Epson PM-400 vs Canon CP1200 Compact Photo Printer Shootout

Comparing the Epson PictureMate PM-400 and the Canon Selphy CP1200 photo printers. Taking a look at the printing mechanisms and the resulting pictures


Tupac Shakur says:

how fast does each printer print?

Hussein Jan says:

Just shut up for god sake print the goddamn picture

uptowndisco2 says:

The problem with every single inkjet printer I have bought is if you don’t print with it pretty regularly the nozzle dries up and if left too long they cannot be cleaned rendering the printer scrap , I think there is a manufacturer that give you new nozzles built into the replacement ink cartridge but Epson is not one of them , I have lost at least 3 printers due to nozzles drying up , I like this Canon ink and paper packs are supplied as a kit so you know where you stand with amount of prints you will get as you get the ink carts along with the amount of paper that can be printed.

jasonsparks1 says:

great review, thank you.

SAILU DIGITAL STUDIO Muralimohan says:

wich one best

δριсуЪεεf says:

Did he ever show them each printing in action? I can’t watch with so much talkie. Need see print. Done.

Aleš Jiráň says:

Selphy 30 seconds? I want to buy it. Do you have some direct time? 30seconds or less?

seiwhat1 says:

Good review. I’m interested in the Epson.

Peter Chen says:

Hey can you also review the Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer? I would like to know how it compares. Thanks!

Ashish Ki Tips & Tricks says:

dont buy canon selphy its have limit page per cartage limit .. its sinks ink after 108 page cartage

mike04535 says:

A Dye Sub print will outlive an ink print by 60-70 years. Dye Sub is not a water soluble ink. I have a Selphy 1200 and a HiTI Dye Sub printer also two Epson ink printers and the Dye Subs blow the ink printers out of the water when printing photos. This guy is talking a load of twaddle.

Jamie Flores says:

Great review! Can the Epson connect and print from an iPhone?

Tony tFuntek says:

The Epson is a little sharper but the colors are way off. Who wants a pink sky and yellow grass ? The Canon may have somewhat muted colors but they are dead on. The canon blows away the Epson.

Jpr8ful says:

The dye sublimation does not dry out even with prolonged non use so you get what you pay for. For ink jets it will for sure dry out without continuous use. I find that I had to throw away lots of ink because of that

Nathan Thompson says:

Problem with Canon is dye sub printer prone to have dust speck on paper while its printing so it leave mark on the photo its not good thing. I prefer inkjet over dye sub which gives out right result.

Jip van Kuijk says:

To me when watching this, the Epson just looked awful… the colours were really pink on all the images. I do like the deeper blacks of the Epson and the sharpness… but overall I find colour rendition a lot more important than sharpness. I mean printing Leica S or any decent digital camera images at 10*15 is something where I rather have great colour rendition than ‘pixel perfect’ sharpness.

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