HONEST HP Sprocket Portable Printer REVIEW (Not Sponsored)

I purchased the HP Sprocket printer as a portable way to print photos from my phone on the road. I wanted something small and wireless. Here’s my review on it. Below is a link to the product if you’re interested in purchasing it.

HP Sprocket: http://amzn.to/2lCRafD

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Here’s the link:

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Angels Haven says:

IDK about this because you can send any pic to MANY MANY locations around the country and run in and pick them up w better quality and larger sizes FOR MUCH CHEAPER ACROSS THE BOARD. Yes, you cannot hv immediate pictures, but in my opinion, it is better all around, to send out your pics for printing.

hannnah carver says:

pickle pumpkin

t s says:

it says not sponsored in the title but it literally says SPONSORED in the top of the description box with links to buy them… hmm

RvDreamin says:


JD Chavana says:

duuuddeee, Wild that I go look for a review for a printer and find someone I knew, haha. Keep it up!

FailsForDays says:

i’m still happy about the live stream yesterday it was fun 🙂

MiauxCatterie says:

thats cool that it doesnt need ink. i like that this review has you walking through from opening it to trying to see how to work it.

i know im not first but i want to say picklepumpkin. picklepumpkin. pumpkinpicklepod. wheeeee i might be a bit hyper.

your halloween costume is GREAT.

i love the pic of u and banks. (and ur booty, can’t lie)

tyler2610 says:

Reminds me of the old Polaroid Instamatic snap shots back in the day.

Dr. Sharkas says:

Hello. Have you found a better printer?

We Forgot How to Live says:

Going to just get rid of my Polaroid camera and get a small printer like this, those are so cute. Awesome that they can be stickers.

David Smith says:

Very nice you ” Pickle Pumpkin” lol!! 😉 I might order one of those thank you for sharing 🙂

Perry says:


RvDreamin says:

Please do more product presentations. You do it well.

Butch Crawford says:

I loved those b&w pics!

Jason Gates says:

With all of the glitches, and such a tedious set up process, and the poor quality of picture, plus, the fact that not everyone has phones to do apps with to be able to use the printer, and so on, I would say this printer is NOT worth it. And, maybe that’s why it was the cheapest option, monetarily. But, that’s just my opinion.

Good review.

Butch Crawford says:

Pickle Pumpkin

Kirk Jorgensen says:

the border is bad on the pic bad print? have trouble with off set pics? 8:54

Chelsea Lea says:

You can record your screen if your updated. Settings- control center – customize controls – and drag screen recording to the top. Then use in your little menu thingy


Great review!!!

driver8 says:

How was the concert? Did people appreciate your costume?

Marc Williams says:

Pickle Pumpkin

Izzy Let’s play says:

Pickle pumpkin

pj1000ify says:

pickle pumpkin

J Corbett says:

pumpkin pickle just to be different
i would try an exchange of the printer to see if you got a bad 1.

Mark Glover says:

Sounds like just as many other HP products. It is more of a pain than it is worth. So much for HP proprietary. Never did like thier stuff.

Glen West says:

Pickle pumpkin

Brandon Berg says:

Hey Chelsea – This review is AWESOME 🙂  It’s fantastic to see customers so passionate about the sprocket brand.  I sent you a direct message, so if you have a moment, I’d appreciate if you could read my quick feedback.  By the way, there is a new iOS app update available NOW (version 2.03.1) which combined with a device firmware update (1.1.5) will resolve your connectivity issues.  Happy Holidays!

ATSF Venta Spur Nscaler says:

Pickle Pumpkins to you, Chelsea! What a frustrating mini printer setup! At least it finally functions!
-from Tom Pilling

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