Review: HP Sprocket Photo Printer

I picked up this HP Sprocket photo printer a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been having SO much fun playing with it! Thought you all might like to see a thorough set-up and review 🙂 Enjoy!

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HP Sprocket Photo Printer:

HP Zink Photo Paper:

Carrying Case:

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SunflowersMakeMeHappy says:

Save your blue card. You may need it with other paper brands. That’s how I got my Zip to work with other paper.

Liliana says:

SOLD! and great for a gift. 🙂

Anouk de Jonge says:

Those pictures really are adorable, so cute and small. I’m sad it’s so expensive (well actually I’m sad that I’m broke haha)

Mel S says:

I also have a photo printer, but I have to say, your brand seems to have a slightly better quality. Nevertheless, I love to use it in my bulletjournal! It’s so much fun to add some memorable photos 🙂

Claire Mills says:

Been thinking about buying this and this review made me want it even more! It’s so easy to use and looks high quality!


Is there ink cartilage in it ?? What its capacity to print…

Jennifer O says:

Wow, did not know this existed. We are headed next week on a cross-country trip from Maryland to California and I bought an instax camera for my 9 and 13-year-old to journal our trip with. Now I’m thinking this may be another idea for better quality pictures. Thank you for the review!

ibyl says:

I was just thinking about buying a Polaroid but I like this sprocket printer. I didn’t even know it existed. Thanks!

Karen L says:

Holy Crap! You post this today, and I stumbled upon it today. Must be in the cards for me to get this!

Vanessa Langsfeld says:

I just want to say thank you for this video. I was really wanting this to replace my Wasabi that broke on me and I’m glad to see the paper is exactly the same so I’m ready! That was the one factor that was holding me back. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Michelle Brown says:

Does it say what the life expectancy is of the pictures?

Mountain Mama says:

So cool!!

Sarah Churchwell says:

Awesome, I just purchased the exact same printer, case and paper packet last week. I’ve been loving it. Glad to see you love it too!

Marianne Sarnecki says:

I use Polaroid Zinx paper and am very happy with it. But at first Sprocket rejected it. I needed to turn the Sprocket off, then on again so that the different paper could be recognized. For collages and other cute effects I use the LAYOUT app on my iPad. My granddaughters love that Gramma can make stickers!

Hey Its Angharad says:

been wanting one for so long

Rubana Choudhury Syed says:

Can you print 2 pictures onto one 2×3 sheet? Thanks for this review! It’s going on my 40th birthday wishlist 🙂

Phyllis Johnson says:

Thanks for another great video! Getting ready to take a trip in two weeks and just ordered it so I can journal and print during my trip!!!! You answered every question I had!!

TheCreativeARTofSelfCare says:

Thanks for this great review. I had been leaning toward the Polaroid until I watched this. You mentioned you had researched for awhile – what made you finally decide on the Sprocket? Thanks again.

Connie Porter says:

Take my money….

Hairyfrankfurt says:

Your puppy is adorable!

Emiliavg Villegas says:


Shawnie Hendrix says:

So love your channel & I’m blown away by this review! I have the same sprocket and the exact same case! I love it so much I just got my Mama one for her birthday June 2!!! She loves printing pics of family and adding them to her Bible art journaling! NOTE: you can use the Polaroid Zink paper, (I have done it successfully!) but BE SURE TO keep one of the blue cards from your HP Zink paper to use to align whatever paper you use! Have fun with your new toy! Another fun tip: I love using my fancy corner paper punch to make the pics even more fancy!!!

Kaja West says:

I had such a giggle attack when the blue paper trolled you XD

Jessica Koning says:

It’s like you read minds! I was just going through reviews of different pocket printers and I had sort of decided to add the Sprocket to my wishlist when your video popped up! 😀 thanks so much for this video!

Leia M says:

I have been thinking about getting this one myself. I love that you don’t have to buy ink. Do you know if you can do 2 pictures on 1 paper printout?

Maria Bonis says:

I have a Polaroid Zip and got some HP paper when it was on sale. Can’t tell the difference between them really. Only thing I want to say: when I put the HP pack in and it scanned the barcode, it did not want to print as ‘paper was incompatible’. I put one of the Polaroid blue barcode pieces of paper and then put the HP paper in and it printed fine. I stopped putting in the barcode piece ever since and it prints without problem. I don’t know if the Sprocket one will react the same, but it might, so keep one of your barcodes from the HP paper if you want to try any other types.

supernovagirl says:

what is the difference between this HP and the polaroid printer? why did you go with HP printer instead?

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