HP Sprocket 100 | Prints Photos From your Smartphone

HP Sprocket 100 $129.99
Buy it here: http://amzn.to/2cwVTL9

10 Sheet Glossy Paper Pack: $9.99
Buy it Here: http://amzn.to/2cYBG2i

What’s up Everybody Dan here! Have you ever heard of the HP Sprocket?
Well for those of you who have not, the HP Sprocket is Bluetooth portable printing at it’s best.

This device will allow you to print 2X3” color photos in seconds from your IOS or Android Device. The Sprocket comes in 2 different colors…Black & White. If you’re ready to see this printer in Action then checkout today’s video.

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Thank you so much for watching and i will catch you in the next video!


Luz Moreno says:

love it .you got me into buying it.

Sin Dhu says:

Is it available in Malaysia ???

Jana Powers says:

will it take non hp zink paper?

Dominicq Cavezza says:

Thanks to this well explained video, I will now ask for it for my birthday. Thumbs up man, nice job! 😀

supersonicwings says:

A dollar per paper? capitalism at its finest

Ellie Alcala says:

Also, just a quick tip, look for this HP Sprocket on ebay, I got mine for 115.99, saves you a couple of bucks, just look it up on ebay 🙂

Emmalee Harper says:

Amazing!!!very useful video..

economics made easy easy says:

nicely descripted…
love from INDIA..

Anna H says:

That was nice and easy and I kinda like the black one too. Both colors look really nice!

MellMaryland says:

Have you tried using the printer with the less expensive Polaroid Zink paper with the HP Blue print card?

Ahmed Raza says:

i really liked the printer can u recommend something more professional than this for at least 4X6 size fotos. thhnx

2953 1640 says:

shit! I purchased this yesterday thinking I could print from my phones images folder, I dont want to link my facebook account, how can I get my money back? afawae#*(@#(R(

Issiah Hardy Jr says:

Hey Dan, nice tool to have. I prefer printing 5 x 7. Hope to see it soon!

BigChap J says:

I would love to buy one of these for my mother… She’d be hype as fuck.

Terri S says:

Excellent video! YOU have a new subscriber!

Star Arelene says:

Could you ever use regular printer paper just cut to size?

arrivagabry says:

what a waste of money, people would buy anything new, reminds me of the Polaroid camera only this one prints tiny photos that you will probably end up loosing.

Ce Zuleika Krystal Betita says:

I want this.

Welcome To Jelena World says:

I like it, not complicated.

Fatima Ojeda says:

Do you have to keep replacing the blue card on the bottom of the zink paper every time you want to print?

Sue Ellen T says:

I enjoyed this video about the Sprocket. You got straight to the point and included the necessary details. Thanks!

Traci Carreker says:

Just ordered it today in black great review and thank you .Look forward to more reviews .

Ram kumar says:

Nice video

Curtis Smith says:

I like this.

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your video hp

Kimberly Givens says:

love your video!! definitely going to subscribe to your channel!! keep up the good work!!

L Mash says:

very helpful because I had no clue and the sales person didn’t even ask if I knew how to use this.  Keep posting new updates on any new equipment.

Gamecaster1 says:

great review! im gonna pick this up now.

Traci Carreker says:

It came a few I love ❤️ it thanks again for video.

Sharath Nb says:

Nice video.. Do we have to insert the blue smart sheet every time you need to print a photo or it’s only the first time of printer usage ?

Gloria Copeland says:

will it print from yur phone’s photo gallery?

Salma A says:

can you print pictures from your phone gallery?

Javay Roeun says:


Teresa Cronon says:

Thank You Very Much! Your Utube Video was Very Helpful!

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