Epson SureColor P400 Photo Printer Review

Thought about buying a photo printer? This is the perfect starter model!
Epson hit it out of the park again with this entry level photo printer! Very compact, but full of quality and features. This is the perfect photo printer for someone just getting into inkjet printing because of its price, features, and ease of use. Watch the full review in the video above. Keep shooting!

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Photo Ventures says:

Hey Greg, you have been quite helpful as I have watched so many reviews of yours. I would like to hear your philosophical advice though. I want to buy my first ever photo printer. Until now I have done some printing at some photo – labs but it’s quite some time now that I am thinking to do it on my own. My wishful thinking is to try to sell my prints and of course to provide a printing solution to friends and fellow photographers who would love to have a better printing quality with archival papers, than with the papers and the quality that small town photo labs provide. So with those in mind my first option would be a P800, but if it fails? If I fail to grab the attention? I worry that I would drop more than 1.000 euros to something that would eventually “rust”. Is it better to start with something like the P400 and see in the meantime how people will correspond or just take the plunge from the start and buy the P800? Do you think that is valid what people say “The best 13 inch printer is a 17 inch printer”? Do you think that quality printing in our modern times, it still has future? What often people do, buy a small printer for a start and then move up to something bigger after some years of use? I’d like to hear your thoughts…

Jerry Briggs says:

Greg, I need some advice on an Epson all in 1. It’s the 7620. I know the photos won’t be near the quality of the p400 but for an all in 1 how are the photos in the 7620. I can live with less then lab quality. Thanks in advance.

Carson Hampton says:

Greg, does the P400 work with regular text printing? I am looking for a photo printer to replace my Epson1400. thanks, Carson

F Luna says:

Thank you for your P400 review. I’m just starting to sell my photography and just purchased this printer. I’m glad I bought the right printer to start out.

Andrews Arcade says:

I have a question about borderless printing on the P400. When you select borderless printing does it force you to expand the image? Like on the Epson 1430 it forces me to select an expansion of “min”, “med” and “max”. Does the P400 include a “no expansion” borderless printing option?

M Potter says:

Three months passed, Greg. Imagine if Jared Polin posted a video once in every three months!!!

Martin says:

Hey Greg! You’re Back!…. been busy?

Rob 781 says:

Great video Greg, always some good tips in there.
Here’s a few questions.
Do you do much printing and how many printers do you run? I have an Epson 3880, I love it but worry I don’t print enough. I wish it had a roll attachment.
What type of papers do you like to use? Do you stick with just a couple or use many different types? I mainly find myself using Lusters

Deval Kirby says:

thank you also I find that when I print in cmyk the color looks a bit brightly

AMurder0fCrows says:

Thanks for the review.

The one thing I can’t find any reviews on is the P400’s disc printing abilities.

I ended up buying a P400 2 weeks ago but only started using it this past evening. I hate to say it, but so far my old Artisan 810 printer blows the P400 away in terms of output quality for printing on CDs. Using the exact same media, printing the exact same file on the exact same version of the Epson PrintCD program, every disc i’ve printed tonight, automatic settings or manual, have been absolutely abysmal out of the P400.

I don’t suppose you could further your review by printing on a few discs? I am currently using CMCpro’s T-CDR-SPP-WS1 Watershield CD-Rs, which are listed as a Premium surface.

Alex Mitchell says:

Your back!

John Russell says:

Can anyone PLEASE give me practical yield information for the Epson SC P400 using standard ink cartridges? I’m needing to print 13×19 full coverage art prints and I need to know how fast I will go through inks before I commit to buying this printer. I can not find any information of this sort online and even Epson would not give me even a hint so for all I know this printer may print 1 5×6 print before running out of ink *shrugs*. I have literally found no information anywhere about print yields and I don’t know how people are expected to invest in printers without that knowledge. I’m just asking for a general and honest approximation from someone who uses it regularly, I realize that results will vary.

Deval Kirby says:

Pls Help Me : After watching this Video i went out and got a P400 ….but my photos are coming out dark can i fix this problem

Torin Marquez says:

Gregory, I found your videos recently. I’ve been watching them and I love them! You are a great instructor. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Deval Kirby says:

dropped my screen brightness to mid range and adjusted the color in Photoshop (adjusted my reds ) I’m not better a more pleasing print thank you …. must say when final print was done I appreciated the gloss optimizer actually looks as good and in some instances better than the photo shops

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