My First 13 x 19 Print on the CANON PRO 10 on CANON Pro Luster

So here is my first serious 13 x 19 print done on the CANON PRO-10 on CANON PRO Luster using the CANON OEM ICC profile and printing through Qimage Ultimate.

To date I am extremely satisfied with the results this printer is able to produce.
Next I will try Matte Paper and test whether the this model also suffers from the same problem other PRO CANON printers do.
That is the persistant use of Photo Black instead of Matte Black when one chooses Matte Paper as the paper choice.
Normally it will use MK ONLY if you choose a Fine Art Paper paper choice and the paper is of a MATTE surface.
So when you do that you will also have to accept an imposed 30 mm wide forced border and have to load the paper from the front fine art feeder!
This is suppossed to be completely solved on the newest CANON PRO-1000!

Please watch: “Preliminary UV Spray Testing”


framfull says:

How o you make the print on the whole paper? (meaning no White edges)

Marcel Côté says:

I just receive this printer but for any reasons I’m not able to chose 13X16 paper type and 4X6 paper type in the printer setting! I’m using a Mac with Lightroom. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Daniel Bui says:

Hi Jose, hope you receive this message in time. I am tossing between Pro-100S and Pro-10S it’s working out to be $155AUD difference between the two. question is should I fork out the extra and get the Pro-10S or save and spend on the inks? I am a serious photographer and have lots of photos to print and am thinking LONG TERM with cart refills etc. How are the CLI42 vs CLI72? which of the two are easier to refill etc. Also do you have any info on any suppliers in Australia on Inks, if not I would have to order from PCinks.

I have been watching all your videos and just wanted to say Thank you for all your help so far!!

Dave Cruikshank says:

Thank you so much. That’s an awesome image and print. Do you consider the prints from both the Pro-100 & Pro-10 safe to touch or move immediately after they emerge from the printer? I’ve notice prints from my Pro-100 change color to become closer to my calibrated screen color a few minutes after emerging from the printer. I let them sit and move them very carefully for the first 10 minutes. Am I wrong to do that? Thank you, Dave

HotShotz305 says:

How much could a picture like that sell for?

Rivij says:

From what I can on my screen this is a beuatilful print with great colors, thanks for sharing. Jose, have you tried, or do you currently have any Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300? If so could you do a print video using this paper, or a luster paper comparrision using the Pro-10 and give your thoughts as to the quality of the paper and color reproduction?

I am thinking of ordering Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 paper. I recently bought a paper swatch book from Bay Photo which included a small sample of the Moab Lasal and it appeared to be of top quality. I was also impressed with the Moab Slick Rock Pearl, but I just don’t think I would use metallic paper as much.

Joelene Thompson says:

I am ready to purchase my first professional photo printer I have been looking at Epson but I think with this info Canon beats them out.

julio hernandez says:


Steve Rix says:

What took so long! I was beginning to think that you weren’t all that impressed by the Pro 10. 😉

We really need a video showing a direct comparison between a Pro 100 print and a Pro 10 print. I do believe it would be the first of its kind.

William Statt says:

How does this compare with the Epson 3880 on the same print?

Ani Banerjee says:

Own photograph is coming out from a printer. The warmth of the feel is incomparable. I love the sentiment of a print. The satisfaction is the prime here.

The paper is this one, sir?

Lee Potter says:

Hi Jose, we’ve recently purchased the Canon Pixma Pro 10s and have been having soooo many issues just trying to figure out how to best get colours to match what we see on screen? I’m not expert on ICC profiles and am unsure how to obtain one for this printer or if you need specific ones for different paper types. Do you have any advice on how I can find the best way to calibrate the MacBook pro monitor (or any monitor) so when I print on Matt or gloss paper it matches the colours i see on screen? Hope you have any advice for me as i’ve spent hours and hours getting nowhere really.

Eddie Chavez says:

Help! I have printed a 13″ BY 19″ once before with no problems. Now when I go to print it just feeds the paper and does not print anything. Any ideas?

Maloy7800 says:

In another video I saw that you were very impressed by the Pro-1. This is Pro-10 and the results are very good. So if the results are similar, why buy a much more expensive Pro-1? Or maybe even why buy Pro-10 if Pro-100 does the same job?

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