Printing with the Epson P600 has changed how I feel about maintaining a printer in my studio. The ease of use and professional results are simply fantastic. For the money you get pigment class printing in a simple package. This is probably my favorite piece of photography equipment to come out in the last few years.

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Wes56561 says:

This is like completely off topic as far as this video goes, but I really love the look of that table.


What paper did you use ?Or if anyone knows? What be much appreciated 🙂

plutoniumseller says:

More of this, please. Printing really doesn’t seem to be featured much in YT’s photo community.

olga Irizarry says:

could you explain about the icc profile, and how all work…

Casper van Donderen says:

This looks great! Very helpful.
I have an Epson 3880, which has a ‘terrible’ skewing problem (about 6mm on an A2) which makes me not print anymore. The repair center said the whole thing needed to be replaced to fix it properly. Have you had the change to use a P800 as well, and how did you like it?

Negative Slide Effects says:

I have binge watched your channel this evening. Everything from your oldest videos until now, and I must say you have made amazing progress. Keep up the good work!!!

Dawid Krysiak says:

500 GBP for a printer, 100 GBP for a set of inks…. Bloody expensive

Kindersama says:

In the Epson iPrint app, there is an option for borders for each pic you want to print (EpsonConnect or locally).

Hinavatune says:

Bought Epson P-607 half a year ago. Really loves it!

lvszab says:

Loved your BW prints too. Maybe you could show those next time! 🙂

Bruno Martelli says:

Hey Ted, thanks for the video. I did not find any Information about, that I can not print transparent Flim like “pictorico” on the Epson surecolor. Where did you get that information ? Why do you think it doesn’t work ?

Fadel Galal says:

Thanks much for the advice.

David Swift says:

Thanks for your time and comments. It’s gone a long way to help me choose a printer. The P-600 certainly seems the way for me to go. Much appreciated.

Kenneth Wu says:

What’s your opinion on using 3rd party inks and refills? According to some blogs 3rd party inks can prolong the life of your printer. Every time your printer inks get changed, your printer does a purge cycle. This uses inks, but also purges ink carts you didn’t change. That’s wasteful. The way around it is to use 3rd party inks.

So every time you do a change, you change out all your inks to fresh ones. They get purged, and the old ones get topped up. The upshot from all this is the printer only does one purge cycle per single cart change vs. purging multiple times on the unchanged set of inks when you do single cart changes. A lot less purges = less inks used = longer life.

What’s your thoughts on using 3rd party inks? I would use good 3rd party inks for longevity alone if it’s an inkjet you really like. Price is secondary for me.

abellia11214 says:

Thank you. Love your channel.

Richard Salamack says:

Great video, I will be getting into large format and am still looking into printers from Epson. Thanks

Hightower says:

I actually like the cluttered space, This feels more personal than the rustic brick look of your past videos.
I’m a fan of the multi camera set up!

Geoffrey says:

Thank you for all the good information. I am currently deciding between the P600 or the P800. I don’t think the extra $550.00 and the added cost for the ink is worth the 4″. From the 13″ to 17″ width. Now the tanks are much larger in the 800. 80ml compared to 25.9ml so the cost per ml is actually 63% cheaper for the 800 to operate so that had me thinking about it. But after watching you and watching a 800 review I think I will go with the 600. I to do a lot of B&W so getting a printer that gives a good result is important to me. Thanks.

Thomas A says:

Hi Ted,

I’m interested to print photo at home since i’m not satisfied by classical solutions (website, or cheap printers). I ask this week if a photography laboratory can print one of my pics. Its job was okay by the price a bit high for the result.
So I got several question after watching your video :
– What are main criteria to choose a printer (dpi, number of color, paper format) ? I don’t think size or speed are important …
– Do you know other good printers ?
– Why not by a cheaper printer ? Not something like 100$ but around 400$ ?
– How much do you estimate the price for a photo with this one ?
– How do you manage the different size of paper in your printer ? Do you use a paper roll ?

By the way, great videos, great pictures !

sei yoon says:

have you ever heard of octa print?? i heard there are some print makers using 8 diff black inks in one printer to make better detailed bw print…

wolfywho says:

I don’t think that is nit-picky at all. Borders are a basic option that should be there. Great video, Ted. Impressed with the print from the RX100 III! I hope you’re enjoying your new place.

Peter Jensen says:

Thank you for the videos and all the work that you do. I am always watching the videos and enjoy them. I learn something every time.

digitalsketchguy says:

How many full color A4 prints can you get with a full 9 cartridge set?

UltraMato says:

Ted, I really like your videos. But you aren’t really doing your work on this channel any credit when you are posting a ‘review’ of a printer which you have been given for free from Epson? This is actually a big deal and if it is really true that you are withholding this kind of crucial information, we as consumers can’t really take your opinions about these kind of products seriously.

Gheorghe Falcaru says:


onionkeeper says:

Hello Ted! Love your channel. I use either pictorico or permajet transparencies with the p600. I’ve had no problem with either. I got the printer primarily to make negatives for contact printing (mainly cyanotyping). I have not read anywhere that there should be a problem, most alt printers seem to go with epson. Perhaps you are thinking of uncoated, plain transparencies? I’ve tried some cheaper inkjet transparency media but wouldn’t recommend it, as they use a sticky surface to absorb the ink, which makes them attract dust and fingerprints.

Kyrylo Lobach says:

Great video Ted! Thanks!

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