How I Print Photos At Home

I like taking total control of the photo printing process! Here’s the gear I mention…
My printer:
Printer Cover:
And my full review of the printer:
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Dominick Santora says:

I used ilford paper back in the old darkroom days, as well their B&W film.

Mychal Simmons says:

I don’t plan to do any printing but had to come and support my friend 🙂

Elmer Bback says:

Thanks for sharing this, I also use a Canon Pixma Pro 100s on USB
Prefer not to trust wifi for large prints, and waste expensive ink.
I do Landscapes, 13in x 26in that’s a lot of ink.
along with an Pixma MG5750 on wifi, which at £55 is a great little MFP
which will produce good quality photo prints.
I have been a printer user for many years, things have a habit of moving on
though, with technology, paper and inks included.

I still find getting colours to look good requires several proof copies
and on my setup, using Canon ink, Canon paper, Canon profiles it still
depends on the colours in the image wether to use the printers own colour
driver control or the software colour control,
I am slowly getting my head around it all.
P.S. I have calibrated, my screens.

Mark M-K says:

To say anything she has said in this video is dangerous is silly. Driving into head-on traffic is dangerous. Running with the bulls is dangerous. The methods by which you print a photo is simply preference. As long as you are getting the results that you want, who cares what process/methods you use? There truly is no one way to do it. If you are going by some text book and that works for you, then great. Personally, her methods makes perfect sense. Maybe not the most technical approach but, again, it gets the job done and to her satisfaction.

Luisa Hidalgp says:

lame video very unprofessional…need to explain better and give more details…

Chuy Gutierrez says:

I’m constantly switching from a pro-100 in the office and a Pro-1000 at home and soon to be Pro-4000 in studio =D . Printing is much fun but I do recommend calibration and custom ICC profiles. While results vary without them, having them creates repeatable results on various printers and papers. =)

Thanks for the vid. More people need to print their own work. It’s amazing.

Elvis Presley says:

lol…i like you way you said “boot up” and then had a quiet moment thinking about it.

Francisco Antonio says:

I have the same problem with my HP printer, I needed to replace my router never more I got my printer connected to the new router, now I need to use a cable to print my jobs.

Marvinyx Xxxxmarvy says:


kam kaider says:

meanwhile i use a brother printer

Desi Guru says: print your photo for free

note5 camera says:

i’m not big into printing, but i am wondering what the best file format is for printing. dng, tiff, jpeg… just curious.

Edward John James says:

I use the canon pixma 8750 printer cheap altrnative to tho pro 100 quality seems very good with regard to screen brightness i did some test prints through lightroom using the brightness ajustment panel in the print module i found that +17 suits my set up to get print to look same as on screen

Eric Matias says:

I do not use WiFi on all the rintres because of loss of connection in most of the case. I connect all of them to a switch. Biut sometime with this Canon i have to start the printer before booting my computer. Otherwise it is a good product, in is a bit expensive but it is a question of need. You can aford it or not. Because the cleaning process take ink if you do not use it very often.


Thanks. I will do. Ned to have a good play with both. I just purchased the GH5s for video work and now looking to sort out a camera for stills work.

Ruben de la Rosa II says:

I have the same printer but haven’t printed in a while. Have you tried refilling the dye cartridges? I think it’s more economical but not sure if the quality suffers any.

Cotictimmy says:

Haven’t printed for about 15 years. I had an Epson A3 printer and it used to take about 40 mintues for a full size print but the results were great. Occasionally my Windows 95 (or maybe it was XP?) would crash in the middle of things and I ‘d have half a beautiful print. I swapped to a cheaper clone ink one time and could never fix the resulting red colour balance. Quite interested in re-starting so thank you Lee. 🙂

Robbie Keene says:

You really don’t know what you’re doing do you?

Mr L says:

The one thing that I think she did was dangerous is when she said that ‘I just adjust my brightness on my monitor cause I just know my computer and printer so I know were it needs to be’, well if she used a calibrator to calibrate her monitor she would not have to do that. Everyone who prints be it at home or to send out knows this. If you guess at ‘what it should be’ you are going to do two things. 1. wast paper and 2. wast ink cause your monitor is not properly calibrated. You not only have to worry about how ‘bright your monitor’ is but, you also have make sure the colors have the correct brightness, hues, ect. and you also have make sure the blacks, whites and grays also have the correct brightness, hues, ect as well and that is what a calibrator will do. If those are off you will have to keep ‘adjusting the brightness of the monitor’ and reprint and wast ink and paper. Learn how to calibrate your monitor and use soft proof with ICC profiles so you wont wast ink and paper. There is lots of vids out there on how to do this properly. Just my 2 cents.

Christopher Beckerdite says:

I use a Canon MG7720. works well but, like you, I don’t always print at home. Enjoyed your video. Thank you for your time.

Stephen Baxter says:

I use iPhoto on the Apple Mac to print to an Epson XP900 Photo printer. Its an A3 printer and uses five ink cartridges. That is Black, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow and Photo Black. The A3 Paper I use is HP Matt Professional paper 120, Go Inkjet Glossy and Black Diamond Canvas (A4). As well as Epson cartridges I use First Call Inks. I have the Snap Frame type frames allowing easy change over of prints on my wall.

Ruth McCully says:

I have an Epson printer. I am comfortable with it and I use Epson paper. I particularly like the Hot Press Bright. Thank you for the video. It would be helpful if you covered the soft proofing process. This was such an eye opener to me. It is critical to printing and it takes work and skill to get the image that you want and that look like the image that you have created on your monitor.

Noernandez 123 says:

Print, without borders WOW!!! Cool

Mychal Simmons says:

Lol lol your gear is jealous…

Phil W says:

I am buying the Canon Pixma ip8750, it is cheaper and the print quality looks just as good.

shadyninja1 says:

Was the picture at 4:30 mins taken with you d500

Mike Hagarty says:

Thanks for sharing!
Taking the pictures, has always been easy, for me! I’ve spent 8 to 10 hours, in a dark room, on several occasions, loving it!
Just can’t get used to using the computer, & printer, instead of developing, them myself!
I can e-mail them to London Drugs, & go pick them up, in an hour!
Works for me.
Keep your smiles on!

Vrzalík says:

If anybody edits and prints photos, he/she should calibrate monitor first. Standard monitor settings for editing and printing photos : color space : sRGB or AdobeRGB, brightness : 80-100cd, gamma : 2.2, white point : 5500K or 6500K.


Nikon D850 or Canon 5D MK IV? which ONE WOULD YOU GO FOR

ron5935 says:

You make it look simple. Have you not calibrated your computer screen, use a profile to get color corection from computer to print, have trouble with dried ink?


I’m tempted to lean towards the Nikon D850

geofunvideos says:

I use the pro 100 and found the ink cost excessive. If your not an absolute purest, I have found that refilling the cartridges using the Precision Colors refill kit an absolute must. Yes, there is a learning curve, but once done the result is stunning. The cost of the kit will be very quickly recovered if you do print a lot. I almost always print 13×19 inch photos and see no color difference in my prints using Precision Colors inks. There are many videos to help the refill process learning curve. Happy printing!

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