Selphy cp 1200 Photo Printer Review

Many of you have asked for me to give a review of my Selphy Photo Printer. I hope this will help you to see how easy it is. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to ask and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Canon Selphy Printer

Paper and Ink for Selphy Printer

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Jachira Soto says:

How does this printer work ? is it through wifi ? is it compatible with iOS 10.2 ?

crabby fatty says:

i have a question i have that same canon selphy 1200 but everytime i print my pictures,my pictures have straight line on the top i dont know if thats normal or not

Enosh Yeluchuri says:

How much does it cost to print a 4×6 photo?

Jodi Saladino says:

Oh…time to save up… I want one!!!! tfs !!! xoxox Oooooo its $104 on amazon right now!!! Eeek

Katie Mammone says:

You sold this for me! I am buying one today!

Enosh Yeluchuri says:

How much does it cost to print a 4×6 photo?

Gerard Boswijk says:

Look out for scratches in tyhe foto!! i have the third CP1200 in three weeks now and the foto’s have scraches when they come out the printer. I called Canon for help but they would not help me. I said in would like to send them a foto so they could see it but that would not be possible. Bad service…..

Kenneth Glennon says:

Why cant a photo that was downloaded from Facebook print to the Selphy CP1200? Theres a “?” on the pic & it just doesn’t print. It’s a JPG file just as all the other pics that I have saved are.  Thank you

Shirley Watts says:

I just bought one also and I love it, gives me a whole new meaning for my journaling. Great review!

Mazlan Ujang says:

love the accent…

C. Smith Upschick says:

Really cool!!

bailbelle says:

Suzanne, per the specs I would get 104 4×6 photos from one kit? Have a grandchild coming next month so want to be ready Thanks in Advance.

denise clark says:

Great review! I’ve been doing research on what type of easy small photo printer and I’m def getting this. So much more cost efficient and better picture quality than the others on the market. Thank you!

Donna Doverspike says:

Thank you for sharing. I need to get one I would love to be able to put pictures in my planner.

Linda Gardellini says:

I have a Selphy I got for my birthday last year and I LOVE it!! 🙂

Hmaa sailo says:

What is the largest size printed by selphy printer?

Paul Edwards says:

Just purchased following your video, thank you.

luther matheus says:

thx for review,
how many second print for 1 papper 4R ?? thx a lot


thank you !

Bogdan Oprea says:

cp910 or cp1200?
need help please

Julian The First says:

Your “wafa” ? Lol. Love it

Java and Jingerbread says:

I seriously want that. Great review!!!

Suzy Carney says:

I can’t get my IPad to hook up to it, any suggestions?

Stefan Stopko says:

I love the way you say WiFi. 😉

Susan Holden says:

Thank you for this!  And your accent reminds me of my homeland.  You must be in Georgia.  🙂  I’m in Texas now but it’s a different kind of southern accent here.

Mark Berger says:

will this do passport pictures?

Authors Unknown says:

you are my hero!!! I have spent the better part of a day trying to get the 2×3 to print on the 4×6 and you just showed me how thank goodness I was wasting a lot of photo paper and ink thank you thank you now I can enjoy my birthday gift to my self

Everyday Awesome TV says:

I love it! It has been on my wishlist and I already decided to buy one this week!

Douglas SPRINGALL says:

I just love that accenr

acreativechristian says:

Great review! Thanks for the very useful information.

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