Happy Photographer: 100% FREE: EPIC STEAL Canon Pixma PRO-100 Large Professional Printer!!

Happy Photographer: 100% FREE: EPIC STEAL Canon Large Professional Printer!!


Ted P says:

Lol now I feel like an idiot for paying 200$ for mine. I was wondering why I saw a brand new one at good will with the ink missing.

Shirley Ellis says:

any problem using refillable carts with this?

Chimpdecheese says:

This is an absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Really glad I got one.

Richard says:

can you be a UK resident and still get the money back deal as there £375 here and you don’t get any free paper

Timothy McGuire says:

Are these deals still available? If so where

Airmail Matrioska says:

I check as of the date of today and they offer a “deal” on Murphy’s
camera BUT there’s no such as free, ate least in that website, the thing
gonna cost you like 499 with the rebate of 200 is 200 but then they
add shipping and taxes…ugh! no paying 500 when i can pay 300 with free
shipping…what a joke!

jayson mock says:

I’m going to look around. Time to upgrade from my Pro9000M2. The only thing I hate is you have to print regularly or the ink will dry up, wasting $$$ on more cartridges.

Redbird says:

I got the printer, paper and ink free with the purchase of a Mark 5D through Adorama.

Boskey says:

How do you convert the Pro-100 to B&W only printer?

Vicious Budz says:

I love mine I bought mine last summer soon after I got my camera. I bought a refill kit off of Ebay that gives you multiple refills of all 8 cartridges for a little over a $100. The print quality and quietness still amazes me. I recently bought bigger ink refill  bottles because I would hate to run out when I need it. I still haven’t printed onto a disc yet. But this is a great investment. I also recently bought more of the 13″x19″ Canon photo paper from Ebay. Now I just need frames do you have a resource or connect for those sized frames? I haven’t even started to play with or adjust paper profiles on this thing yet have you?

Jim O'Conner says:

Lol, thanks Man.
for advice

Jeff Rzepka says:

I have 2 of them B&H has another sick deal… $59 after rebate 🙂  No Brainer!!!

Carmine Taverna says:

Ken, I know this video is a year old, but, I forgot to say thank you last year when I saw your video, and snagged this deal from B and H.
The pro 100 is very good, once again a belated thank you.
Carmine in NYC

Scott Hagarty says:

you just made an 8 min video by repeating the same 30 seconds of info 16 times.  wtf

Rodney Fevrier says:

What’s the number for Robert photo?

Mimi Cole says:

Thanks for a great tip…the telephone number seems to be gone, no doubt because I just saw this video over a year later. Do you have any idea if this can still be had? Thank you!

Rob B says:

hey ken i live in australia and my local camera house sells it for 799 dollars and no rebate. what a ripoff. us aussie get ripoff
on all products f*** them all.

Zelda The protector of kittens! says:

Ken Wheeler is just too happy with his Canons. Look at his happiness and joy!

evelasq1 says:

Don’t throw away those cartridges yet because at STAPLES, they give $2.00 for every cartridge that you recycle with them. For 8 cartridges, that is $16.00 towards your next purchase and you could use it to buy one ink cartridge. Peace, Flood!

THEalmurda says:

what kind of person uses a printer until the ink is gone then sells the printer for what he paid but with no ink?

Rodney Fevrier says:

You said the deal end January 2… Does that mean I can get one now.. I live in FL?

Chessa Sally says:

Hi guy, I am constantly strive to find you the best printer with canon in the market, and every so often unforgetable comes along with new product in amazon. Well guy, follow this link and find your budget price and a printer will be yours. You also can make printing in A4 or A3 paper size….thanks
Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless – http://amzn.to/2iujOOx include cartridge – http://amzn.to/2w99leL

Michael T says:

I just ordered one of these. If it don’t work like everyone says I’m gonna whack that shit right off the desk with 9 iron!

michael schettl says:

