Canon Selphy CP910 Review

Here is a review of the Canon Selphy CP910:

I really love this Canon Selphy. This little guy can really do a great job and it is so quick to use. I know that it can seem a little intimidating but just follow my video and you can see how simple it is to use. Once you get the hang of the steps, you can really do this in a matter of minutes.

This printer is great for anyone wanting to get a quick picture off their phone or computer. If you wanted to get 100’s of pictures at one sitting it might not be very cost effective, but if your like me and an avid scrapbooker, this is great for those couple pictures for that layout you want to do.

I take you step by step through the process of wireless through your phone.

3:20 I use my IPhone for this review, and I show you the FREE Apps that I used to connect to the Selphy.

7:45 See how fast it prints wirelessly from your phone. Be sure that you have enough room in the back so it does not get scratched during the process.

9:50 You will see what happens if it gets bumped during the process.

10:55 You can see how I print directly from a USB thumb drive. I hope you like my little green thumb drive. I think he’s cute!

10:55 I also go through the menu and what you can choose to do with your pictures like cropping, red eye, date of print, color/black and white, and how many you want to print on sheet.

15:59 My two thumbs up review of the Canon Selphy CP910 Review

For all you scrapbookers out there!!!

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isabelle cajfinger says:

It prints the yellow version then stops and says paper is the wrong size, yet I have changed nothing in the settings and it did print in yellow in that size. it does not go back to put the other layer of colours….would you know how to get him to continue printing? Is it because it needs more ink? Wouldn’t it say change ink cartridges?

Marjorie Dillard says:

Im buy one. I love your pic s and printer.good job

MChina2 says:

Can you connect multiple devices? Thinking of using it for a wedding, can a table of people all connect individually & print from their own phones?

sahnie82 says:

LOL the usb is sooo cute! Great review!

Владимир Л says:

just 5 photos???

Junaid G says:


Muaathe Aziz says:

Thank you, what kind of battery it takes?

Duongthong Le says:


Marcella Raplee says:

great video and easy to follow….thanks!!

Christina Audet says:

I know this is old but u dont need the second app you can use any photo app like google photos etc.

Hans Brandt says:

Its INSTANTLY DRY because it was never wet, you stupid bitch! Its dye sublimation!


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Keekeesdaily says:

Do you have to use the canon photo paper or can you use any 6×4 photo paper?

Jolinar Setesh says:

Nice !

Cutey Mee says:

Is this an X Ray machine or what

jmcc2k10 says:

Its so expensive to print your own photos compared to just buying them online. You can always get deals, i just got 150 photos printed for £4 including delivery, printing them by yourself just cant compete with that price.

KrazyJazz99 says:

can you use this with an android phone?

Marjorie Dillard says:

great video I love your pic s

William Henneberger says:

Could I print a shipping label on this?

prchix says:

Great review thank you for the info!

Junaid G says:


munaqaba muttazawija says:

perfect! I was looking for this type of printer. thank you <3

06 하율 says:


Tupper Mom says:

Thank you for such a great review, it answer many of my questions as I got one but got stuck thinking how it works. Thanks again.

Sumber Seven says:

how much in hongkong price

Fay Lommen says:

Can u use any type of photo paper?

LillyxLeo says:

thank u so much for this great vid ♡ it’s an amazing gadget!I’m gonna buy it ^^

Yolanda Wilkerson says:

I have a Samsung note5  I cant seem to make  my phone and printer work together

To Lo says:

2 thumbs up for your review.
Canon should reward you !!

Adem gm says:


Jungkook oppa says:

thank u

NinjaWarriorDude says:

Its pretty good. Just in instructions on how to connect your phone to printer directly is not good. They never said that you have to download the app. Once I found out that you dont need a router or a wifi network… cuz the printer has ts own wifi built in it and you connect it directly to the phone via the canon app to the printer.

Android Fever says:

Es una mierda de camara. La compre para imprimir fotografias imprimi7 de las cuales 2 salieron con alguna manchita de color. Y lo peor es que despues de 6 meses sin usarla cuando por fin la voy a usar ya ha petado. El peor producto que he comprado en mi vida y me fastidia que sea de canon.

My Video /Makkah city says:

Hi ….great video and I like your language

Hector Pagan says:

Great video,I’m buying one today thanks for the review.

Irene Anderson says:

My Selphi is only printing portrait and not landscape. I so hope you can help me. I’m one of your subscribers. Love your channel. Easy to understand and professionally done

Vu Tran says:

I’m sorry but try to sensor the numbers

daniel picardal says:

even if its new ink paper or empty ink paper but its new

maria 502 says:

OMG I barely speak English but you talk very clear and understandeble that i felt bilingual for a moment. thanks for the explanation!

06 하율 says:


daniel picardal says:

how to fix cannot detect ink paper of this printer

galecrafts - ( The Happy Stamper ) says:

HI there,
Not sure if you might know the answer to my question, but I am going to give it a shot. I have a iPhone 6 and have been using the camera to take my pictures. Lately, when I go to print, I just go through the Selphy App on my phone directly, I don’t use Pic Frame or anything, but when I go to print – the pictures are blown up and distorted. They look fine on my camera roll and they are great when I post them to FB. But when I print them on my Selphy or even take them to Walgreens, they are blown up. ANy suggestions would be geatly appreciated dear, I am scouring FB trying to figure out how to correct this this.
Gale The Happy Stamper 🙂

i Smile Sawbir says:

Can you help my selphy cp910 display…

Communication error! Check the printer power and printer connections.

Zacklee zacks says:

Great video thanks. And OMG you got mail!!!!

Yadav paudel says:

my canon selphy printer is blank print out how to solve plz reply me

safana Albayti says:

i dont realy like ink printer but thanx 4 review u are the best

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