Do I really want to Print Photos at home? If yes? What type printer should I get?

Everyday people ask what printer should they buy.
I would also ask, are you sure you really want to get into the Home Photo printing game?
Unless you are simply in need of a printer for office and documents then the other option is Photos and that’s where the game becomes a bit more serious.
What are your needs, wishes, goals?
Do you want pro level image printing?
Are you simply looking to print a few photos for your wall or family member?
Are you a professional in the photographic business?
Do you sell your work?
Are you fully prepare to accept and commit to what it truly takes to maintain a high end printer?

Please ask me anything concerning any printer and I will try to provide you with the best answer in my view.
I hope to answer some of these questions in this video.

Please watch: “Preliminary UV Spray Testing”


Jamie Negron says:

great video very informative, I’m looking for an affordable printer for my artwork, it’s mostly black and grey drawings and want to print up to 13×19 prints. Any advice would be help and appreciated.

tectorama says:

For a lot of monochrome printing, I would always suggest a laser printer. Good quality and quick.
I use an HP Deskjet 1000 for colour printing, but photos are not so good. I also don’t want an all in one printer/scanner.

ganonshantelle says:

I wanna print my own party invitations, I have a Epson XP400 right now but I’m looking to upgrade. What would you recommend?

Shingo zaki says:

the ciss is good or not?

Steve C says:

Good video Jose, what I want is to sell my photo prints in my online etsy store, but I want high quality prints, as yet I have NOT sold a print as I’m only selling digital downloads, but want to sell physical prints. What’s your view?, get a good high end or see how much a local print vender will do it for

Guairenito says:

#Jose Rodriguez hello sir, I found your channel on YouTube, very cool videos. Can I have your opinion about the Canon iP8720? I want to do just nice prints at home not bigger that 8″x10″

ripudamanbir singh says:

i want a printer that is good for both document and photographs. What would you suggest in a budget?

Luis Gonzalo Chumacero says:

what is better between Artisan 1430 and Canon PIXMA Pro 100 Printer?

Jamie Negron says:

thank you, well appreciate

Enrique Carrillo says:

Mr Rodriguez, what’s the best photo printer for passport pictures. I only need to print two pictures 2×2 thank you

Steve Horn says:

This is a GREAT video. You’re the Man… big heart, big brain, thanks for sharing your valued experience.
In maintaining a PRO-10 or PRO-100, is there a difference between how much ink is used in self-cleaning cycles or how sensitive one or the other is to missing a few days of printing?

AyadriX BF says:

Thank you for the very helpful video

Itiachi1137 says:

Hello Jose thanks for all the great info in this video, but I was wondering if the first printers mentioned for the beginner/budget individuals still hold any relevance at the time of this comment. My wife wants to print pictures at home but isn’t really tech savvy. Thank you.

Turkey Lord says:

WOW. Thanks I never knew that printers could have 10 dye. Is there continues printing options on different roll with. How about printing on vinyl? And other plastics. Does some ink have UV protection?

sofitorri says:

which printer do you recommend for home printer for an amateur photographer? I ask because all of my clients have asked for prints. I think It would work for me if I do home printing.

David says:

Do you think it is worth it to print (non-income generating) color photos from home rather than going out to a printing store with the release of Epson’s new EcoTank printer technology?

Dan Moon says:

I’m so glad YouTube has given people with obsessions a voice. Far better advice and knowledge than any paid salesperson. Thank you and cheers from Australia Jose. I just need to determine how important roll printing is for me now. P800 vs Canon 1000.


Great Video, what would be a good printer for printing labels on semi gloss, gloss and high gloss label paper, basically a printer for making labels. 7-1/2in × 5in the labels will have a logo or picture and information of the product.

tracy anderson says:

Many, many thanks Mr. Rodriguez! I have been very confused with what new printer to buy, and after watching a variety of your great videos, I am now less confused and about to purchase the Canon Pro-1. …..or the Pro 10!! Still can’t make up my mind. I make B & W images so am leaning more towards the Pro-1. Any other tips you have about the difference between the two, i would be most grateful. Thanks again.

Ed Bear says:

Thermal Printheads win again!!!!

AcidUK says:

Great video Mr. Rodriguez. I made it all the way to the end before hearing your excellent argument about why I should avoid home printing (too irregular/infrequent). Thank you for taking the time to impart your (extensive!) experience.

jim jeffersson says:

is the canon ip4000 useless for good picture printing?
iam on a budget and i like to print posters. for myself
i got the canon from my friend i repair it and it works perfectly

mnash3 says:

Coool… Thanks for sharing your experience. I want to print at least 100 photos, likely 1000, but that is just over the top optimism. The plan is to get everything setup, meaning photos selected and ready for print as well as working out the framing details such that once I buy my printer, I will be printing on the regular just to get through that 1000 so the printer will constantly be used… In either case, thanks for sharing your experience.

Johno F says:

I wish I watched this before I started screwing with a ‘professional’ printer. Yea, I calibrate my monitor and all that. My real keeper rate is so low I am about to trash the whole idea.
Thanks for the straight talk. Love your channel Jose.

