Hi guys,

So excited to show you this new Polaroid product from Tomy!

No WiFi, battery, app or Bluetooth this products uses the pin hole camera effect to create your Polaroid’s

KIIPIX – https://rstyle.me/n/dchdnkcgtz7
Film – https://rstyle.me/n/dchdpxcgtz7

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Eperdemic sounds


Mia Louise says:

Are there any tips to make the pictures clearer,mine came out too bright

Oleksandra Bolotska says:

Every time I do a Polaroid I get strips onto it, do you probably know what can help against it?

Carolinafinn says:

can u do like a tutorial or a tips video to shoot with a phone? for all of us who is the only thing we have to take pics *insert laughing crying face and crying face*

Angie Taylor says:

Love this!

Grace X says:

Does it matter if the screen is cracked ???

Johara Phillip says:

We have the same pop socket

Jomo says:

need one

heidi jean says:

does this work with an ipod touch?

CrAvEd SoMeBoDy says:

It’s Pronounced *Key-Pics* like pics how we abbreviate pictures

Tessa and Gracie says:

Ok so does the sticky part dry?

Thaak V says:

Rebecca uno for the double exposure if you decrease the lighting on your phone I think the portrait would come clearer but the background would be still there
But such a good video I was thinking whether if I should buy it but I’m defo gonna buy it now


Do you have buy your own film in then

Julia Ruth vlogs says:

I got that today amd it doesnt work the pictures turn out dark and the edges are black

Love Tia says:

This looks amazing

Kayleemarie1430 says:

This is the coolest thing ever! Definitely buying one with my christmas money 🙂

Hester M says:

Do you need an Iphone for this?

Dave the Uber Slave says:

Bye Felicia was funny

Karia Dvorak says:

Does having a crack in your phone screen effect it?

Dmitriy Fedorov says:

Better get Instax share printer

xXSimply BlondeXx says:

To much work and use the fujifilm photo printer way better

Amanda Lee says:

If you hit the shutter twice on the same image would that make it look any more vibrant (less like it was an old image)?

Tifa Magalogo says:

Hi Rebecca! I’m thinking of getting one because I’m obsessed with Polaroid pictures. But I’m wondering if it works with an iPod 6 since it’s smaller than most.

E t z y says:

Hey!! I have a question . Would this work on an iPhone 8 Plus ?

Halima Chitbauhal says:

I want one

Aalisell says:

I just giggled at how excited about this printer you are…..you got me all excited as well. Never heard of this printer before so stoked that you had a video up on how it works because my mind when reading the product description could NOT comprehend how it worked……..so thanks for the video. I did enjoy it. But now I enjoy the idea of owning this neat little gadget. Also I agree not having to find another different type of film is amazing….plus instax tend to go on sale a lot more than any of the other film eg hp sproket

Lucia Fiero says:

wouldn’t you have to keep it still so that the photos don’t come out blurry? It seems you are careless with keeping the device still and yet the images are not blurry. Also how many photos per refill?

Lauren says:

Does the white sticky thing dry out? If so how does that affect it?

Holden Jones says:

Do you need to refill the ink? Or is it not that kind of printer. I got the Polaroid refill papers.

Alex Hamilton says:

My photos come out mostly brown and dull with very little colour, any ideas why this is??

Sky Liner says:

Will it works good with iphone plus?

tracy tian says:

Dear Rebecca,can you do review for wireless or camera for kids?

Akiko Fujishima says:

Tomy is pronounced “Toe me” 🙂 Thank you so much for your review.. I just saw an advert for this today and was hoping it wasn’t rubbish.. lol. I got so exited because I too am a Polaroid junkie! 😀 I was like “Squeeeee, I NEED that thing!!!” lol!

Annesha Adams says:

all the things u recommend are always so gooood!!

Artur Uljata says:

hello! Nice to see you!)

Billie Vanderpol says:

if u have a smashed screen, will the cracks show up on the photo ? xo

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