Canon PIXMA Pro 10 REVIEW Click Here for the FULL Written Review.

I will NEVER OWN an Inkjet Printer, at least that is what I thought. I have been very outspoken for years about printing at home and how it could not match a “real” print. Well, the time has come and my eyes have been opened by the Canon Pixma Pro 10 inkjet printer.

When Canon asked me if I would like to review the Pixma Pro 10 I said sure as long as you send me enough ink and paper for me to properly run some real world tests. I was always under the impression that the ink was way to expensive and in combination with purchasing paper I should just order prints online. No its not all roses and butterflies for inkjet printers but I will break it down for you in this full in-depth review.

First things first lets take a look at the costs involved with owning this inkjet printer. The printer itself will run you $700 at most retailers including Allens Camera. You have to ask yourself how many prints could I make for $700 at a lab? Other costs involved include the ink which runs $14.99 ea and you will need 10 cartridges to keep this bad boy up and running. (the printer comes with a full set up ink right out of the box)

You also have to take into consideration what inkjet paper you are going to purchase along with what size. There are a lot of companies that makes inkjet paper but for this review I used just the Canon Pro Luster 13×19 inch. The Pixma Pro 10 can print paper up to 13×19 inches full bleed. That means it will use the entire paper surface and not leave a white border. Since I do not crop my work I only printed 12×18 sized images on the 13×19 sheet of paper.

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Joseph Perez says:

I think that he was seeing the hues from the traffic light behind him lol… the light color was matching the hue he was mentioning!

Trent Sizemore says:

Ordering a fine art paper print online at 12×18″ is $50+ from WHCC. Printing yourself should yield a profit pretty quickly if you’re selling prints.

Juan Carlos Posada says:

Hello Jared, what kind of paper did you use?? Thanks

Todd Roy says:

Does anyone know how to make this damn printer print?!!!!!!!! I’ve tried everything, and it keeps saying to load paper. I’ve had canon, Apple and Adobe take control of my computer and so far, it still don’t print. Does anybody know what to do?

Danvil says:

I’d love to flick a Camel into Fro’s hair for shits and giggles. I’m sure he supported that bitch, Hitlery. Fuck her & her athletic supporters!

Zach Hodgson says:

Will this print on either matte or glossy vinyl?

Ted dibiasi says:

loved the review but im not buying that shit thing!
it looks nice but it will give you a headache!

Rami says:

I love this channel

Johno F says:

I’m all about USB connection to my printer. After all, it about 3 feet away. Use it or lose it with in-house printing.

twill240sx says:

lmao “brick shit house” priceless

allen alesna says:

How about the longevity of the print. Ink prints are known to fade over time much quicker than wet/chemical process prints. And we’re talking about a huuuge factor.

Paulo Parreira says:

Why does your DarthVader voice seems like Homer Simpson? 🙂

Gregory Smith says:

If you can catch the “Canon week” at your local photo store, you can get one for $250 out the door, and then send in the $200 rebate.

Bertziethegreat says:

After a mail in rebate, my Pixma Pro-100 cost me a whopping $10.

Not a bad deal imo.

LuEightySix says:

12:55 “Can YOU see a difference?” – *takes off glasses* lol

Dan Klesh says:

Major took

Moto_rider says:

Fro Vader sounds like Donald Trump.

Maloy7800 says:

What do you think he’d look like shaved and with his hair cut properly?

B. Franklin Music says:

I wonder how color deficient photographers manage. I always get my colors mixed up in my day to day.

k. hudson says:

Your Vader is more of a Darth Homer… great video really help me with my printer search.

Gerald Moncrief says:

This is the second video of yours I watched about canon Printers. Really like your reviews with one difference. I am just a hobbyist but I still push prints because I think we should leave our children something more than your wall of pictures on FaceBook. I use mines to decorate my wall with my own pictures so it’s more personal than having someone else’s print.

RealestRealist says:

This guy is cool . . he’s Bob Ross but with posters and all

mohamed nekbil says:

Hi there, have a great day, so i really loved this machine and i want to buy one from you so i just wanted to ask if you can ship to algeria or no and if you can then let me here or on twitter i just followed you @nekbil_violin
thanks 🙂

Eric Mazzone says:

14 prints and only used the Photo Black. Then why have I had to change out 4 of my cartridges after only 7 prints?

afiq nasir says:

Great discussion !

khloe38 says:

I have my almost new Pro 10 for sale on ebay:
Great printer. I just won’t be able to use it for the project I purchased it for.

Jayno Design says:

Can you print with this printer on a canvas ?

yesmanhk says:

3 years later, the price is $3xx after $150 rebate from canon canada. what you think? i dont need the print out for customers

Julio Benitez says:

No man, tropezaste cuando te has disfrazado.

Richard Hoffman says:

I just got a new Pro 10 at a local shop for $380, including a free pack of 13×19 paper. With the $250 rebate, final cost to me is $130, which is less than the cost of the ink it comes with. Quite thrilled.

B&H and BuyDig had the same deal mail-order, but I’d always rather buy local.

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