Epson ET 7700 Ecotank REVIEW – Cheap Photos From an Inkjet printer!?

An economical to use Multifunction Photo Printer & Scanner
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JCTs Fascinating Hobbies says:

Well, I was thinking this morning……’oh blimey, I have to spend out quite a bit on new toners for my colour laser’……now, after watching this, I am thinking ‘well, should I actually buy one of these? I can replace both my printers, with something that’s economical to run’. Great video as always.

Eduardo León Morales says:

Loved the end, really!!! Do more of that!

郭牧楠 says:

Hey Epson! This is how you should do your product introduction!

Techdisk says:

Quick note that you probably won’t see. If you’re looking to scan a stuff in extremely high quality you’ll actually want to use the Epson software on that CD and a computer. The software has options for DPI up in the thousands. I know this because I have an older Epson printer that has higher DPI than 600, except it only exposes the option if you’re using actual software on a computer. It’s definitely not as convenient, but it’s an option. That scanner is a lot better than you think it is.

PuchMaxi says:

5:30 EA-Edition: If you want to continue printing, you have to pay a small fee.

William Kisley says:

At this price range one would expect some PostScript support..

RRP says:

What makes techmoan videos great. 1) a script. 2) talking at a good pace to add more information rather than talking slowly to increase duration for no reason. 3) high quality video imagery and scans. Thanks techmoan

xenon2 says:

Very interesting printer. I was looking for laser but this can print hq photos….

Pete Simpson says:

The front door gets kicked in lol 🙂

Sekeletu says:

Cheap inkjet for 500 gbp. I bought Canon TS8050 with refill system for an equivalent of <200 gbp. That's cheap. And the quality is top notch.

kevin12567 says:

You get what you pay for. Probably too expensive if you only do occasional printing, but if you regularly print photos or color documents, this certainly will save you money in the long run.

Paul Deakin says:

I had one of the original Ecotank printers and was initially impressed however after 12 months of incredibly light use it began to miss vertical lines. Nothing could cure the problem and ended up in the skip so I was put off ever buying an Epson again. Does look like they’ve made some improvements on the originals though now and I may be tempted to give them a second chance. Would love to hear how this is in 12 months time.

chaugan says:

Welcome to Amazon for the rest of the world who hasn’t got a “local” Amazon support:

“This item does not ship to Norway.”

9/10 items on any Amazon has this limitation. Hurrah!

Dick Johnson says:

Nifty little combo printer, love Epson. Cannon and HP caused so much headache in the past, I heard they’ve got better over the years but I’ll never get them again. And I am pretty sure that one of the programs on that cd is for auto stiching scans

Stewart Webb says:

Skipped over the CD printing. The bit I was interested in!!

Frank Barone says:

I really love my Epson laser printer, but had I seen this video first, it may have been this one.

ForbinColossus says:

Thank you, Mat. I saw that epson over-sized eco-tank printer and didnt know what to make of its design. I trust your review more than the product review websites!

Modern Classic says:

I have a feeling that the scanner actually will make a multipage pdf… I have a “regular” (cartridge-based) Epson all-in-one and the Epson Scan app that came with mine will do it. I’m not sure what the app yours comes with looks like, but in my Epson Scan there’s a checkbox in the file options that says “Show Add Page dialog after scanning”. With that selected, it’ll ask after every page if you want more pages, and then it’ll create a multipage file when done. Check to see if yours has that checkbox.

Trance88 says:

Wow! That’s a fantastic unit!!! A little too expensive for me though.

gplechuckiii says:

Is this shilling? This feels like shilling.
Eh, who cares techmoan makes even shilling entertaining to watch. says:

It does look very impressive. I still do print on DVD occasionally (for business) so that feature would be useful for me. It really looks like Epson have tried to resolve many of the things that really annoy people about inkjet printers (ink cost and full waste tanks). But there’s one other serious flaw in inkjet printers, and the reason I use laser for everything except DVD printing: If you don’t use your inkjet printer for a while, especially if it’s warm, the inkjet nozzles clog up and the pictures look terrible / stripy. The printer will have a nozzle cleaning feature in the menus, though this is not 100% effective and it drinks ink. A laser printer you can just use when you want to, knowing that every time you hit CNTRL-P RETURN, that it will print quickly, cheaply and efficiently every time, even on cheaper paper. So I would still say that unless you need photo printing or DVD printing, then a laser printer is the way to go. For photo printing though, this new Epson looks hard to beat.

