This Is The INKJET Photo Paper I Use: Red River Paper Is Giving Away 300 FRO Sample Packs

If you would like to register for a SAMPLE Pack of Inkjet paper please click here

Red River Paper has 300 FRO packs of inkjet paper ready to send out. There is not cost if you’re in the US, Canada or Mexico. Please only sign up if you have a use for this paper or know someone who might.

Red River does give me paper to test out and use like I said in the video above.

I personally love the Artiic Polar Luster paper as it’s not too glossy or too matte. I have it for my Pro-1000 and HUGE 44 inch rolls for my Pro-4000

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detoxrum says:

Jared did say free shipping to US, CAN, MEX…Luckily I’m in Canada. Thanks so much. But is it free shipping after this offer is over?

David Eastham says:

Just ordered my pack. Thanks for the info Fro. Or should I say thanks for the inFro 🙂

HisFlynessPresents says:

This is one of the most useful offers I’ve come across. Huge thanks for getting this set up. I’ll be trying it on my Canon Pixma Pro 100.

obo1224 says:

Ether the headquarters or branch is near my house in Dallas I’ve been getting paper from them for years the people are great and so is the paper

Ignoramus says:

I’m in Trinidad West Indies.  I got my sample pack today.  Thanks Jared Polin and Red River Paper.

Markus Klemons says:

Jared!!! I just received my Red River Paper!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’ve just purchased a Pixma Pro-100 2 days ago and LOVE IT!! Looking at the paper, I can already tell the difference in quality from the Canon paper! I will definitely be purchasing more paper from Red River. Thanks again for this awesome giveaway!

Randy Allen Dodds says:

Thanks Fro, and I love the app as-well.

Michelle Peplinski says:

Thanks for the great offer! I just purchased the Canon Pro-10 for the pigment inks to sell my smaller prints online. I enjoy the process from concept to shipping (not to mention total control of my work). Too bad I purchased Red River samples last week to test out. The paper is great, and I too, love the 75lb. Arctic Polar Luster. I still have a few dozen Hahnemuhle sample papers to test print. My printer came with a TON of free Canon paper (and $200 rebate) which is great, but I can’t help myself….I have to test every option. Thanks for the great videos!

Frank Solle says:

I’ve been using Red River paper for years. I really dig their Palo Duro SoftGloss Rag and the San Gabriel Baryta SemiGloss. High quality, heavy-weight pro papers.

Carl Gernazio says:

Thanks, I am looking forward to trying out this paper. Ordered it this morning.

James Sanders says:

Thank You Jared and Red River. If the papar is great for Mr. Fro i’m sure I will love it.

Ted P says:

thanks fro dude, just put in my order. free shipping too! Can’t wait to try it out on my pixma 100. what should I put in my settings for paper type?

Plamen Peev says:

I’ m calling a deal like that a ‘Win-win situation’. Love the concept of it and it sounds so nice…. a win-win situation 🙂

Stephanie Ferrante says:

thank for all that you do for us.

Frank Goode says:

I just missed it…they’re all Sold Out 🙁

spectremanLIVE1 says:

Thanks, Jared. I got one ordered. Looking forward to seeing the difference.

Jerris Gibbs says:

hey thanks! been wanting to try their stuff out but I have loads of Epson paper already that I am using, I just placed my order for this! I’m looking forward in particular to testing the metallic paper

Rob van Esschoten says:

why is my comment not public?
is it such a strange question?
I’m just posting it here because it’ s the latest one on this moment so the possibility that someone could answer my simple friendly question is bigger…
What’ s up with raw talk?

Kraig Pruett says:


Slidy Swinger says:

Thanks for the free paper. Can’t wait to get it and try out some new stuff. Any suggestions for printer settings when it comes to best utilizing this paper?

Cesarin Pillin says:

I tried this offer to Mexico, and they were charging me 44 USD for shipping.. WOW.. nope nope nope.

Ginés Romero says:

Send to Spain 50$ What?!?!

Larry McAllister II says:

Thanks for the hookup Jared, can’t wait to test this paper out

Michael says:

i was able to get the paper and it is 4:05 pm eastern time

Fake Name says:

Ship to UK cost $55.78 GG

Andy Castellini says:

Thanks Jared, can’t wait to test it on my Canon Pro-100.

jean lapalme says:

thank you fro nothing obligated you to do this its much appreciated

Rolling Thunder says:

I can’t get it without giving them my credit card number.

Andrew Woodfield says:

would love it this was done again!! I missed it. 🙁

Trisha Dash Photography says:

big thanks for always looking out for us. #youtheman #froknows

Janilla G says:

would love to try the paper…… your awesome

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