Do Inkjet printers suck? Epson SC-P600 Photo Printer Unboxing and Sniff Test

There has been a debate for years on wether you should own an inkjet printer or farm out your prints to one of those online printing places.

EPSON has sent me the SC-P600 to play with to maybe help me understand why people should print more at home vs sending out for their prints.

I wont go into too much detail right now on the pros can cons of owning an inkjet vs sending out for prints. But what I will tell you is if you print only a handful of images it wont be worth it to own a printer at home. If you are constantly banging out prints for sale or to giveaway than a printer at home could be a good option.

What has me intrigued about this printer is the fact that you can now use ROLL PAPER. This means you can print 13 inch wide prints by any length as long as it’s 10 meters or less.

There are also a ton of different paper options to print on and what looks to be pretty large ink cartridges that hopefully will keep you printing for a while.

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Frank says:

I do 100% WIFI printing with both my Epson and Canon and never have lost a picture due to connection.

gotcameras says:

did you ever made a review ?

Jomo says:

the postman terrifies me

Drew May says:

Absolutely love “Hot Press Bright”!

NighteeeY says:

SC for probably…..Sure Color as it says right there.

FromAshToPhoenix says:


Dan Moon says:

is he died?

Patrick Oosterholt says:

You yanks should join the civilized world and use metric 😉

Simon Bear says:

What printer do you use for non photo printing use. My R2000 did double duty but just died and i need to replace the printer yesterday..

flo richi says:

25ml? so you need like 3 replacment cartridges for all colours before you gone out of this 10meter luster paper roll?

matdesign2008 says:

You should make a video on your best top 5 printers. Rating your best printers cons/pros.

modernphotographer says:

Epson inkjets are not the best you can get… They burn too much ink, have less accurate color rendition even with meticulous profiling (error to red/skintones), are noisy, and have longer drying times/thicker ink laydown. Canons printers are better performers in my opinion (and I shoot Nikon). Compared to other printers I can see why many stop at epson. Rolands & Mutoc’s are horrible at color and image quality and HP’s cost too much.

Toaden K says:


Howie47 says:

25ml of ink. LOL Almost an ounce! The time it primes the system you have enough left for about 10-15 prints! And how much to replace? About 30USD for each of the 9 cartridges. Each time U print a poster it will cost you 20$ And the worse part of the story. The ink is very cheap by the barrel. And printers with refillable inkwells are already on the market. That would save even the home user enough money to remodel their office/craft rooms. Cooperations are such bandits that haven’t grown up since their grandfathers sold snake oil to cure all your ailments. If you buy a printer make sure an aftermarket company has designed a CISS that works with the model you’re looking at. Continuous Ink Supply System

dphotos says:

I use the Epson 3880 Printer and I always use the 13×19 Epson Premium Luster Paper. Epson rocks and my prints look like lab prints. There is no reason to have your prints done at a lab. My NEC pro monitor is calibrated perfectly. What I see on the monitor is what my prints will look like. My Epson has a perfect color balance. I used to own an Epson 2200 which was a piece of crap but the new Epson printers are very very good.

Joey Yothanan says:

Losing wifi wont ruin your print 😉

Randorita says:

Kind of small. I hate to give you printer envy, but I print on a 44″ HP DesignJet at work! Ok, they are freaking cool, when I get to print something for myself.

Kai Skagen Østlie says:

“I don’t know what 10 meters is.” WTF!?

Lightning Maloy says:

@jared polin i make my money printing dvd and cd for my job not cool bro got to love me them blue ray

Max says:

Well, people still watch movie on DVD player and when I done Video Production they asked me to delivered in DVD as well as Digital HD and they are still using CRT TV’s even in this 4K era, so please.

calthmlikiseethm says:

Your an idiot… no review just you acting like a 3 yr old….

Dino Barberino says:

Cheap printers are hilarious, can buy a new one for less than the price of ink. Which is what most students do! It’s like they want us to destroy our environment.

Priamber Kumar says:

Where is the real world review of this printer

Ingo Langejürgen says:

If you exchange all 9 cartridges three times, you’ll end up with the same amount of money you’ve spent for the printer. Crazy!!

kingalias says:

Why are there never/rarely any followups for these videos? These just feel like glorified unboxings.

ArtOfSerrano says:

First I like to say Im a fan of your channel, I found you on my search for Epson reviews and Im hooked. Ive been trying to do my research on the Epson SC P400, SC P600 and if I can spend a bit more the P800. I have yet to find a great review and I’ve contacted Epson thinking they can drop some knowledge bombs but all i get are operators reading off of the books. I need a actual experienced person. Im an Artist and Im looking for a printer I can create prints with. Im looking for something that can print on fine art paper and on canvas. I see a lot of reviews from a photographers point of view but I would like to see a review from an fine or digital artist point of view and there isn’t anything like that out there. Any suggestions?

cilayin says:

No review?

MrKdr500 says:

if you lose your wifi connection you wont lose any ink, the printer will download the image into it’s buffer before it prints…then if there is a problem it wont print.

Michael Clements says:

Dude, gotta admit – Epson doesn’t compromise on packaging! Had 39 pieces of tape holding all the trays and stuff in place on the P800 that I just got in. 🙂

Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

How can you miss the Canon Pixma Pro series, Jared?

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