Polaroid SnapTouch Camera & Photo Printer Review

Thinking of buying a mini photo printer? The Polaroid SnapTouch is a compact camera AND printer that uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. But is the quality good, and what kind of photos do you get out of it? Watch to find out. Check out Part 1 of my mini series on photo/printing gadgets here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D5bBcPcVXw&t=139s
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Captain Oruene says:

Hi, the photos you used in comparison are not from the same scene , however the quality of print I think you are correct. Cheers

fawadalisoomro says:

awsome review, thumbs up!

Róbert Fekete says:

Quality in photography is not determined by the Megapixels of a Camera. The Sensor inside the camera is what makes a photo better or worse. Megapixels are just marketing. iPhones have pretty neat sensors so do Sony Smartphones this camera could have had 42 megapixels it would still suck.

MellMaryland says:

Thanks for the candid review. This is one of the best video reviews on the market for the Snap Touch, and tho it was helpful, I went with the Snap Touch anyway. I researched each instant camera on the market endlessly and it had come down to the Fuji 90 and the Fuji 50s originally, tho I liked the Snap. Also, the reviews on Amazon scared me away from the Snap. My teen daughter recently was gifted the Fuji 8 and while she likes it, the price of the film keeps her from taking pics. Lol

When I considered what I really like in an instant camera; I decided to try the basic Snap (no Touch) because it was inexpensive and I could get it from Walmart and return it if I did not like it. I chose to try this model for the following reasons: 1) Film was more affordable 2) It had an USB port 3) It has a Photo Booth mode. 4) The size was more compact. I was surprised at how much I liked it! 5) I like that the Polaroid Snap cameras do not take up space with a border, leaving more space for the pic itself for a larger snap. 6) I do not like the Fuji film technology, I prefer paper with the sticky. Some ppl may like the old school polaroid type film but to me; the new Zink printer paper is more durable and lighter.

Although I really liked the Snap, I decided I wanted to go up to the Snap Touch (which is both instant and digital) for its 1) LCD screen 2) BT connect ability 3) Phone App that allowed me to edit pics. 3) Ability to take a pic digitally and print it or trash it. Printing was not automatic and photos are stored digitally. I was also able to get the Touch on Craigslist brand new with two boxes of film for $99. Naturally, I took the basic Snap back to Walmart for a full refund as you have 30 days to return items. P.S. Check to find a Walmart that has the basic Snap camera in the bundle; it comes with a 8 gb micro SD card, neoprene case, both cameras come with 10 pieces of photo paper, so you can try it without the startup cost of buying film out the gate.

As an amateur photographer, I know the Neo is a better camera, but taking a pic is not just why I’m buying the camera (to add to my digital camera collection), I wanted a camera that appeals to me technology wise. Being able to take your pics off the camera and do more with them is a big plus to me. One con of the Snap Touch on my camera is sometimes when I print pics from my phone, they are not true in color and the camera can run warm when charging. For $99 it was worth it to me and I’m pleased with my purchase and its versatility. I think its sad that Fuji has not incorporated more technology in its newer cameras. So my advice to the techies out there is to get the Snap at Walmart or Best Buy (2 week return policy), try it and return it if you are not pleased. I just wanted the options and features unavailable in the Fuji instant cameras.

All that being said, I’m not above getting the Fuji 90 Neo too as I love the retro look, tho bulky. Lol

FYI: There are two new instant cameras coming out at the end of the year; the Polaroid Pop and the Fuji Square. Here is information on the Pop slated for $190 this third quarter of the year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5PL0iNvUO8. I could not find release video on the actually Square itself by Fuji to date. Square: http://instax.com/square/

Jr Brian Hogan says:

Nice and very useful review. The things that you mentioned in this video are the exact things useful for people that are considering to buy the camera. Thumbs up!

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