REVIEW: Prynt Pocket iPhone Zink Printer

A review of the Prynt Pocket – A portable photo printer for the iPhone. It can be purchased from Amazon
Manufacturer’s website:

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Andrew Gwilliam says:

He he heh, the puppets were especially spot on this time! And I say that as an Android user. I think some people want to feel better about themselves by sneering at other people’s choices.

Steve Gates says:

Can you believe just 10 years ago Phones where just for calling and text?

Captain1diot says:

Love the outro video.

ACombineSoldier says:

11:55 a glitch in the matrix

J Jaye says:

I *love* the skits at the end.

Free Saxon says:

Definitely a niche device, a sort of Polaroid add on, would prefer a proper larger sized better quality printer myself, but it will amuse many folks
The Muppets ( Fred the Muppet ) proves why the average citizens reasoning powers don’t qualify them to vote.
Anyway the politicians are all the same .

johneygd says:

This is an absolute incredible app and sink printer system.

That the sink printed images looks a bit blueish & orange may has to do with the type of inkt inside the paper,but you should apply filters to those photos before printing out,by making the red more reddish and green more greenish, this should rectifie the print quality of your photo’s.

That recording a video feature and then print out the first picture of that video and scan that printed image to apply video on top of based on pattern recognition works and is exciting but it’s more to be a gimmick.

X says:

This is a Techmoan.

*picture of Techmoan*

It serves technology.

100percent Dutchbeef says:

The LG zink photo paper is much cheaper and much better!! All you do is swap out the blue card, I use the LG paper in my polaroid snap and the results are much better.

Carson King says:

Looks like shit and prints like shit, it’s shit.

1sonyzz says:

Im having the Polaroid PoGo and since 2015 i have Polaroid ZIP

vintagecoinop says:

That puppet skit was the best. Better then The printer. As always another stellar video by the king of a tech. Thanks Techmoan.

TheJoebus666 says:

Would it not be possible to compensate for the blue tint by colour correcting the image in software before it’s sent to the printer?

mike jones says:

Wow thats pretty good for a little printer, I was expecting gameboy printer quality.

This is a bus.
It serves food.

MrLandster says:

how does zinc compare to a dye sub printer like the selphy 1200? the resolution of the prints you showed looked horrible

DarwinsChihuahua says:

Woohoo! I was hoping there would be puppets!

XSportSeeker says:

YAY, puppets! Nevermind the haters, bring the puppets on Mat!
I’m always curious about this Zero ink thing, but really, I have no use for it. 😛 Just like my ancient Polaroid which I bought and never took a single photo worth keeping. Oh well. Not gonna spend money to take prints of my ugly mug and foot or whatever.

For Android, the ones who should be thinking about stuff like this is Motorola, I guess Essencial phone now, and whatever other modular design thinguies there are out there… that ridiculous Red phone though I highly doubt they’d do something like this. xD Those connector pins on the Red… Hydrogen One are probably only to connect to some ultra expensive camera of theirs to act as secondary monitor.

Very few modules I can think that’s worth getting, but a printer would definitely be an interesting one. Piss poor tiny projector? Nah. Speakers? Bluetooth speakers will always sound better. Gamepad module? Perhaps for some emulation and very few smartphone games… since it depends on devs making games with support for it. 3D camera? The novelty drains fast, and independent 3D cameras will always produce better results at lower prices independently. That Hasselblad camera mod? What a joke… the native camera is better, the only advantage of the mod is zoom at lower quality. Battery extension? Well, I guess it serves as a replaceable battery functionality… but at the cost of having poor native battery life, which isn’t great.

Mogi says:

Oh, right, I don’t use smart phone. I prefer the 4-month standby time of Philip dumb phone. I hate worrying about charging devices.

Chris D says:

Consumer reports buys all the cars they test…. 😉

phillipesantos says:

The muppets were specially funny this time, lol

Maxwelhse says:

I came hear to see unknown German hi-fi equipment!

jmtnvalley says:

The paper reminds me of business cards. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a printer make a completely color compatible picture from the camera/computer/phone. Thanks for the review. Unfortunately I don’t use Apple products (except for one very ancient iPod).

whiz 85 says:

I’m not one of those FUCKING SHEEP that use an IPhone, oh no siree. I only use a 99 cent Chinese smart device that runs my own OS. I would use it to watch videos and send messages if it didn’t keep crashing all the time.

Everything Cool says:

can someone replie to this can you see this

Mark Garth says:

Baaaa Baaaa 🙂

nakedzen says:

I’d hazard a guess that the colors are off because the camera takes images in RGB but the printer uses CMYK.

If_Only_I_Knew_Why says:

Hey um… Could you post a link to the bus meme picture? Asking for a friend…

nevet1212 says:

Great video as always

Niklas Nyborg says:

Why is there a key icon printed out?

dadautube says:

well, although not so good at what it’s supposed to do, still very good as a really good iPhone ‘holder’ at last for regular photography and video applications at least … all other options i have tried aren’t as good as this one … i may get this if i could afford it …

LimpingMonkey says:

Nowt wrong with your video sir.
Products a total gimick, reminds me of those printers we were all meant to use on the kodak’s easyshares.
£150 ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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