3D Printer differences explained: FDM vs DLP vs SLA

How do the various types of 3D printers vary? What materials do they use? Which ones are best for detail? How hard is post processing? Which ones will try to kill me? All of these questions and much more are answered in this video!

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abhi josh says:

unable to print whats wrong please help , reference vidios ( VID 20180911 143207 )
(VID 20180910 172215 ) on you tube

ffxme says:

The problem with ABS fumes is not the smell, it’s that the fumes are carcinogenic.

DIY Everything says:

which printer is faster

Russell Gililland says:

Great video. Using a mic would greatly enhance the viewing experience.

Pennywise The dancing clown says:

I need help tomorrow I have to order a printer I want one to print figures and statues with but I dont have a garage or anywhere to use them can the resin one be used it a sealed room with a open window and which printer is the best for under 5,000

Hamish Davis says:

Was this an 11:45pm upload :((((((( i was gonna sleep

juan miguel guardia says:

thankio men, great video, now i know how to buy… slds. from Bolivia.

Asger Vestbjerg says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Christopher Franko says:

Thanks! I thnk im going to start with FDM then go to SLA later if i need to.

Mauro Segura says:

great video

Myth's Game says:

I could add in the comparison, the build size vs cost of device between these technologies

Lavux says:

As an artist, I want to print my sculpts to make my own figurines. I’dd rather have a printer I can put in my living room, but it seems resin based printing will give better results. Thoughts?

Dwain Morris says:


Tennessee State Fugitive Recovery says:

Very helpful, one recommendation? Your microphone…. Thanks again

Prince Persona says:

one of the best videos I’ve found so far.

Zachary Perkins says:

“Will they try to kill me”
um what

Rudi Alfian says:

If we print with Resin (DLP/SLA) for mouthpiece part, did it toxic?

frank2398 says:

This is a damn good video! Great job man!

Andrew May says:

The Wanhao is a lcd masked uv 3D printer, NOT DLP. DLP uses a DLP chip and not a lcd. Other than that, great video.

Chong Douglas says:

good video !!! but it would be better if you get a better mic or record system. your voice is so soft that i must use my earphones.

Alexandru Anghel says:

do something about that SOUNDDD !!!!

Vorpal Robotics, LLC says:

Great intro video! My first SLA printer is on the way and I didn’t realize I would need a post-print curing lamp and ultrasonic cleaning rig, so this has already helped me out.

Nelson Sanlez says:

Really good informative video!! Thank you!!

Mostafa Mohamed says:

can you do DIY SLA and DLP ?

David Brennan says:

have you ever done a comparison between DLP & Polyjet?

ThinkLearnSolve says:

SLA and DLP is the same thing, a laser can technically produce more accurate results as there are limitations to how small the micro mirrors can get, though with an optical system micro mirrors could get in the same ballpark

Satyasam108 says:

Thank’s for clearing this up. Great video. I have a question though.
How strong are the DLP prints compered to the FDM prints. I mean if you print engineering parts.

SUPERB! says:

On your right?

Gabriel Herrera says:

Very educational, thanks!

Elite Stomper says:

Very well done thanks for explaining this so well. I hit like and Subscribed hope to see more.

Zachary Perkins says:

About fdm printing: 0.1 mm is actually used more than 0.2
0.1 is more detailed (obviously) but is slower

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