Comparing Same Prints On Different Printers + Giveaway

As requested, i have spent a lot of time printing the same print, with the same material on each printer to get a relative comparison, with the little experience i have of course :). Hope you guys enjoy.

Note: after post production i noticed how much under extrusion there was on totodile printed on the Prusa. once under a white light and magnified, you can truly tell any flaws on the print. underextruded tail, so will be investigating that.

Watch till the end to get a chance to win a spool of Fillamentum Grey Vertigo PLA Extrafill! Happy Making!

Baby Groot Flower Pot: filaments:

Rexor Castle by dutchmogul:

Low-Poly Pikachu and totodile by Flowalistik:

Rocket Model:

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Martin Dimitrov says:

Dear Noob,

Great job with the channel and congrats of nearing 500 subs.

Here is my prediction. Hope that it is correct
1 – the delta
2 – the Wanhao
3 – the Prusa

Keep up the good work


R. Medelis says:

Delta is the best of the best 🙂

David McDonald says:

Hey Noob! I’ve been following you for a while on Twitter but this is the first video of yours that I’ve watched. Loved it too! Keep up the great work

Gord Garwood says:

That’s a pretty awesome looking filament! I’m going with 1 – Wanhao 2 – Prusa 3 – Micromake 🙂


1) delta, 2) duplicator 3) Prusa

Andrew Vickers says:

I’m enjoying your channel. Nice work mate.
My guess is. 1. Prusa, 2. Delta, 3. Wanhao

John Lau says:

1 – Micromake, 2 – Wanhao, 3 – Prusa

ninoia2009 says:

Thank you for the video . I have question if you don’t mind . Were these prints are result of stock printers or did you do modifications on any of them . I am asking that because i believe i heard you say in one of the videos that you got original e3d v6 extruder and installed it on the micromake . I could be mistaken thouh . Once again thank you for your videos .

meesternadim says:

Great video! I have the duplicator i3 v2.1 and have printed the baby groot, the castle thing and pikachu. The print quality was pretty much the same as your duplicator. I also had the “missing lines” issue when printing too fast. So I don’t think the flexion extruder you have messed up the comparison.

I did improve the missing lines issue a bit by replacing the ptfe liner inside thermal barrier. The original one was a bit too short. The issue is not completely gone, but definitely less than before.

The blue pokemon actually looked really bad to me on the mk2. It had some under extrusion/missing lines going on on some parts of the model?

I really want to order the mk2, but the lead time man…

The rockets are printed:
1: Delta, 2: Wanhao, 3: MK2.

R. Medelis says:

How to accurately calibrate your Micromake D1
Enjoy & happy printing

Gregory Eletto says:

14:37 which printer printed which print

Improper Engineering says:

My dude!!! Almost there.

Evan Balbier says:

1) delta, 2) duplicator 3) Prusa

Ajax Makes says:

Congrats on 500+ subscribers! Here’s my guess: 1-Delta 2-Wanhao 3-Prusa

Ángel L says:

1 Delta, 2 Duplicator, 3 Prusa. Just met your channel and loved how you explain every detail. It’s very useful for learning. Keep with the good work!

Shannon Williams says:

If I had to choose between thick or thin and fluffy stringing I would choose thin and fluffy because all it takes for removal is a quick flash with a heat gun and then they rub off by hand.

arcanum70 says:

I have an I3 V2, and I have to say that it prints better than my Robo 3D, and once I got it tuned in (both hardware and software) I would put the print quality against my friends Ultimaker.  The I3 is one of the most underestimated printers on the market.  Great video and congrats on the channel growing.

Mohamed Amin says:

i am hardly can decide what printer to purchase anet a8 or tronxy p802ma can u help me please

Abuzz Designs says:

Its nice to see the side by side comparisons. That delta is super impressive and that rocket filament is BEAUTIFUL!!! I need all that glitters! Congrats on hitting 500

izzyaya says:

Fab Video as always Joe! Need my printer to come now!

R. Medelis says:

delta 2 prusa 3…& 1

izzyaya says:

Oh and forgot! 3: Prusa / 2: Wanhao / 1: Micromake

lanhamfitness says:

would you recommend the Original Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer for my first printer?

jtford20 says:

great vid!! i think #1 I3 Plus
#2 mk2 prusa
#3 Delta

Vexelius says:

A Giveaway video on Friday the 13th. This, sir, is comedic irony.
Just kidding, but it was a curious coincidence! Great video, by the way.

Jennes De Schutter says:

Nice comparison!
From left to right: wanhao, prusa, micromake

Heather says:

Awesome video Joe! Love the silver filament!

i raul says:

3 prusa / 1 delta / 2 duplicator

Fierceflyer55 says:

Another great video & exactly what I wanted to see. Trying to decide between the wanhao and prusa. I’m leaning towards the wanhao it’s a pretty big price difference when I include the free sipping from wanhao and the extra two hundred dollars for the built prusa

David Williams says:

Really great comparisons. I would be interested to see some of the torture test prints to see the difference between them.

For the stringing on the Prusa, is this just a settings issue or more of a “feature”? with the strings that you get though are they able to be flawlessly removed, as on mine I always end up with a little mark which ruins the finish.

jibba_jabba_joo says:

Good video! 1: Delta 2: Prusa i3 Mk2 3: Duplicator

3D Printing Science says:

So according to your video I d say :

3 -> Micromake (cuz there are blobs)
2 -> Wanhao (cuz its the shiniest)
1 -> Prusa (cuz.. well its the third one 😛 )

Thx for the video 🙂

Did3D says:

same printer for all

Luis Esteves says:

Congrats on 500+ viewers. I would guess 1 delta 2 wanhao (looks shiny) 3 prusa

Ron Zawora says:

Those rockets are SICK!
When will you print the violin? 🙂

Joseph Craig says:

1 Prusa
2 duplicator i3
3 micro make

Callum Deschoolmeester says:

Prusa 3, Delta 1, wanhao duplicator 2…. Love the vids Joe, what is that white board underneath the Prusa? I am trying to lower the noise mine makes. Keep up the amazing vids can’t believe you have grown so much in the last month… only seemed like yesterday I entered the 50 subs give away..

Raymond McKaig says:

Great video Joe.

Here is my guess from Aberdeen in Scotland

1. Prusa – Awesome printer, waiting on mine (kit) being delivered in a couple of weeks
2. Duplicator
3. Delta

Joseph Craig says:

Almost there only 15 subs to go

3D Printed Aspie says:

Thanks for Sharing Joe. 😀
Yet again no surprises when it come to quality as always the video was flawless and awesome to see you are feeling better again.
Keep up the awesome work and you will be at 1000 before you know it.

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