Review: Kodak Printomatic Instant print camera

The Kodak Printomatic makes instant prints on 2 x 3 inch paper without using any ink. It’s simple to use and one of the smallest sized instant printers you can pick up.

About the camera:
– 10 megapixels
– f/2.2 aperture
– slot for microSD card (32GB max)
– Lithium Ion battery (Prints 20 photos per charge)
– Charge time: 1.5 hours

Taking pictures without paper will store photos in the microSD card (if you have one inserted).

More info:

Check prices — Amazon affiliate link Kodak Printomatic Camera ZINK Sticker Print Paper (20 sheets)

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Kiran kumar says:

can it make video

Vince Viva says:

Cool! Definitely getting myself one.

Su Kaan says:

Nice video bro

twitchster77 says:

Come on dude! It’s not that hard…
You just gotta take a hammer to it!

Natalie Buxha says:

Does the camera use flash?

Amara Shah says:

Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for!!!

Matt Helps says:

good review.

Vanessa Haines says:

Great review great personality great information !! thank you so muchh

Holly L says:

So informative! You tested everything out, thank you!

John First says:

where is the soft copy review?

Eduardo Elias Valenzuela R says:

All your video is overexposed

Owen S says:

I have this camera

Su Kaan says:

Its have pic save option…

Dhuuloh Axmed says:

Plz tell how photo some one and editing l have this camera l dont know how to use plz help

NPC says:

Cool review

Cliff J says:

Zink print quality is horrendous

Frank James says:

Great review, thanks 🙂

Morgan Kopper-Detweiler says:

Does it live stream

Google made me do it says:

This is so dumb. Just get a digital camera and print your stickers at home. Or even better: get a portable Polaroid printer and connect it to your camera/phone. BOOM welcome to the future!

Nan Houm Sian says:

Does the picture print automatically or do you have to press a button?

Jeremy15500 says:

hello, is it possible to take a photo WITHOUT using the print option? so that save it on the SD card (and avoid the noise?) thanks super video!

Prince Dhuria says:

shhets vry expensive

UltimateKicks says:

So what I’m hearing is you do not need to go out and buy a separate micro sd card?

Sanath Krishna says:

Okay help me fam. This can or fujifilm instax neo 90?

toatae101 says:

Love your review. Thanks!!!

Juliaflo says:

How are the black-and-white pictures?

Nora Lopez says:

Lol I like your personality. Thanks for the review.

Krystal Chan says:

did you use micro 32 gb sd cards!???

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