SnapChick’s Rules for Printing / Canon Selphy CP910 Review Check out the Canon Selphy CP 910 photo printer here!


Jon worthen says:

looks like a good printer ,,, thanks 

Angel Garcia says:

Excelente Impresora !!! me enamore de ella!!!
Excelent printer i love it

Tks for the video

Winston S says:

i have a question, i cant decide between keeping my d3100, or trade it for d90 without built in flash, or d200 with 2 battery and battery grip. any recomendation?

Damian B says:

Would it work for a Nikon D3200?

SclohOne says:

It’s strange, but when I had my Canon 3000n film SLR I took about 2 rolls a month and when the prints were processed, I would genuinely only dislike 3 or 4 shots. Since getting my 5Dm1 I would take hundreds of photos at any outings or events and there would be maybe 1 or 2 that I would like and think was worthy of printing. I got 25 free 4×6 plus 4 8×10 prints a month for 12 months when I bought the dSLR body, but near the end I was finding it hard to find shots I actually wanted to print and ended up printing the photos my dad took on a small point and shoot of his highschool reunion in Malaysia (which he took back with him again a few years later and found handing around the 8×10’s infinitely more rewarding than on the back of his camera or via email). Once that 12months was over I rarely printed anything after that other than for a birthday present where we photoshop’d all our faces onto a Buffy the vampire slayer cast photo. I’m not 100% sure but for me it feels like there are a multitude of factors generally pushing people away from paper prints, both intentional and coincidental. For now I’m sticking to purely digital, but one of these printers like the Selphy might sway me back to print those few that I like. Thanks for the video. Keep up the awesome work!

Alastair Davey says:

Hi there, what do you think about the fujifilm instax share SP-1 printer?  It prints out credit card sized prints and works wirelessly.

Thirtyfive Mills says:

do a epson picturemate charm pm 225 review next.

Keri Jones says:

Hi, do you know how to clean the print head on this printer? I keep getting blue marks on my photos 🙁

chasjm21 says:

Already missing shirty Pentax chick.

I'm Point says:

Hilarious! Cheers for the review.

Suroto Mangun Suwito says:

ooks like a good printer ,,, thanks

tambourini says:

I mail prints to family and give some to friends.  Also, I make greeting cards and bookmarks with prints.

Benjamin H says:

Really enjoy the way you talk quick but get in to the point and I think I am a bit old fashion as well…:-)

Chante Blue says:

would you suggest using this printer for a diy photo booth for my wedding??

Kntryhart says:

Did I miss something?  Where was the review of the printer?

M Poole says:

I shoot mostly digital.I don’t print as much as i used to.I still enjoy sometimes running film through my old cameras.There’s just something cool about taking out an antique camera and using it.

R Acenag says:

Any thoughts on getting the best color out of it? Mine always look a little flat.

Yolanda Wilkerson says:

What app do you use?

Gary Lum says:

Thanks +TheSnapChick I don’t have a home printer for photographs so for special prints I’ll use printing service centre. Family, especially older members really appreciate receiving something they can hold or hang or put on a stand on a table. 

Steven Redacted says:

Is the CP910 still worth getting? As it’s really hard for some reason to justify it, but I can see it removing some of my hassles of going to Walgreens to get prints in the smaller size. I have the the MG 6120 from Canon for printing out most of the pictures in a larger 8 x 11 size. I actually never printed out something that that smaller size format by myself.

Byron Charles says:

great vid i was feeling the same way, i need to print my art

Jasmine Howell says:

What is the paper you use for this printer called, I need the exact name?

Cheryl Pollan says:

I don’t print as much as I used to, but I still love to do it, especially when doing scrapbooks. I’m working on three different scrapbooks right now, so I’m working through all of my digital prints to figure out which ones to print.

Valerie N says:

I have a question. Will this printer be a good fit for an outdoor tourist photo service? I would love to offer instant prints to the clients instead of taking their emails and then sending them either the digital or printed photos later on. I have Canon 60D and while anticipating this summer season I was thinking how practical this device could be in the field… do I have to plug in my cam every time to print a photo? Or insert my SD card after every shot?


GeoJake says:

I got my first DSL in ’07 and only printed for the first time this year, portraits of friends and family. I passed them around and it made everyone really happy, even emotional in some cases! I’m definitely going to print more in the future. I don’t know if I’ll invest in a printer though, online printing is so cheap! Less than 20€ for around 100 standard size prints.

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