Canon Pixma Pro-1 Printer: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Adorama Photography TV presents the Canon Pixma Pro-1 Printer. This week Mark reviews the all new high resolution, profession printer from Canon. Watch as Mark demonstrates the features and benefits of this incredibly accurate 12-pigment ink printer. See how Canon’s new Chroma Optimizer technology helps to faithfully reproduce a rich range of tones and contrast.

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Wolfgang Eckert says:

what frame system is this behind u?

Julio Claudio says:

Hi Mark, the printer looks awesome, but I use only nikon stuff… so would I have the same performace, I mean, nikon canon they are kind of concurrence

Thom Bryan says:

Hello there,
I’m looking for a printer to print greetings cards. This printer seems to have everything I need but I am concerned that it may not be able to print on heavy enough paper. (up to about 280g/m2)

Can you tell me the maximum this will do through both trays?
On the cannon site it says you can print up to 300g/m2 on Canon special media. Will it do this with normal paper that isn’t the canon stuff? Is this just a marketing ploy?

Johnathan Spencer says:

i need one of those

The Cake Is A Lie says:

I like @5:20 when he used the colour passport and claims the colours are an exact match, and I suppose they are….. Until you use your eyes and look at the image!!!

Karadjordje Trkulja says:

36 dollars each?!?!?!?!

384842 says:

Is the Epson SureColor® P600 better or this one is the best?

Shahiz Almonte says:

A high quality photo printer, yes.
do you realize how much a high quality camera lens cost?

its certainly not a cheap hobbie

Ferdy Widjaja says:

can i use fancy paper ?

Darryl McKillop says:

Might be some carefully applied double sided tape.

unapro3 says:

@ 5:19 sorry dude, they do not match exactly. For instance, it is easy to see the difference on the grey color, very bottom row, third in from right….big difference. they all look a little different. I wouldn’t normally be so picky, but he did go out of his way to say “an exact match”

Tug Haines says:

“Ink Tinks”

Rose Reklam says:

rosereklamcompany@gmail. com

Rose Reklam says:

كيف لي الحصول على الطابعة انا في كوردستان العراق

bandaal1 says:

the photo printer that is in the walmart, how about that?

Mr. Sgt At Arms says:

Where can you get the white boarders he is using around the photo?

undeadelite says:

It has the Chroma! That’s why it costs so much, but i would watch out for the Oracle if i were you

Matthew Ligotti says:

How about the Pro-10 or Pro-100? Comparison would help the most, please!

Craig Atkins says:

Are the inks archival?… If not how long do they last before any fading starts to appear?

osama hamd says:

يا راجل إشرح بالعربى

001photo says:

it’s a little steep, but you get what you pay for. even epson’s r3000 is around $800.00 and it’s a 9 ink system with smaller ink cartridges (higher long-term operating cost) and no chroma optimizer. so if you put things into perspective the canon pro-1 is a reasonable value compared to the r3000.

beri pepo says:

Why don’t you print one photo from that printer and show it how good it makes them

Moraya Filitropy says:

2:19, how about just ordering the paints in bottles ( these are sold). and re-inject the paint in the individual cartridges

bison group says:

Is it possible to make my printer accessible for anyone in the wifi radius of the printer.??. no password nothing, appreciate any help

michal bla says:

what is the best photo paper for this printer?

Well Hello There says:

whats the benifit of the pro 1 vs the pro 100?

Jamie Soto says:

i just got my pixma pro 100 and im getting blobs of ink on my prints what am I doing wrong

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