Photography Prints – Bigger is better – Kodak Professional Metallic paper

A little info on how and where I do my photography printing.

I really like the look of the Kodak Professional Metallic paper, It adds a depth to prints that is almost 3d. Really amazing stuff

I get my prints done online through :


dreamerofnights says:

Great video I’m about to print out my Black and whites photos in Kodak metal Can’t wait to receive them

PropheticEclipses says:

Do you know what kind of printer Adorama pix uses to print on metallic paper? 

wierdo TTV says:

Thanks for this video currently i was thinking about wether or not to use adorama pix to print some of my pictures. thanks to this video i definitely will be taking advantage on their sale they have on 20x30s and 16x 20 i just could decide wether or not to use luster or metallic but i would like to see how you frame them or how you get them on the wall. thanks for the video keep up the good work

Wayne Wayne says:

hurricane sandy hit them tooo!!!! sucks!

neogeo53 says:

Hi I was wondering, can you get it in different thicknesses

David K Miller Photography says:

Do you frame it with frames that have glass or no glass and do you order the prints on thicker boards or just the way it is?

MrIsaacE says:

your photos dont have the subtlety or colour depth to warrant printing on anything better than office paper

jcw3195 says:

I question this basic premise as it, IMHO, is the same run of the mill commercial boring output.  Why not turn off your digital camera, shut down your computer and its “software,” and take some time to consider “small” images in, for example, “PAUL STRAND AT WORK: Toward A Deeper Understanding” published by Aperture.  The experience might positively influence your personal vision. 

Alex Koki says:

LOVE the photos. I do wave photography here and hawaii and am looking to get metallic prints. i tried ordering them but im limited to a size of 11*14 i want atleast a 20*30 a large print why is it doing this?

pliny The elder says:

i am definitely going to buy a roll of that paper. thanks for the recommendation. 


Thanks my friend really I like your reports

I would like to know I have got a 77

I am looking for lenses for it I have already


I saw 1.8-135

and 70-200

also 70-400 what do you advise my to buy


11×17 is a standardized size among printers. it’s the typical size used for event posters and other things haha. that metallic paper looks really cool too. Have you ever tried getting in touch with a local commercial printer? they usually employ their own art departments as well. maybe worth a shot to reduce shipping time and cost? cool videos!!!

Semprasectum says:

Adorama is a very dishonest place. .. find a honest printer

Ticknor Photography says:

It’s called “adoramapix”, i have a link in the video description. 🙂

Carlos R. Chavez says:

hi, I liked your video, I’d like to know how to take care of those photos to clean up those from fingers prints for example, Thank you

Ticknor Photography says:

Depending on the shot, I believe portraits or wedding pictures could look very cool on this paper. You may want to print a test, based on your style to make sure it’s a look you would like. This paper has the strongest metallic effect on the ‘white’ areas of the image (they don’t print white, so the metallicness of the paper shines through)

Ticknor Photography says:

I get my prints done through “adoramapix”

Ticknor Photography says:

I have a 70-200 f2.8 and it’s one of my favorite lenses. I use it for almost everything. It’s quite heavy, but has a consistent aperture. I think it’s worth the weight.

Carmen L. says:

Thanks for the video!!!

1717jbs says:

I’m going to try this paper next time. I was wondering what it would look like. You have some great images. Thanks.

Prem Saggar says:

Hi I love your videos! Would you print portraits or wedding pictures on metallic paper? I love the look of metallic paper!

Ticknor Photography says:

I have read about it, and it looks amazing, but i have not tried it yet. I hear they are all-weather too, so you can mount them outside. I’m just waiting for the right image to print on aluminum 🙂

ienjoicomics101 says:

how long do you normally wait for a photo to come in? I looked up some reviews and a lot of people experienced issues with the time it took to receive the photo.

Syafa Alfyt says:

what is the online site that you purchased your print?

sprockcapn says:

the first print you grab, what is it mounted to? Gator board or styrene or something? It looks sweet, and perfectly flat that way.

Juan Delgado says:

Adoramapicnis a cool place I live 40mins away from the store and I print all my photo books there

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