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Epson EcoTank ET-7750 Refillable Ink Tank Wi-Fi A3 Photo Printer Review

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Nynek says:

What model u use for eco print?

Voornaam Achternaam says:

Dave you are naughty boy! Did you look at techmoan’s review from three days ago? Copy paste!!!! Just joking,great review!!!!

Nildo Scoop says:

Epson has some serious issues with their printheads. Had two different Epson printers and both had printheads issues. Never ever buy an Epson again. Canon is in a different league.

onirata says:

Hello! Excellent video! You helped me a lot! Thanks! Do you know if this printer actually prints heavy weight papers (300gr) as it claims in the specs of the epson web page. Thanks again! 🙂

Keepingthefaith72 says:

Great review , Ive been using a Samsung laser printer for the last 5 years . Because I was fed up with being ripped off with the price of ink cartridges , Although its great for day to day documents printing photo`s isnt its best point . So Im very tempted with this Epsom ET-7750 ,Thanks again for a great review …..

Andrew Scott says:

Nice information, but I would have liked to see a live demo of the printer. I want to see what kind of a mechanical dance it does when you turn it on and power it down (my HP is terrible for this ink wasting yeeeeeerrtt chug chug yeaaarrrrrrgh chug chug click ruuuuuugggh etc. for two minutes). I wanted to see in real time the paper feed, speed and print process. You also need to discuss running costs, what about the maintenance box, do we need to use dedicated Epson paper or are the results good with generic glossy photo paper?

Elvst says:

another awesome video from dave. happy to be a subscriber. love this printer until i saw the price.

Anton Brånby says:

How does this printer do when matched against printers like the Canon Pixma G-series? They too use the “tank” tech, and is supposed to be great photo printers as well.

Peter Coleman says:

I have been using this printer for a few months now and i must say
it is the best printer i have ever used.
I have been using Epson high end printers for years now and this one is the best.
Build, sharpness,color and performance second to none.

dalriada842 says:

I have the A4/Letter ET-7700 version of this printer. Mine doesn’t have the ability to raise the scanner lid higher to accommodate books unless I’m doing it wrong! Is there some sort of catch that needs to be released? You didn’t mention how easy it is to pour the ink in without creating a mess. It’s idiot proof in that regard, unlike earlier incarnations of their inktank printers.

bee.em. pee says:

Thank you, Dave. This is a timely review as I have been searching for an ink-efficient printer. Regards, bmp

Darren Gator says:

Epson does make some really good printers, this one looks really good. Seems like it would be a great printer for every day use. Excellent video Dave.

pazuso says:

It claims 9000 color (letter size I assume) pages. You think it’s realistic that it can print about 3000 A3 full-page photos?

Would it also render my monochrome laser printer useless (because it’s now cheaper to print with an ink tank than a toner)?

Xmanyum says:

Hi, is it automatic duplex or manual? What is the highest paper weight it handles in duplex mode? 300gsm?

Jack Mountain says:

Eco printing has been in Thailand for 15 years, because most Thai people can not continue to buy ink cartridges.

stefanmaass says:

There seems to be some confusion whether the Printer is able to print Photos in A3 format onto Photopaper(glossy or semi glossy) or just normal Paper. Some Videoes here state this is not possible, whereas Epson claims on their Homepage (germany) Photoprints up to A3 to be possible. I don’t suppoose there is a difference from country to country? Could you please comment on that. Thank you.

Nikos Polichroniadis says:

Very nice video Dave! I always enjoy your reviews.
Regarding your experience with printers, do you believe that if someone prints photos twice a month is enough for the nozzles NOT to clog?
Have a nice week!

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