What is the best Paper for my Prints? The Question with no correct answer!

This is a daily question in Printer Forums! Of course there is no real answer as this is entirely an individual choice by you the photographer who prints your own images.
Certain images just scream for certain papers and processing. B&W? COLOR? Again it is all about you and your preferences!
Some images lend themselves to a nice soft super smooth Matte paper. Others to a glossy and others yet, to a rough water color surface. Some love a Baryta coated paper. Others scream for a metallic paper!
Best way to find out what works for you? Get paper sample packs from a few paper makers, print some images on them and then sit back and for the next several days, evaluate them. You will then find what pleases you. If none, then try other papers!!! You will find one combo that works the best for your images and your tastes!

Please watch: “EPSON P800 Chip Decoder unfortunately DID NOT WORK!”


moshe mallal says:

like it,thank’s

Homer Dj0nt says:

Hey Jose, been watching a lot of your videos, very useful information and you are some expert on the subject, I wanted to know if you could give me a more concrete opinion when the goal is to print colorful(maybe ocasional B&W) aerial/landscape/panoramic photos, do you have a guess on what paper would work best? Also what is the best budget/quality paper print brand you recommend, I mean cost-benefit?

Kaye Art says:

are you able to print on canon pixma pro 100?

Ludwig Barnes says:

After watching some of your vids, I purchased a pro-100. And loving it!

You’ve answered so many questions that I have

The next time you see a deal on Pro Luster paper, can you let us know with a vid?

Once again. Thanks for all your help!

Diana Espin says:

Aquí para los de habla hispana desde Miami. Cómo estas? Soy una de tus seguidores y pupilas diría yo. Estoy muy agradecida por tus videos! he aprendido y descifrado mil cositas y fuiste la razón por la que decidí dar el paso de comprar un Canon para imprimir mi trabajo. Gracias por la inspiración, el esfuerzo, la disciplina y dedicación. Admirable. – Tengo una Pregunta sobre el papel Matte de Staples que mencionas. Es un material interesante pero no se muy bien que combinación de MEDIA y ICC Profile utilizar para imprimir con ese material. Nos puedes dar unos tips? Gracias!

Ibleedpaint says:

Very useful info. I ordered the Redriver sample pack and love the polar pearl metallic. One thing though, I notices a few small pinhead size spots flaking off both sample prints. Is this an issue or does this paper just need to be coated with something? I love this paper but I’m selling prints and need it to be durable.

Dave Cruikshank says:

I have a few packs of Ilford Premium Photo Pearl 4×6. I’d like to use them on my Pro-100, any idea what to set the paper type as? Ilford has no information on this paper on their website, it must be discontinued. I really want to print images of my grandson. I will be buying Red River to go with my Precisioncolor refills but I’d really like to try this first. Thank you for all of your assistance Jose.

diosoth says:

I don’t print photos even though the few photos I printed on my printer, a Canon Pixma iX6820 came out rather good. I’m mainly printing artwork and I prefer 110lb index cardstock for this. The 2 brands I find for this type of paper are Springhill Digital or Neenah, do you have any experience with either brand, is one better quality than the other? Neenah has lots of Amazon reviews but Springhill has very few so it’s difficult to use those as a real comparison.

Marilyn Zanca says:

Hi Jose, can you give me some idea on how to turn off the colour management?, I have a button that says turn off colour adjustment My screen should be the same as your screen.  Epson 1400 mines Epson 1410.

Johno F says:

Hi Jose, great insight on papers. I have a question though. Do you recommend to do a Color Munki paper to profile match on every paper? (I mean the whole print out of targets/readings etc.). I have done it a few times but truly never made a real comparison. Is it truly worth the ink on ‘every’ paper, even the least used ones? I realize this is a question much like “What’s the best paper” question. Thanks for all your great work.

Сергей Курятков says:

Have you eve tried printing with some exotic inks, like fluorescent inks?

Ron Pate says:

Jose, I know you’re a fan of Canon Luster but can you tell me the difference in the look of the print between luster and semi-gloss? I have quite a bit of semi-gloss but am not opposed to offering both for my prints. I’d just like to know the pro or cons of each. Thanks a lot!

pesto12601 says:

Like the new fade-in intro.. 🙂 Thx for the video as always… love my Red River!

Charles Rene de Cotret says:

Jose, thank you so much for all your videos. I very much enjoy them and the more I watch the more I print. I just wish I could take shots as nice as you 🙂 Maybe I’ll get there some day..! I was wondering, would you be able to let us know where you got that luster paper from china? And what size is it? I know you mentioned ebay. is the seller still around? After going through a ream of Kirkland paper, I eventually got a large order in from Red River. I am from Canada, we dont get the canon buy 1 get 9 free and these days the exchange rate has been terrible. Perhaps some deals on good paper are to be found out in China but it’s so hard to filter out the good from the bad stuff there.

Swoop7777777 says:

I’ve seen several of your vids and you seem to shove the RR paper…I ordered that crap on your recommendation and I could not have been more disappointed in the end result.  Their polar pearl crap is just…well, crap.

Marilyn Zanca says:

5126 red river paper 68lb. UltraPro Satin 4.0 13×38 15 Sheets. Jose is this size actually 13x38inch. that size I found on the river paper website. I just wanted to know that its actually talking about inches? for my Epson 1410

Julian Schulz says:

Hey Jose,
I use the epson p800. Now I heard that it uses pigment based ink. Another member in the form mentioned that one should use pearl / luster / semi gloss paper with pigment based ink. Is that statement correct and will the final result be better on those papers instead of the high gloss paper I use right now ?

Best wishes from Germany, keep the good work up !

Wolf Mountain Images says:

Have you had an luck printing canvas prints on the Canon Pro 10?

tastemysaucer says:

Smart move by Canon; give away paper so people use tons more ink.

callmeloona says:

I enjoy using metallic paper from different brands. But it doesn’t work with all the subjects. I found that foliage, mountains, trees and people look weird when printed on it. However photos with a lot of sky or water in them look fantastic!
I am still learning how to use matte maper and so far my favorite is Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte.

Luc Poirier says:

Hi Jose
Quite an interesting subject. Yeas ago (10+ years) when I had a canon 9000 with dye inks that finally died with totally clogged channels, I bought many sheets of Ilford gallery classic gloss paper 13X19 inch. Can I use them on my epson 3880 (pigmented inks) , and recalibrate them with the CMKi Photo ?

LaughingLion4Ever says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

KAnnDavidson - says:

Thank you! This was very helpful. I felt so so lost about how to even approach picking out paper. Never thought about ordering sample packs or even that they were available 🙂

Marilyn Zanca says:

I don’t have to actually buy winzip, in order to download icc profiles for my Epson printer, and for papers. I don’t have a copy of winzip

Elliot L2 says:

Hey Jose, long shot but.. do you know if they have these kinds of ‘deals’ on the UK site?

Cliff Medina says:

Hi Jose,

Is paper affected if exposed to light for a few days?

I printed something that the paper was sitting exposed to the light…The Color was way off….. CYAN.

The next print that “was not” exposed to the light, and it was fine???

Roberts TV says:

Your videos are terrific. I settled on 11×17: MFC-J5830DW Brother inkjet. Will let you know how it prints. Hammermill is sending me free samples. Will try their paper and Epson and a couple others.

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