You NEED to be printing your photos!! Here’s why..

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What’s up guys!! Have you ever wondered if you should be printing your own photos? Even sending them off to a lab? Not nearly as many people today are printing or sending away for prints – but they SHOULD BE! There are plenty of benefits when it comes to printing your own images that I think will make you a better photographer.

Hope you guys enjoy this epode, and I look forward to sending one of you guys a one of a kind original print!

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mattslaboratory says:

My Epson 1400 printer is almost 9 yrs old now. I keep it healthy by printing a 5×7, trying to get it right, about once a week. Having the prints around gives me ideas and I learn things. Eventually I’ve hit upon sneaking them into library books when I return them. By that means they go out into the world somewhere, or into a circular file. The prints look great off the screen, where they belong.
Great work Peter.

meersonne83 says:

True! What is Eikiah?

Olivier Grascoeur says:

Message well received by apparently: they even claim @2:00 on that printing your photos and deleting them from the cloud will help save the environment… Couldn’t help but noticing the famous forearm and the trademark coffee cup in the background !!!

Paul Christopher says:

Honestly I would hang the print in my room. As I aspire to make money from my own work, I love to admire and learn from those that are further on the path than I am. Learning from their work through tutorials or even just studying the image itself to learn what I can do differently!

Aleksandar Popovic says:

I’ve spend a long time researching into earn money with pictures then we discovered a great resource at Hartlyn photo pro (google it if you’re interested)

Alan Heffry says:


lulu mink says:

8:20 Peter you are crazy but I absolutely like your craziness!!!

Nkosenye Sikhakhane says:

What the name of that paper peter uses to print he pictures? Pls help I need to know

fc281 says:

print and give away! I love it.

Shubham Som Gupta says:

I know I am late, but I would have hanged in bathroom. Think about it. How much thought will be put in it about it every day by every member of the house.

DJ Loqutis says:

Hi Peter I have learn more from watching your videos then any other Instructor on the net. Its the way you take time and patience to show your stuff and its really good. Thank you from DJ. Loqutis Great Stuff man

VAHALLA94 says:

Pete i’ll love that picture on my wall in front of my desk, to remind me to keep working hard just like you bro. Thanks for the great content.

samadrita deb says:

Peter I request one picture signed by you as my inspiration. Hope to get one 🙂

devtank says:

The darkroom was a chore. I use a color laser printer for everything up until something special comes along then I send away to a lab.

Agent Ash says:

I need that print

Brandon Sallinger says:

That eagle skit had to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Jesus christ.

Seattle the Great says:

I want to put it in my office! It has completely blank walls.

Manoj N says:

I want it cause it’s beautiful and I will hang it in my 90 years old grandmothers room

Zac William Vaughn says:

I recommend CG Pro Prints for canvas. They are absolutely amazing. Could not be more happy with the 48″x36″ photo I just had printed. Seriously will never buy canvas prints from anywhere else. Cheaper than any of my 6 local shops, and far superior quality!

Austin Smith says:

That photo is beautiful. I’ve been watching your channel for the past couple of months, and have been loving it. I would love to hang that up in my living room to inspire me to travel, and take my own photos. I only have phone to take pictures, but I will be trying some of the techniques I’ve been learning here to make them awesome!

Agent Ash says:

Once i reach Canada,,,then you are mandatory

Yevhenii Nikiforov says:

You are so right! Keep huge Like from me!

Peter McKinnon says:

Home printing? Or Lab printing? Why?!

isabel de tovar says:

i´m so happy to find you un youtube!!! and find someone who’s inspiring and share your energy…..! please continue!!!!! 😀

The Concept Center says:

Man, your videos are pretty inspirational. Nice work!

Michael Mcgee says:

Although I don’t do my printing I do go to either Eckerd Drugs, wall greens or Wallmart or c.v. pharmacy to print my photos I also burn my photos on DVD and Blu ray disc for back up, like the original film negative. I use a Fuji SLR camera with an sd card.the smartphone may break down and you will lose your memories protect your picture in many ways.Eastman Kodaks documentary on the age of digital was just denying printing photos, why.They are greedy corporations since the death of Eastman and deregulations, they are trying to push pure digital for the greedy big tax cheating profit. Don’t trust corporate control documentaries on present products.They don’t look out for the consumer, but themselves.

Michael Mcgee says:

My favorite beer too except I like tall cans.

James James says:

I love it

Joseph Ramirez says:

What printer was that??

Krissy Kaotic says:

I miss using a dark room so much. I am also super guilty of not printing my photos. Something I need to do, because having a physical portfolio I can touch is a great feeling I tend to forget about.

Cesar Felix says:

You have helped me in so many ways to be true to myself and believe in myself to get out there and create. Whenever I get stuck or want to bring something to life I go right to your page and watch you do your work. Your personality and creative ideas get me out of it. So I would put that painting right about my computer where I edit and create so whenever I need inspiration I just have to look at it and know I can do it!

Michael Mcgee says:

photography makes me feel alive, the way the way gambling makes a gambler feel alive.

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