Yes, you can Produce EXCELLENT Prints on Matte Papers using the CANON Pro 100

Everyone knows how well DYE ink based Phot Printers perform on Glossy and other media with a sheen.
But just how well do they perform printing on MATTE papers and Matte Art Media?
Well the CANON PRO-100 with its 8 color ink set including Black and Gray and Light Gray actually does an outstanding job on MATTE! Who thought!
But what about those of use who use 3rd Party inks such as those sold by
Well it performs amazingly!!!!
Specially when utilizing PC’s own custom made profiles from a ton os different papers and they older and newer ink set. I reccommend the new ink set 100%
I Hope this video can demostrate the results I’ve just obtained using the PC inks with CANON PRO PREMIUM MATTE paper and PC’s D-50 Profile for the PRO-100

Please watch: “EPSON P800 Chip Decoder unfortunately DID NOT WORK!”


Edgar Ibarria says:

Does the Hahnemuhle Rag Paper print well on the Canon Pro 100?


Hi Jose, I have tried Qimage on my iMac using ‘crossover’ as an interface.
The program itself works fine, with improvements to images but it will not communicate correctly with the printer, it reports data being sent to printer but nothing happens.
Think my options will might have to be to install ‘Windows’ as extra OS or buy a windows machine to run the program.
Like the idea of you printing other peoples images.

Michael Takemoto says:

Do the Precision Ink profiles work better just for Precision Ink ink or do they also work better when using Canon ink?

smctunes says:

Also, I’m working my way through my initial set of inks that came with the printer (I’ve got my precisioncolor inks waiting in the wings…), and I’m struggling a bit with black on matte paper, which is what led me to this video of yours. I’ve been trying different things, but even printing 100% black vector designs isn’t giving me that punch I am looking for. Everything has a greyish, somewhat washed out appearance. I’m far from being a pro at printing, so any advice here would be totally helpful. Thank you, sir.

Richard Kitchen says:

Took a look at AlbumnDS. Since you have recommended it, it is worthy of consideration. Yes, I’d enjoy seeing why you’ve selected it, and how it fits in your workflow.

gotcameras says:

awesome video like always ,, i cant wait to get me a set of inks from p.c.

LAHegarty says:

Another great video.

Pat B says:

Many thanks for all your videos. Incredibly useful. If you were to recommend a 100s vs 10s for BW printing. Which one is the better choice?

Jesus Saenz says:

Another great video, Jose!

I ordered 6 boxes of the matte paper from Canon, I am a big fan of matte paper and have been rather happy with the results that I’ve had using Moab Lasal photo matte and Hahnemuhle Bamboo fine art (both were purchase from Craigslist, I got two boxes of the bamboo 13×19 for $30). I am curious to try the PC color profile of the canon matte paper with these other papers.

I read somewhere that this Canon Premium Photo Matte is being made for them by Hahnemuhle, do you know if that is true?


jesus s.

smctunes says:

In large part due to your videos I have bought this printer for use in the graphic design program I’m taking. Thank you for all of your wisdom, guru.

jesin s says:

You are so natural and have such a calming personality . I really appreciate the content of your videos 🙂

Larry Marx says:

I have watched your videos since buying my Pro100 printer. You have a great manner. Thanks.

Dave Cruikshank says:

I can really see the difference using the correct Icc profiles. On the B&W the difference was like a 4 ink set on regular copy paper vs an 8-10 ink set on proper photo paper. Or Draft vs High Quality. Thank you for Sharing.

damonandtristan says:

This is a very informative video! Thank you for making it. Some ideas for future videos might be:
1. Video on procedures for minimizing fungal growth during ink handling
2. Comparison of matte papers on the Canon Pixma Pro 100 (Canon/Staples/Red River)
3. Optimum settings for matte prints using the Pro 100 (which is what I was looking for when I found this video)

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