Mini Photo Printer Comparison | LG Pocket, Polaroid Zip, Kodak Mini Printer, Fujifilm, HP

A compare and contrast between the LG PoPo, Fujifilm Instax Share, HP Sprocket, Kodak Mini Printer & Polaroid Zip printers! Enjoy & please feel free to ask any questions down below!

★ Kodak Mini Mobile |

★ LG Pocket Photo3 PoPo |

★ HP Sprocket Portable Printer |

★ Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer |

★ Fujifilm Instax Share (edition 1) |

★ Fujifilm Instax Share (edition 2) |

★ Fujifilm Instax Film |

★ Instax Photo Album |

★ Polaroid Zip skins |

★ ZINK Zero Ink Mini Printer Paper |

★ Kodak Mini Mobile Printer Cartridge |

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Nancy Mccormick- jw says:

I’m glad I ordered the HP sprocket

robbret says:

I really liked everything about this review. I love the combination of your background music with the calm and composed way you talk. Almost soothing. Excellent work. Thanks.

C MACK says:

Can i send a photo straight to print to any of these mobile printers from my canon 5d mark iv wirelessly?

deardannielle says:

I just bought the Polaroid Zip and regretted it. I don’t know is it bc of the new app?

GamerGrl90 says:

can I connect my camera to the printers via WiFi / Bluetooth?

Adam Chen says:

Do these run out of ink? How much are the ink cartridges?

Divina M says:

Thanks Nicole! I was interested in battery life each of the printers. How long before having to recharge them?

Ruqaiya Kothari says:

Thank You so much for doing this video.. i was so confused on which one to buy before this 🙂
My only doubt is arent the photos really small??

Lydia Richmond says:

So what do you do about ink for it and where would you get it???

rprmlr772 says:

What a great review! Thank you so much! 🙂

ExtravaGlam says:

Thank you so much for this video!!!

Saber Queef says:

so after trawling for an actually helpful review I found you. and my god qween did you deliver. I now know exactly what I’m buying and all the stress is gone. thank you x

Abby Ramirez says:

This video kind of reminds me of the girl with all her laptops for her messages lol but are these printers better than getting the Polaroid camera?

Mahmoud Saeed Radwan says:

Thanks A lot, helped me to choose the right fir for me

Mona Agnes says:

Hello,can you print here a magnet photo sheet?Or what is the best printer for it.Please help me.Thank you so much.

R.K Lidell says:

the LG looked like ti gave the best detail especially on the leaves ..

Tonya Gibbs says:

How many prints to do you get from the HP before the battery dies?  How many prints from the Kodak before the battery dies?

Lisa G says:

how are your experiences with the pictures fading? i just had a friend with one of the fujifilm ones fading after time… how about the other ones?

Adeline Black says:

Fuji films work better if they develop in the dark, that’s why it’s so bright since it’s exposed

The Secret Photographer says:

which app was this thanks

lovepacc88 says:

so the brand of Polaroid paper can work with da HP sprocket?

Lxswagieee says:

LOVE the vid

LeMarais88 says:

Thanks so much for doing this review. It was very helpful!

Hidden Talents says:

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I have been trying to choose a pocket printer and keep getting mired down in mixed reviews. Actually seeing them all together and watching them print, then seeing the finished product is wonderfully helpful!

Evelien _H says:

Amazing video, thank you for sharing!

Noor Khalid says:

Which one do you think I should get by the photo quality hp sprocket or the lg pocket?

Casimir D says:

Lots of love to you for doing these reviews! Best of luck 🙂

Lauren Hurst says:

I’ve been looking at some portable printers for some time and I wanted to get the polaroid zip only because it is offered on the Erin Condren website and lots of planner peeps use it. However, I feel like the HP Sprocket is far more superior to the Polaroid zip. Thanks for the informative video! I now know what to purchase!

I’m using my HP Sprocket for memory keeping in my Erin Condren planner 🙂

Mucklegipe says:

Thank you for sharing.

Adrianna Avila says:

Gahhh.. This is the best video!!! Thank you so much for the review, I was looking for a photo printer and this helped me a lot. I’ve had my eyes on the Sprocket and I’m sold. I had a quick question though, with the Zink Paper devices, are we able to use any brand as long as they are the Zink Paper or would you recommend that we stick to the brand of the device??

Thank you. 🙂

Shmulik Eilat says:

Great comparison, lots of printer. wish you can have a new one with the new printers versions like Instax sp2 and new LG

Kevi Tapi says:

I’ve been searching for the name of this song for ages!!!!!!

desertnut says:

Great review and video!

Lisa L says:

With the Fuji Instax you don’t have to worry about ink. What happens when the other printers run out of ink? Can you replace the ink cartridges  or do you have to buy a new one? How many pictures can you print before the ink runs out? I’m very interested in the Kodak.

noviannisa says:

what paper do you use?

Heather Griffin says:

Thank you, this was very informative!!

Ivan Babko says:

Thank you! Helped me pick the right one for me. Sprocket it is!

Cara Olson says:

Awesome and very thorough review of these printer options. Thanks! I had only known about the Polaroid ZIP and I’m so glad I learned about the HP Sprocket!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Pink Magic Ali says:

I have a polaroid zip I’m pretty happy with. I print the pics and put them in my journal to accompany my entries which work really well so the sticker paper is really cool for me. It’s really neat to see such a comprehensive comparison though and I’ll consider the others if I ever need to replace mine.

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