Epson Expression Photo XP-8500 Printer Review

Epson Expression Photo XP-8500 Printer Review – LIVE

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Noah's Ark says:

Hi, I’ve hundreds old black & white & colours photos and is the scan any good? Thanks.

Robert Rizzolo says:

Does this printer accept matte photo paper? What is the maximum photo paper size?

RandD says:

What would be a good printer for someone who wants to print for advertising purposes in rather small quantities… say 500 – 1000 pages … with a good quality on different kinds of paper (also kraft paper) Thanks in advance for your advice…

Carlos Alvarez-Cascos says:

Hi all! what is in your opinion the best quality printer top of the range for private use. I am looking for higher quality but not huge quantities of printing pictures thanks to all

Loke says:

Do you recommend this or the Epson PM 400? Which takes photos better (and is there a huge difference). I primarily want a compact printer for photos (as I already have a Canon for general printing and scanning). Thanks!

Mohammad Awad says:

Hello ,,
which printer do you recommended Brother MFC j895dw or Epson xp8500 ?
I need a new home printer I like printing photos but in normal costs , and I really don’t know how to choose one .

kind regards

Amanda Tyson says:

Hi i have this printer and its constantly telling me the paper is out when it isnt.

Bevila says:

This printer Epson XP 8500 is not for me it wi fi it not for the mains to plug it in the wall socket.

robdjembe says:

Hi there, can you choose a custom paper profile from this printer?

mantepants says:

Thanks for sharing this! Did you get a sense of how good the scan quality is with colour vibrancy? I’m wondering whether the copy you made in the video is muted because of the scan quality as well as the paper as you said. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

MaxPower211983 says:

Hi my mum has this printer and today when she turned it on, the operation panel would not open and close ??? Help ???

John Gibb says:

I’ve always found LC & LM are used up quicker.

ffpphotography 35 says:

where can i get the epson expression software from to read images to print on the printer direct .. from ? i’m a pc user ..

Francesco Longobardi says:

Hi! I am planning to buy my first printer for photos. I am an amateur photographer and I’d like to print quality photos at an affordable price. I was interested in this printer and in the XP-15000. My only doubt now is about the clogging of the printhead. I wouldn’t be printing on a daily basis and I’m afraid this would lead to some problems. What’s your opinion in regards? Thank you very much for your help!

Vittorio Sergi says:

to be totally honest, i’d liked to see dsome gray ink cartridge in there rather than light magenta and such, other than that if the wifi setup is as good as previous models than it’ll be smooth to operate…but that 199 € pricemark is tough to swallow when canon ts8050 is 140€ and in my experience produces as good if not better results than my xp-55

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