REVIEW Epson XP-630 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier C11CE79201

REVIEW Epson XP-630 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner & Copier C11CE79201


Robert Garcia says:

what brand of disc was that?

adrianapaulista says:

Thanks for the video, Epson video was very lacking.

Lee Dingee says:

Thank you, you solved my printing problem. Nowhere in the material that came with printer did it tell me I had to open that top drawer. Lots of useful tips in your video

William Todd says:

I like mine, but the ink is ridiculously priced rendering the printer useless to me. So I went back to the laserjet and impact printer. The hell with $100+ ink cartridges that are only about 1/2 full if you are lucky.

The printability on CD’s is great, the dedicated photo tray is really nice as well, just ink cost renders the printer a horrible solution for many people.

Most printers print in page numerical order, this isn’t a problem, its completely normal. There’s a way to change the setting though if you don’t like it, other’s have mentioned how to change it. Also, this printer will print in duplex mode as well automatically if you set the printer to do so…that’s nice but I wish printer companies would worry about saving ink rather than paper. The printer will NOT print black only if the other ink cartridges are empty…another huge negative for this printer. My HP portable will print black or color only if one cartridge is empty….at least it allows you to continue your printing tasks unlike most printers today.

Axel Rodrigues says:

thank you

U2 boy says:

Scanning tip. If you touch and drag the two black markers (located in the upper left and lower right of the scan area) to crop your first scan and hit the scan button again, you’ll get a perfect full size image with no border.

Dean H says:

Thank you for the review it helped my out a lot.

Gray Anderson says:

You don’t need to take off the back.

Jane Dowe says:

I need help with this cuz I just got my friend today and they want to charge me $130 to send a technician to my house a couple minutes I said hell no I got a laptop computer and a TV and the house which is like internet and I need to get this printer running before the 16th and they’re talking about somebody, and see what is the problem or help I said I just can’t figure out the paper part I put the paper and nothing is coming out right at all and hopefully this will help me if you can help me please let me know I got a headache I’ve been trying to get this together for a couple hours now

blakat9188 says:

how is this printer holding up? Does the ink last a fair amount of time? I will mainly be using the scanner and dvd printing function.

Jennifer Mitchell says:

There should be a “Reverse Order” check box somewhere so you can print them out the way you want.

Bill Holder says:

When ready to Print, Select Print, then under the XP-380 Printer select he “Printer Properties”. A new screen will pop up, look in the lower right corner as one should see “Reverse Order”, place a check mark on it.
Now you print in reverse order. Hope this helps.

Tommy McDonell says:

Thank you so much. I could not figure out how to or where the printing tray was at all. Wifi setting up is a snap but not the tray !

JayliiGotMilk says:

could this work for t-shirts? heat transfer paper?

RomoDrummer says:

Now they have the XP 820 and 830 where you can eject and insert the tray automatically by just pressing a button on the screen. I just bough a refurbished XP830 on amazon for $104. plus tax and shipping it was $111 the retail price is $199. regular price on amazon is $129

alex nwangwu says:


ilaphroaig says:

Nice review, thank you. But what i more liked was your watch. With that nice colorful display/dail. What dail is that?

Philip Gardner says:

Thank you! You just saved me a lot of fiddling around finding out things by trial and error – the instruction manual is not nearly as easy to follow as your explanations.

Jim May says:

how in the world do you print a single envelope with the XP 640 printer ? Need help

Peter Karel Kraus says:

How is the photo scan quality? Is the difference from the original easily noticeable?

Rachel Magowan says:

for $79 at target this printer is a great deal!

Peter Tenev says:

It was helpful,thanks

Bill Holder says:

Looking at YouTube video titled “How to Print CD/DVD Labels Using PC (Epson XP-720,XP-820,XP-860,XP-950,XP-710,XP-810)NPD5115” it appears one does not remove the rear panel for the purpose of CD/DVD printing.

EJ Castor says:

It really is an awesome and convenient-to-use printer. However, the ink is expensive and and has to be replaced frequently.

Maureen Gleeson says:

Really unhappy with this printer. Very, very slow. Also main problem is says t=it needs a new cartridge and has so much ink still left in it.

Curves4Days says:

I want to buy this printer and I wanted to ask is this a good printer I have a epson xp300 and I love it so I hope this one I would love to

Rachel Magowan says:

thanks for the great video. we just got this printer and we love it! prints beautiful photos quickly!

MmmmPiePants says:

Phone battery at 16%… you are playing with fire good sir.

U2 boy says:

Try the Epson brand glossy photo paper if you haven’t WOW

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