Zink Photo Paper Compare – Polaroid Premium, PoGo and LG Paper – 1 Minute Solution

Tested with Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer
Zink Photo Paper tested: Polaroid Premium ZINK Paper,

LG Pocket photo Paper, PoGo ZINK Photo Paper.

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DN says:

Dude Im from UB too 🙂

NadyuLife says:

Very useful! Thank you.

J Cap says:

How do you use a different zink paper without getting the error message that says paper is “mismatched”?

Lao Ocean says:

Thank you for the review, it was really helpful! I appreciate this hack.

Ice Tea says:

Thanks for the review bro!

OmR Samdani says:

One of the more sensible videos around because you actually made comparisons of the same images across 3 types of papers! I learned something about the papers. Thanks! 🙂

michelle p says:

This is awesome!! Thank you so much for your help.

Stephanie Brownfield says:

Great review!!! Exactly what I was looking for.

goldensdomain says:

Thank you very much for this comparison video! It is extremely useful.

MSH3423 says:

thank you for doing the review!!!!!

UKCampsite.co.uk says:

Really useful, thank you

BlushnBlue says:

I have a nature photo that looks beautiful snowy gray and the polaroid with the zip came out pretty but had warm tones . I really wanted that snowy white effect…I will give the pogo paper a try……thank you so much for this comparison.

Crystal Holmes says:

Great information! Thanks.

Coco Yuen says:

lots of details,,, thanks!!

Damian Brown says:

Great comparison!

hisetip says:

when i put the POGO paper in my zip/snap Polaroid camera, what blue paper should i use? The premium polaroid blue barcode paper or the PoGo one?

wowgabewow says:

Great review, thanks!

See Nomore says:

..You Guys Better Think About The Battery. It Will Die..Then Who Ya Gonna Call?
If it Works on AC OR USB OK.. BUT The Battery Gonna Die Guys!

nhiepanh giadinh says:

Zink Photo Paper Compare – Polaroid Premium, PoGo and LG Paper – . Polaroid Zip printer version 2016 http://nhiepanhgiadinh.com/polaroid-zip-mobile-printer-may-in-1-1-1473717.html

LolliMolly09 says:

Great comparison, it was very helpful! I’m surprised that I like the cheapest paper results the best!

jezvision says:

Thanks for doing this review, it helped me decide which ZINK paper to stock up on!

xibecaire says:

LG, Polaroid Zip or Instax Wich is the better???

Alain F. says:

does the picture change color over time?
i read about some picture expose to indoor light turning yellow over less then 1 year

quasimad00 says:

best review! thanks : )

TripMcSleazestack says:

Great Comparison!

BrainGig says:

Great video. Glad someone knows their colors 🙂

IU-Connect 外国人と話して、世界とつながる says:

This was a great review. Thanks so much for this.

mgkhalli says:

how are these papers with the polaroid snap??

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