Canon SELPHY CP 1300 printer review

Review of Canon CP-1300 photo printer by Gordon Laing.
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Dawid Bober says:

Hello Gordon. From what You are saying this is a good printer. Would you recommend this printer to someone who wants to earn some penny’s by printing ID photos? Yes you said so it has ID option but is it worth buying for that reason or there is something else you would consider? Thank you for testing this printer and your point of view. Your videos are nice to watch and there is always I can learn from. Please keep this high standards going.

Chuck Patterson says:

Great review!

Jason Lant says:

Which cassestte do I need for the CP1300 to print credit card size?

Ed says:

Gordon, In the US most 1 hr labs allow uploading over the web and pick up within one hour. Walmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, Sams, BJs, Costco, Target etc.. Even some professional camera shops do as well.

MrNinainaide says:

The colour produced by this printer is great! Nice video by the way, very informative.
I do have one cp printer from Canon (CP1200), and I have to say I am not particularly happy with the results coming out of that printer. The colour on the final print look significantly different from what I was expecting. Granted, this may be caused by the fact that my computer monitor is off. However, I do not think my monitor is the key problem here.

So I wonder if you have made any adjustments to the printer (they do offer some colour and clarity adjustments in the printer) before printing any photos.

I even tried to print pure black and white photos with my CP1200, but I got some unpleasant brownish cast on the final product. Do you have any clue what might be the problem?

Vickie Copeland says:

I have just research online. Was just curious which is most economical to use plus getting decent pictures. Thank you, enjoyed your video on this one.

Paul Temple says:

So cool to take on holiday and print off stuff for people as mementos. Not that I go on holiday with anyone anymore or can afford the printer, it would have been fabulous for me 25 years ago lol.

Jessica C-B says:

Hi Gordon, i just unboxed my cp1300 and the two first prints have one or 2mm line or streak at the bottom where the ink is a different color … also, how can i adjust the size of the picture before it prints so it is well centered?
Thankyou !

Vickie Copeland says:

Have you tried the HP Sprocket? Your thoughts.

Greg Wallis says:

That was really helpful, many thanks.

Jvi Mer says:

Salutations from California, thanks for the info.

VIDEO&MUSICEditor says:

hi, how do i get it to print on a 4×6 photo paper thats not the ones that came with the canon?

Jan Andrade says:

great review Gordon! i Have a few questions though as i am really interested in buying a portable printer. Can you add custom borders on your photos? And is this any good for black and white photos?

Gazzara says:

Good Gordon as always

Jed Teng says:

Can you use any type of paper or theres one specifically for the printer?

black rose 89 - says:

Is this only for i phone???Not android??

mick m4/3 says:

Canon have produced several Selphy printers and they all have a major problem.  Dye sublimation printers use heat to transfer ink from the “film” to the paper, and a small fan is used.  Fans attract dust.  On each colour pass the photo comes out and back, and attracts fine dust in the room, no matter how clean your home is !  My printer suffered three dust particles which show up as white blobs on the photo so I stopped using it.  Please be advised that this is a common problem.  I go to to shop that has the latest Kodak dye sub printer, all printing is carried out inside the printer.  I have never had a problem and the results are excellent.

Djmartinico M says:

You need ink for the printer

Ryan Villanueva says:

A bit bigger but better then Instax

Stef A says:

Hi Gordon, I got the printer today. Have you tried to print some black and white images? I set the printer to B&W but when I print some B&W images the final result looks a bit pinky if compared to the original. How did you optimize it for B&W? Thanks much.

Calvin Chann says:

It’s cheaper and higher definition than Instax.

Kenya Hughes says:

This video was quite helpful

shown S says:

Hi Sir, How long will the ink cartridges last approximately?

Mike Santis says:

I’ve got an older Selphy and I’m so happy for it. By the way Gordon you are almost on 100.000 subscribers!!! Way to go. Great!

Ev S says:

Oh my gosh ! What a great review. I have been listening to others trying to review this printer and it was taking them so long I wanted to scream . So glad I found your review. This is how a review of a product should go.


gee i wished the british would speak regular english…

Isaac Lepulu says:

what phones do they work on?

1 Subscriver Without Any Videos Challenge says:

Does it need special paper ?

Ahmad Arsalan says:

#Canon Japan

mick m4/3 says:

Gordon. I should have added to my comment below that I now have your In Camera book, superb !

Ashvin Ambegaonker says:

Gordon, I hope you are okay. I am worried about your shaky hands.

blitzboll says:

Hi, do you think this is better or the Kodak Photo Printer Dock?

Jaeger Bravely says:

Youve probably gotten this question abunch before, but Im really on the fence about buying cp1200 or the cp1300.
The difference is about $20 for the cp1300 from where Im looking, but so far, I havent really seen any differences between the two …
While $20 dollars aint much, Im not seeing much of an upgrade to even warrant paying that much more

krish arts & photography says:

Sir ,
Nice video.
Does the printer use pigment ink or a dye based ink ?!
Thank you 🙂

Megan Bott says:

Looks so much better than Local grocery store’s photo quality. Thanks you for sharing !

Andriy Kryvtsun says:

Is it possible to print on this printer from Fuji X100F camera directly?

Ben Welles says:

Neat device. I’m sure it was mentioned in the video, but is the printer only compatible with Canon cameras? I can see a lot of uses for this printer with how light and mobile it is.

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