Mytheroo says:

your router just wants to play a nice game of chess.

greenaum says:

Actually I want to hear about Inkpocalypse now, it sounds much more interesting than the name indicates.

And if I had my own cafe in my own house, complete with a French Minitel terminal and my elderly dad chuntering on, I wouldn’t want to go out either.

Bora Yurtoren says:

Impressive printer, very good deal, excellent review! Thanks.

Bobster986 says:

Epson is the best.

the nogolem says:

In case of low/non usage…..does this printer head run dry ? Sometimes, ink is very cheap, and printer head price is crazy…..

gravis778 says:

Wait, does this printer not support the standard Epson Scan software that Epson has been using for decades? Change it from Home User mode to Professional, and you can scan multi-page PDFs just fine, I did it just 3 days ago.

As it doesn’t use cartridges, I wonder if this has an issue with the ink clogging up the nozzles. I am reluctant to spend much more than $50 on an ink jet because if you let them set for more than a couple of weeks, it seems like it is almost impossible to ever get the nozzles clean again, which means I am buying a new ink jet about once a year.

I have issues with WiFi printers with Windows 10 – it seems like after a reboot, you can never use the WiFi again, even if you yank out the drivers and system files and reinstall. I can point windows to the IP address of the printer and it still says there is no printer there. I have had this happen on 3 different Windows 10 machines with printers from Epson, Canon and HP, but my Windows 7 laptop has no issue. Microsoft swears that it is not Windows 10 and is an issue with the printer itself, but i seriously doubt that. In any case, as this is a new printer model, just wondering how it performs with Windows 10 over WiFi

rafał czerwiński says:

Right, so as always, it was interesting 😉

trgKai says:

A word of warning for the EcoTank series. These printers will disable themselves when they believe the “Waste Ink Pad” is saturated. It’s a large sponge internal to the printer that the printer ejects ink into to keep the heads from clogging up over time. In my experience printing large photos (7.5×12 full color), this happens after about 2000 prints. You CANNOT reset this warning in any officially supported way other than sending it in for service repairs which is not free. You CAN use a program called WicReset (waste ink counter reset) which charges a small fee per reset (I think $10 for one reset, or as low as $2.50 when you buy multiple resets at once), and open up the printer to create a drain for the waste ink into a container. My first time I used a kit called a Printer Potty, but the second time I just used some standard plastic tubing and a large bottle to store the waste ink.

Still a great value, but its very disingenuous of Epson to advertise these massive amounts of prints you can get per set of ink, then find out that the printer will flat out stop printing anything after enough ink has gone through the system.

LethalBB says:

Been considering a CISS printer for a while, saw these recently. Glad EPSON decided to give us a less messy option.

Donald Hosford says:

Love the puppets! very funny!

Scrap_Dragon says:

Why was the puppet thing representation of my life

David T says:

Of course Im not going to pay that. Speaks to one’s heart.

Peadar Mcfhearail says:

Thanks for the video Glad to see inkjet can print photos to a acceptable level and the scanner is good I have a smaller Epson printer and it works quite well

blondy2061h says:

Your review had me ready to buy. Then I found out they don’t make a single ecotank all in one with a duplex ADF. And none of the models with an ADF have a memory card reader. I’d be willing to drop a couple hundred on a great all in one to be free of ink cartridges. I’m not willing to drop a couple hundred on a mediocre all in one. I use my ADF all the time.

RRP says:

great puppets, only techmoan can review a printer and its good to watch

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