Review of my Canon Selphy Photo Printer

Matthew got me a Canon Selphy for my birthday and I LOVE it! It is changing my memory keeping game plan! Here is my review of this product.

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Maranda Raven says:

I love this. I have put it in my cart to make sure i get one. Awesome review and just love your videos.

Carmen Ponce says:

Did you purchase the protection plan for the item? Yes, android has something like that, its PHOTOGRID. I might get it using my tutoring $!!! Instead of using a memory planner, I tried adding pictures to my personal/school planner.

Alison Wade says:

I want one. Cute paper tray. Ali x

Vera M says:

Love it, thanks for sharing.

Freda Henderson says:

Pic Stitch is another good app to use with the Selphy

Shivani Ava says:

This is so helpful!! I had to come watch it because you inspired me to order a selphy!! I’m so excited for it to come!!!

Geri Redlinger says:

Awesome! I’ve been curious about this. I’m sure it’s more than using Walgreens. But, I’m sure the convenience & not having to use gas or time to get your photos, offsets the expense.

Megan Holcombe says:

Can you post a picture of what the app looks like? I can’t find the one that lets me choose the picture size.

Dana K. says:

Printing this way, do your final pictures fit the big HP or the classic? Also, how much are the ink cartridges for that? I’m about to start my first memory planner

Anika Chestnut says:

I love my Canon Selphy

A G says:

I have this, a Sprocket & Polaroid but I have to say that I love the Sprocket the best. It’s fast, portable, great image quality and no ink cartridges!!!

Glenda Rosa says:

How’s the image quality? I love my sprocket but on some pictures the quality is horrible.

Robin Lee Hatcher says:

Heather, I’ve had the same Canon Selphy for about a year. Love it. I use the PicFrame app on my iPhone to make my collages. No ads so maybe it is a paid version instead of a free one. Anyway, I can back up and change (i.e. from four to five photos) without closing out of the app. And the Canon printer app works great, but you do have to switch your WiFi from your own to the Canon WiFi, so printing directly from the Photo app on your iPhone is actually easier.

Kelly P says:

What is the price comparison with how you use to print? I think you had said it cost you a couple dollars a week for pictures at like Walgreen’s or somewhere. Just curious.

Simply Adia says:

For Android Users, you can use Project Life or Photogrid. They have the same layouts. 🙂 I’m going to see if this goes on sale for Prime Day. Lol great review!

Yvonne Astill Pennington says:

Looks like it would be amazing for printing on the go but more expensive than a good home printer.

Fran Lynch says:

I just got mine this week for my birthday too! Thank you so much, very helpful

Karen Ughoc says:

I have this. have not use it. So glade you are doing this,

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