Sushant Dahivalikar says:

Hello Sir,
I want to know which is the good n cheap inkjet printer to make film positive.

dalriada842 says:

I have a Canon and Epson printer. I normally use CISS systems on them. I was able to get several sets of OEM Epson cartridges for a good price, and am currently using them. One of the colours says it is low. Is it safe to wait until it refuses to print any more from that colour, or should I change the cartridge as soon as it registers as low? Will the OEM cartridges protect the printer from running completely dry on that colour?

gfx satya says:

hi jose this is satya from India, thank for u r suggestions, what about Epson 3885 printer?
we are the home photo printers, we used EPSON 3885 printers

Ed Bear says:

With thermal printheads…you can instantly restore the printing quality for $30….no worries…no more wasted expensive service calls….Epson printheads cost 200-700 each..if you are a print service provider….you can’t tolerate dirty nozzles and wasted expensive media….more restful nights in general…..besides Epson printers can’t print red properly

Rivij says:

Jose, this is another great video. I do spend money printing at home, but, printing at home really just makes my photography experience feel complete, and to me it is worth it. I know that may sound a bit dumb, but that’s how I feel. In addition to that, I do sell prints too and one thing that I noticed is that people seem to be more impressed when I tell that them I do my own prints, I’m not sure why this is.

Now something that I just learned from this video, something that is very important, is that I must use my Canon Pro 10 at least once per week to keep the printer from clogging, that’s really good to know, thanks.

Dave Cruikshank says:

Thank you for a very informative & honest video. I currently have a Pro-100, and I just got a Pro-10. I purchased an HP Pro B8190 5 years ago. It was excellent while it worked, but ultimately an unreliable design that HP dumped. Very happy with Pro-100 images. I use it for quick turn emergency prints, personal work, & B&W. I found out from another video of yours that I’m using more ink than expected due to cleaning cycles from not enough printing. Like you suggested I got my Pro-100 with all supplies & 50 sheets of 13×19 paper on Craigslist for $120.00.
We were recently blessed by picking up a Pro-10 the same way for only $50.00. I actually felt guilty buying it for such a low price, but I reacted the fastest and got it. I love your YouTube Channel on Printing and consider you an expert.

R Clarke says:

Thank you so much Jose, I really got a lot of info from you that most others don’t talk about….I am an armature photographer and really do like printing my own work…im going to buy an a3 printer and really enjoyed your video….its good to see there are people out here that can give good common scene info to us armatures :)Raphael Clarke

Ugo Grandolini says:

Thank you so much Joseph for your clues! I am thinking to buy a printer to sell my images but I’m not sure if I will print every week – at least initially. Your suggestions are really appreciated.

SBell1959 says:

I really enjoying watching your videos. Thanks. What do you think of the Canon PIXMA IP8720 Printers?

James Kelly says:

Thank you!

Jazmyn Suszynski says:

I have a question not sure if you can email me. Email is I’m looking for a printing and i don’t know much about printing. I’d like to save money on prints. I’m looking for a printer that can print lots of prints ( not too slow) for art. So good quality art work on cardstock 80Ib can you please point me in the right direction. Kinda on a budget. I’ll be printing on size 11*17 Thank you!

Danvil says:

Jose, excellent video. You didn’t come across as too harsh. You came across as a professional that is asking people to be realistic. I love good prints, but won’t print once a week, so I’m probably not a good candidate for a pro home printer. Thanks for your straight forward message.

Walmaro Mendoza says:

My wife wants me to get a color printer for not so often good quality photos but I need a printer that could scan and print both sides automatically. Please help me find the best all in one color printer.

Aaron Erickson says:

I have a HP Envy 5540, since I already have this printer and I have HP Premium Plus Photo Paper 8.5 x 11 I want to make this work. I print these photos on high quality and I tried setting to different preferences for the type of paper. I tried everything, but the photos come out super saturated in wet ink. People’s faces look like poor quality and blurry. Regular paper has mind blowing good quality, but my photo paper has trouble. I don’t know what to do, this is really hard to Google search for.

cresha47 says:

What printer would you recommend for printing on fabric? I need one that has great small detail and vibrant colors

Miguel Parada says:

I appreciate your explanation on the advantages of different ink cartridges (i.e. dyes vs. pigments), I can now make a more informed choice when buying inks for the job at hand.

syrnik11 says:

thank you !!!

Jean-Marc Turmes says:

Dear Jose, I’m really struggling on deciding between the P800 and the Pro-1000 right now… Leaning towards the Epson because of the lower footprint and A2 plus capability, but I’m worried about the non-replaceable print head. Could you be so nice as to give me your opinion on the 2 printers? You seem to REALLY know your printers 🙂
Best regards,

jose garcia says:

Thank Mr. Rodriguez your video was full of good info.may look into getting the cannon p1

shahid khan says:

which laser printer is best for pictures???

fcchelsea136 says:

I have a question for you: So I’m entering college and will need a printer that can hold up well with normal black and white printing. I’m going for Marketing so I’m also going to be doing some graphic design so it must be color as well. Scanning and copying are extras that I can’t really see myself using but I won’t mind if they are there. HOWEVER, (and this is the catch) I’m also an amateur photographer and I would really like a printer with good photo quality (preferably at least 8×12 but I’ll take what I can get). Most of my final products that I plan to give away or keep I produce using mpix since they are obviously much better printers than I ever will be, but I’d like to be able to do my own test prints of good quality just to get an eye for how it will look before I send out for it and have to wait for production and shipping and all that. I’m looking somewhere in the $200-$400 dollar range. After researching, I’m leaning towards the Canon pro 100, but I didn’t know if your experienced perspective could give some insight for my specific situation. Thanks so much!

R Clarke says:

I’m looking at the Epson 1500w…also the Canon Pxma 100s…but
not sure which is cheaper in the long run …I.E, the use of Ink …I want good
prints because im in a camera club and would like to win the odd competition,


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