEI sheet and do away with the Tape and other efforts to prepare to print. All you must do with the PEI sheet is wipe it off periodically with alcohol and you are ready to go

Nick Anderson says:

where did you get the file for the starlord mask? that’s actually one of the biggest reasons I got my printer which just came in today. all the learning to do

giff1011 says:


Total 3d printing noob here. The CR-10 i’m looking at comes with the 0.4mm nozzle, however it can be changed out to a smaller mm nozzle such as the 0.2mm. What do you recommend?

Also I’ve noticed a ton of little upgrades that seem to help with print quality i.e. dual fans, heated bed insulation, dual Z axis rod/control.

What you do think about those. Is it really necessary?

Thanks in advance!!

MisterGreenGuy says:

Thank you, this video convinced me to buy a cr-10. subbed.

Luis says:

i got the cr 10 2 weeks ago, ive been loving the quality, as my first printer you and some others i follow made me pull the trigger before you guys talked about this printer lol, press reset was my main guy that made me get it hah

L Mooney says:

How do you get such smooth prints? I use the settings you uploaded.

mikelieber1 says:

Thanks for the video, looking forward to the review and more on this printer.

Michael Phelps says:

WoW! Glad I got one already…now to use it. 🙂

Adam Churvis says:

Hey man, have you done any upgrades, like a dual Z axis or frame stabilizers, or otherwise experienced them on other people’s Creality CR-10’s?

Connor Doom says:

Great content keep it up! I haven’t found many good videos on the CR-10 that show off prints but this thing looks really impressive for the money. Just placed my order wish me luck!

A Pyro Design says:

I can’t wait to get mine! Awesome prints and huge build volume.

Federico Salis says:

do you have a little sample printed with CR-10 at 100 microns ? I apologize for my question butI I will have to buy a new printer and I’m undecided between this and the tevo little monster.thanks

Print 3D Channel says:

That print quality is astounding Clayton, wow! I have been wanting to add another printer and this might be the winner now. Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

The Nerd says:

Link for star lord model?

Charlie Franko says:

Have you used the cr10 for nylon prints? Gotta know because I’m gonna be buying a printer and using nylon almost exclusively.

Rodrigo teran says:

Its posible to print big parts of ABS with this 3d printed?

Uncle Jessy says:

You can now download my Simplify3D Profile for this printer here: Just filter on UncleJessy or CR-10 and then right click and select SAVE LINK FILE AS (i’m on chrome browser) You can then import that to Simplify3D

Shah Ali says:

I want to buy cr10 3d printer I am from India please send me the link to buy

Nick Jacob says:

Wow! What a difference. What kind of PLA were you using? Thank you

3D Printing Egg says:

Love mt CR-10. Don’t hear a lot about it, but I completely agree the quality is amazing.

Jason Law says:

Thanks for the vid, definitely helped me decide on the CR-10, subbed

miguel olmo says:

dude i love your channel ! very cool the cr10 is awesome ! i got one from tinymachines and i gotta tell ya their service is top notch…thanx for sharing

MakeShaper says:

Wow, the CR-10 is looking like a real great bang-for-your-buck printer!

TheNavalNation says:

im sold. cr-10 it is

jay russ says:

looking to buy this printer, so if I’m understanding this right, i don’t have to own a laptop or any computer to actually use this? @uncle jessy

jbalatutube says:

So what did you use, pla? Pla+, abs?

3D Printing Engineer says:

Ordered the CR-10 as a second printer to my Flashforge Creator Pro. Wanted to be able to double my print output and also be able to print big stuff! Glad to see theirs so many people on YouTube using it with good results.

Tyquan Jackson says:

I’ve bought a cr 10 it works great

SomeofThisandThat | DIY, Crafts & Recipes says:

I have the CR-10 and love it!

PanzerschreckDS says:

looking forward to the review – my s3 arrived on Tuesday and hopefully I start assembling it on Saturday

dougzcustom says:

I’m a little concerned about Gearbest as I ordered my CR 10 almost 3 weeks ago and just received an email from them tonight saying they don’t know when it will be available as the manufacturer is having a hard time fulfilling orders. Any thoughts on where else I can get my hands on one of these?

Kristian Peters says:

9lwb4jm! olibwgf, cool though. unfap3m.

Jason Baker says:

Mine is coming Wednesday, I ordered from Thanks for the great video Jessy. I was excited already and now even more so. Also the CR-10 has a great Facebook community. Great support.

Niels says:


danzca6 says:

you make it very difficult for me to keep my money in my pocket… maybe it’s time to check this out for myself. the prints are amazing.

Robo Mech says:

hey broesph nice video try to make either the green goblin mask or make iron man’s arm pls

Effect2o says:

Hey so Im in the market to upgrade my printer. I currently have the M3d micro. Would you recommend this CR-10? or do you have any other suggestions?

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