Anet A6 vs A8 Comparison – Which Is the Best 3D Printer?

I got a lot of comments on my latest 3D printer review, about the differences of the Anet A8 and the A6. I recently made reviews of both printers, but in this video we will check them out and see which one
is superior.



Tutorial for auto leveling:

Music: WildVibes & LIAM & Jay Eskar – Dreams

Used cameras:
Sony Alpha a55
OBS Multiplatform (screen recorder)

Video Editing Programs:


Karolis Girdenis says:

Need help. Anet a6 or tarantula ?

Atul Chaudhari says:

Which is the facebook page for ANET A8 and A6 3D printers?

MyBigThing2010 says:

I’d like to see the quality difference between the A8 and that giant $1000 speed monster you have! that would be great to see what $855 difference looks like!

Black Winter says:

thank you for this video very informative you gained a sub xD

Jhovanny Enrique Piña Azueta says:

fgeuduffruu ddruudrhhs dronedrreeftrrdf

MyBigThing2010 says:

so the cheaper one is better?

Joe Joe joejoe says:

Which one is better? You said two things.

Loxxer29 says:

Vilken rekommenderar du a8 eller a6?

Simone Ros says:

Hi, thank for the video. I’m looking for my first 3d printer and i have a doubt. I understand that the A6 is slightly better then the A8, but how much is worth paying this difference ?
In my country the difference is around 40 USD (37 euros), which one you think I should buy ?

William Johannesson says:

När du beställer till Sverige får du någon tull eller liknade?

Jhovanny Enrique Piña Azueta says:


GymBoyB says:

What every you do please don’t waist your money and buy this printer… I bought it and after wiring it up the cerci the board exploded and then after buying a new one I got it and the extruder jamed the first time I used it … now I bought another extruder and that one worked then when printing the first time I stated to print then the LCD screen went blank and the printer started to rub the extruder against the bottom board … and now the LCD doesn’t work and the bottom board has scratches in it and I don’t have the money to replace those parts

emmanuel9744 says:

Because of the music’ we don t hear correctly the speach

Antoine Richermoz says:

Calm down on the fucking music man ! This far to epic and loud

I'd Tap That. ⇓ says:

safety is number onne priority

Mattias Fleischer says:

DO NOT BUY this printer from Gearbest!!! If anything is broken it is a nightmare to get it replaced. Gearbest has the worst customer supoort you can think of! Buy it from Aliexpress instead.

William D Wood III says:

I’m in the US and I wouldn’t let me buy the printer on gearbest

Retro Movies Central says:

But you also reviewed the Tevo Tarantula the best printer under $200 but is it better than the Anet A8 ? And well done reaching 71k subs you deserve all the subs your videos are very helpful and easy to understand. And now after watching many reviews and now yours I’ve decided to buy the A8 very soon.

Zarkex says:

Did you remove the Part Fan? LOL

GA MA says:

Do i have to pay tax when it reaches Sweden if i order from GearBest?

Bob Yuen says:

Hi there, thanks for doing the video. You mentioned that the boards are identical. I noticed that the A6 has two cable for the display. Can you tell me how the cables are connected? I bought spare LCD display 12864 hoping to connect it to my A8 but it did not come with instruction from GB.

Roger Williams says:

Thanks! I got the A8, partially due to this video.

ajrd2000 says:

I want to make free prostheses for children with disabilities in my city. With this product can I manufacture durable prostheses?

Teo Rew says:

hello dude, how many days it took the printer anet A6 to reach you?

TiMeJ34nD1T says:

Just started watching and already a little critic: the farb intensity is very high as one could see when you showed yourself,you look orange,and it doens’t look natural at all,maybe set it down on the camera? Going to watch the rest now,have a good day,hope it might help 😀


great video! what would you recommend for a 1st 3D printer? Anet A8 VS Anet A6 VS Tevo Tarantula? Both are good and have their own pros and cons. I appreciate you help! Thanks

peling точка ru says:


Arshdeep Thind says:

Can u also review the Anet a2?

JimmyDean1992 says:

So in regards to printing limitations. Can it print any design off of For example. Could it print this?

Dovydas Jacikas says:

Hello, thanks for great video. I would like to ask, you put link in your video description to “Tutorial for auto leveling”. Is autoleveling is necessary? What difference it would be without it? Will I get some discomfort without it when I will print some stuff? Thaks!

Marcelo Garcia says:


B Gomez says:

Anet A8, Anet A6 or Anet A2 (not the plus), what is the best?! Im really confused lol

Vinny van Gogh says:

All this sounds great and I am looking to buy a 3D printer….. I have one problem though Gearbest has a really bad reputation and literally dozens of review site are flowing over with complaints about bad quality, never arriving, parts missing, used items (returns?) being sent out etc,. Also – they are bad at refunds – dictating one accepts a issue a “store credit” which is their “Wallet”. Which forces a wait and buying again from the store. using their sister company EverBuying – I refused this and involved PayPal. So do you know any sellers in Australia??

Arshdeep Thind says:

Today I had to advertise a product at school for my subject “digital literacy” so I chose the Anet a6. Today was the first day I got this video project. I had to type a script. I knew exactly what to type for the project thanks this to your video. I just wanted to say thank you for making the videos, helped a lot 🙂
Btw I’m in grade 8 so I can’t buy the Anet A6 🙁

virtualogik says:

The whole video you say the A6 is better than the A8 … then at the end you say to buy the A8? Is this an error? Why? Can you make another video explaining why you actually recommend the A8 instead of the A6, because in this one, until the very end, you seem to recommend the A6 because of all its advantages on the A8 (except price and community).

RCLifeOn says:

I have now added subtitles to the video. I hope you will enjoy it!

Triumph Rider says:

I went with the A2, mostly because it was the only one I could get shipped to me in under 3 months lol.

I’m pretty excited. Any experiences with the A2?

Leon_airo says:

Do you know if the gcodes the same for both machines ?

Chris Manning says:

I don’t get it, there were hardware items that were better for the A6, but the A8 is better?

Arshdeep Thind says:

Today I had to advertise a product at school for my subject “digital literacy” so I chose the Anet a6. Today was the first day I got this video project. I had to type a script. I knew exactly what to type for the project thanks to your video. I just wanted to say thank you for making the videos, helped a lot 🙂
Btw I’m in grade 8 so I can’t buy the Anet A6 🙁

Mickxal says:

Do it help to put oil on the metal parts ? like engine oil ?

los piromaniakos says:

Have these 2 printer hot bed?

sonicwifi40 says:

“Minor thing, you won’t be using it too much”
What?! So you’re suggesting keeping loud PC on while 3D printing?
The only way to print without the PC connected is to create a GCODE and store it on MicroSD. And to choose that GCODE and start printing you *need* to use that interface

Arshdeep Thind says:

3 questions does the anet a6 have a problem telling the temp for the hated plate and nozzle? How much will the shipping be to ship to Canada? I found this link will it effect the price? The link is

Sem Fisher says:

Жаль я английский плохо знаю. Но основной смысл понятен.

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