Unwrapping Gallery Photos on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper


I recorded this video for a few different reasons, one of course being that I am quite excited about all my new photos and the upcoming show this weekend, and additionally for all my family, friends and any fans I may have who fall outside the aforementioned categories to share in this pretty cool little event in my life.

The last reason though is for anyone else who may be considering printing on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper. I had noticed an overwhelming lack of videos when I was originally doing my research so I figured this may help others in the future.

I can say that without a doubt this paper is of a very high quality and while I absolutely love the quality and the effect it has on my photos, I can state that it should definitely not be used for all of your photos. Pick and choose which photos you wish to stand out and the ones you don’t.

Enough of my rambling, enjoy the video. 🙂

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Jewels Photography says:

I don’t have my photos enhanced – let them be as they are calibrated on my computer. Miller’s Photo Lab out of Missouri

aarong311 says:

did you use the adoramapix auto correct for these?

shnooska says:

thanks for sharing.. I was just ordering on that site w that paper and wanted to see the quality.

cdreyes81 says:

Are you saying to top the brightness for metallic prints? If so by how much

taoandren says:

Thanks for sharing. Was looking for a real, moving example of the metallic paper offered at Adoramapix before purchasing.

Joshua Harrison says:

Thanks for the video!  I’ve ordered prints on metallic paper before.  I’m still trying to decide though which type of paper I prefer my nature and landscape  images on.  I mean, the colors in the metallic paper are definitely much bolder and the metallic paper makes your images pop.  On the other hand, matte gives a much smoother look in my opinion.  I guess it just depends on the photo for me  🙂

I Msyu says:

Great video but like you said you had poor lighting :(. Try lots of daylight lighting or led daylight bulb, for the next video. In the future do you think you will do a comparison of the (luster, glossy, matte, metallic)? from adormamapix? I am new to printing and i don’t know which paper is nice and better for certain image. thank you

forrest225 says:

Just ordered a few on this paper cant wait to get them. 

kingskafa says:

That is the most amazing sound when your camera zooms in and out!

PropheticEclipses says:

Do you know what kind of Printer Adorama uses to print on this metallic paper?

Vinh Luong says:

Thanks for sharing John. Where can I find their color profiles?

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