I’ve been on to this for several years. Canons been bundling these with camra deals. I currently have 3 Pro 9000, 2 Pro 9500, 5 Pro 100. People who get the bundles offten times decide they don’t want to get involved with printing & figure they can recoup some of the cost of their bundled camera deal. So they try to sell the printer on Craigslist or ebay only to find that those markets are saturated with printers from people with the same idea. So ive been buying them on Craigslist to avoid shipping costs (been buying them within a 40 mile radious) so it cost 5 or 6 bucks for gas and offer the seller the cost of a new set of inks (usaly between $90.00 & $100.00 that comes with the printer. This way I get the ink for what I would pay at the store and I have an extra printer. I currently have used up most of the ink that came with the machines I’m useing and don’t have room to store any moore machines. So ive started experimenting with after market ink. Previously when I only had a cople of machines I was afraid to try 3rd party ink for fear of clogging head nozzles but with the extra machines I feel emboldened to try them. Plus I found some methods on utube and tried them for cleaning clogged heads that work so I haven’t had to use any of my spare machines or there nozzle heads yet. It’s a win win.

John says:

Have you seen this deal recently?

Todd Roy says:

Thanks so much Angry, I called Murphy Camera and asked about the deal you got. Sad to say, they did not offer that any longer. But I still got a great deal. I was able to get the pixma pro 10 for 299.00 with 50.00 dollars shipping with a 200 dollar rebate, so I got a 700 dollar printer for 150 bucks, not bad, thanks again!!! Oh and I bought the Tokina 100mm macro, awesome lens !!

Lucille Femine says:

I just bought a new 100 but the prints came out terrible. I don’t have the special matte paper yet that I bought so I used the luster paper. All blurry and off color. I used plain office paper, came out clearer but colors a little dull and darker. Will the special matte paper make all the difference? Or get a new monitor that adjusts the color? My monitor is ancient although I adjusted the gamma (well my friend did) Any help you can give would be appreciated. By the way, suppliesoutlet.com sells comparable ink – $52 for whole set of 8.

Ahmed Raza says:

wow thats a deal

Robert Voisin says:

Than go to Precision Colors and buy the refill inks and resetter. You will be good to go. But I would buy the yellow tank. The site explains it all.

Kendal Ladnek says:

Hello, thanks for the video! I am an artist/illustrator, trying to figure out what is the best quality and price for making color prints of my paintings. Someone is offering me one of these for $150. Is it worth it compared to the $100 for 50 prints at my local shop? Will the cartridges just end up costing me as much? I want to do 5”x7” – 11”x17”. At least 50 prints 8”x10”. Also I have to purchase paper! New to printing at home.
Thank you!!

Michael Sittig says:

I use this exclusively for black and white prints, it is epic! I use Ilford Galerie Prestige smooth pearl paper with wonderful results.

Coutsss says:

Just bought one 2 weeks ago, excellent printer!! But i don’t think you could use it ONLY as a B&W when you run out of color, it’s asking you to replace the empty cartridge to continue printing…

Chris Bundy says:

Wait…..I shop at Murphy’s in Lexington….I’ve been watching your content for awhile, I didn’t know you lived near Lexington. This is the coolest small tidbit I’ve found yet.

Todd Roy says:

What about the canon Pima pro 10? The guy at the camera store says it’s a better printer then the pro 100

Ahmed Raza says:

i chked other reviews too and i really like this printer, personal printing is also a good way of enjoying good photography even if u r not professional

James Ambrous says:

Damn just found your page and this video. Will keep an eye out for this the next time. Just started getting into photography and looking into a used D700 thanks to several of your vids. Great channel keep up the awesome work! Happy New Years as well.

Melissa Blevins says:

I just bought a Canon Rebel T5i package including this printer, paper, and a camera bag all for $399 after the mail in rebate ($1250 retail price for all). Not a bad deal at all!!

عبدالله الدوسري says:

Hallow I have a question how many can it prntes pepper?

Alaynna Ann Schwartz says:

Is this too old, or does this deal still exist?

i Draw says:

Just bought one from Amazon.

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